Angry Whores Anarcho Brigade Action Against SWERF / TERF NGO Offices

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Angry Whores Anarcho Brigade Mark International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers with Redecoration of Melbourne SWERF /TERF HQ.
To mark International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, on 17 December, 2019, anarchist sex workers in so-called Melbourne, Australia visited the inner-city offices of a bourgeois SWERF/ TERF organisation to redecorate their offices and express our perspective on their whore-saviourism. Project Respect, a state and federally funded organisation which claims to represent the interests of sex workers has a long history of proving they are anything but an ally to sex workers. The patronising and prudish attitudes of Project (dis) Respect towards sex workers is exemplified in one of their previous campaigns encouraging (ostensibly small-l liberal inner city Greens voting feminist) women to donate their unwanted make up to sex workers in need- never mind the 100s of 1000s of dollars Project (dis)Respect receives in project funding.

Project (dis)Respect are a clique of radical feminist academics, whose anti trafficking campaigns are deemed by migrant workers as “white saviourism”, “fetishisation”, and “creepily vicarious” (particularly in discussion of violence against migrant workers of prominently Asian background). Their programs, supported by fundamentalist Xtian allies, to assist sex workers to exit the sex industry are nothing but a farce. Like many NGO’s they exist to raise massive sums of money while ignoring the voices (and in effect harming) the people they claim to represent. We express our disgust at these scam artists, purveyors of stigma and prudish frauds.
We undertook this action as we recognise that stigma towards sex workers is in itself a form of violence. Stigma and whorephobia perpetrated by rad fems such as Project (dis)Respect is why we are subject to shitty policies surrounding the ways we can legitly work without further criminalisation; why we are relegated to being viewed as either hapless victims in need of saving, brainless sluts who operate exclusively as wet holes, or conniving gold diggers; and why systemic violence against us is both under reported by our community and normalised within mainstream society. These narratives leave no space for the our voices and the nuances of our vastly disparate experiences as sex workers of all genders.

Since discovering our redecoration of their offices, (which were painted with ‘pedlers of prudishness’, ‘fuck with our work and we’ll fuck with you- angry whores Anarcho brigade’, and an all gender inclusive anarchist liberation symbol), project dis respect have appealed to public sentiment with an outraged social media post claiming “violence” against them, and that we are ‘perpetrating violence against sex workers of our own community’. (Laughably we have also been accused of being part of a pimp lobby by project disrespect supporters.) Never mind the lateral violence we are continually subject to as a result of project disrespect’s ‘advocacy’ which only involves the experiences and voices of sex workers who view themselves as “prostituted women”.
It is for these reasons, and many more, that anarchist sex workers, through marking International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers with a visit to Project (dis)Respect, also encourage the sex worker community to take our rage to the streets! Out of the air conditioned brothels/ workspaces (apartments/hotel rooms/ cars etc) and onto the streets whore comrades! Not just today, but everyday – Lets make this sweltering summer uncomfortable for rad fems, fundamentalist xtians, prudish politicians, ugly mugs, and all those who actively profit from the stale narratives surrounding the sex industry!
– Angry Whores Anarcho Brigade.
PS: we dedicate this action to the sex worker community in the so-called Northern Territory, whose relentless campaign over many years has resulted in recent policy change, ending the criminalisation of sex work, including draconian laws requiring sex workers to “register” with police in order to operate.

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Imagine believing that biological sex is real and that selling your body for cash and thus commodifying the most intimate parts of yourself is a poor way to live. Those absolute tyrants! Fight the power!

stfu swerf

my most intimate parts are my brain and my thoughts and they're being commodified in intellectual labor, and during leisure online.
your fucking moralizing just makes their line of work more miserable than it needs to be

It's about the fact that sex work is actually highly preferential compared to all the other working professions. If you are on the anti-work side of things you should support sex work as work simply because it's better then most of the other forms of forced labour and compulsory productions with the interplay of higher time preference, creativity and potential bodily pleasure.

it's just that the OG anon seems to be jealous of the fact that some people can better sell their bodies than others.

there are sometimes when i've gotten depressed and gone to a strip club, they don't deserve a medal but at least they deserve a few one dollar bills...

@thecollective: what's so wrong with being a ballzy nympho? what's so wrong with comedic hyperbole?

go take your fucking swerfy "humor" elsewhere! My critiques top your pathetic fucking critiques!

WhiteKnight, if you want to get a blowjob that badly, i would recommend not coming here!

I am the president of the anti-swerf league, and i say every whore needs a medal! some have to receive, verbal abuse on a regular basis, and others have to deal with self rightous organizations preventing me from having sex!

A.S.L. President who shall remain nameless
From Australia, the land of down under


Sometimes sex can be currency and pay the rent and be creatively enjoyable. Two birds with one stone,oops, I mean one bird with two stones. ;)

but not enough bodily nuendo in your comment


--from the land of down under...

stop replying to ur own comments under different aliases sir einzige, ur ruining my life!

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