Anews Podcast - we're taking the week off

  • Posted on: 8 April 2019
  • By: thecollective

No podcast this week! After 109 consecutive episodes, we're taking the week off. You could use this time to catch up on episodes you've missed, or listen to any of the many fine podcasts posted here through the "podcast" tag.

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Z scared ya off, huh? #thisisnotagame #xvx

what a way to make a bad reputation for oneself, huh

does a hurricane have a fucking reputation?!?

if you take jabs at a hurricane, that would be quite literally "punching up"

he'd be trolling a hurricane instead of a bunch of (possibly harmless) internet figures. Show us you got BALLZ, Zhachev!

Need I remind you, that the thing in itself is neither an activity engaged in for diversion or amusement, nor a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other, nor any activity undertaken or regarded as a contest involving rivalry, strategy, or struggle, nor much less animals under pursuit or taken in hunting.

leftist academic pussy talk! this is not a game!

'tisn't an artifice of play

I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Aragorn! does appear very often to snark at anarchists, particularly leftist anarchists (due to A! believing such tactics to have failed and now are unrealistic?) I understand Z's reactiion toward A!. A! snarks at vegans too. But then A! wasn't vegan out of any concern for nonhumans; it was because his mates were vegan, so he tagged on! Indeed, A! snarks at anyone who tries to make a difference, no matter how small. And so, I ask myself, why does A1 do so much snarking and why does he feel the need to make public his snarking via The Brilliant, AnarchyBang etc? A! claims to be a green anarchist? Really? To me, he demonstrates himself to a self-publicist...trying hard to wind people up... and leave those people stewing in the anger he instigated. Aragorn! the Malcolm Mclaren of USA anarchism!? Is this what post-left anarchism has to offer: snarking at people? Indeed, Aragorn! regularly mentions how despised he has become and yet delights in it, but then claims he is often disillusioned at the negative comments regarding him posted on ANews!!! JZ can be depressing to listen to. Aragorn! isn't that far behind him.

Critique is useful until it isn't, then it's probably time to strike out on your own.

At any given moment, different folks are beginning or resolving that process. If you're frustrated with the spectacle, do something else. Heckling isn't much of a something.

Your post has nothing to do "regarding Z." It has only everything to do with your own gripes with aragorn. Additionally, this critique of aragorn's perceived snarkiness is no reason to excuse or be seen as any legitimate motivator for Z's continued harassment, death & rape threats, family murder threats, doxxing, stalking, hacking attempts, claims that he will shoot anyone affiliated with aragorn, and most recently, that anyone who shows up to the upcoming Green Scare bookfair will be "dead on sight for associating with the collective," etc, etc, etc. There are levels to this thing and proof of it all, and all of it points to Z, Zhachev, Zack's entitlement, not aragorn's snarkiness. You're using incel logic. Don't get it twisted.

No but really ... Some pretty nasty shit.

Scenario 1: I have a website and use it to launch quite scathing but also insightful critiques.

Scenario 2: I spend the better part of a year engaging in the above-stated laundry list of extremely toxic behaviours.

Which one of these people is the real asshole?
No debate there unless you have it twisted.

Pretty sure Z was doxxing or attempting to doxx anarchists over at forums some months ago, see also the user id "@Demon" over there. Why does warzone distro tolerate this person?

we should take the week off in solidarity!

wildcat strike!

Is it OK to be violent towards communists? Especially given their history of deception and violence towards anarchists? If so, what about anarchist communists? Or communist anarchists?

the degree of okayness will be settled by decree by the supreme moral authority of a truth that applies everywhere always for everyone in every circumstance

let them who are without stone cast the first sin

How about not being "ok" with targeting categories instead of individuals in general? At least not for real violence... Snark on the other hand!

they're really the least of your worries

The episode that had the TOTW convo with Rydra had some funny bits.

"Who's going to protect my mother from Novatore?"

"I like young boys as much as the next guy."

Good for you ! JZ has an interesting show this week that you have fun this week.

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