Animal-loving anarchists set fire to French zoo

  • Posted on: 8 August 2018
  • By: thecollective

From The Local FR

Anarchists have claimed responsibility for setting fire to a zoo in central France.

Anarchists calling zoos 'prisons' have said they were behind a blaze that destroyed several ticket booths at the Peaugres Safari park in the Ardèche region on August 1, France Bleu reported.

No animals or people were harmed by the flames.

The fire began late in the night on August 1st and burned through into the early hours, until firefighters arrived to put it out.

The zoo had to close for one day on August 2.

Suite à de graves actes de malveillance, nous sommes dans l'impossibilité d'ouvrir le Safari de Peaugres, aujourd'hui jeudi 2 août, à notre + grand regret,
— Safari de Peaugres (@SafariPeaugres) August 2, 2018

An investigation has been opened into the incident.

In a blog posted on the anarchist website Le Laboratoire Anarchiste, its authors explained that they decided to set the zoo on fire because "zoos are like prisons" and equated them with colonisation.

"Zoos pretend to protect these animals, when in fact at the time they were discovered by colonialists, they were decimated and thrown into cages and brought back here to be exhibited as entertainment, as gifts in circuses and zoos."

"Zoos remind us of those colonialists who didn't just massacre and exile non-human animals but by using the same arguments that they had that "human zoos" which were developed during the bloody process of colonialisation."

anarchiste wrote a new post, Peaugres (Ardèche) : Des cages que l’on appelle liberté, on the site Le Laboratoire Anarchiste
— noblogs (@noblogs) August 7, 2018

The authors describe how they planned the fire so it would spread quickly but without reaching the forest nearby.

The park spans over 80 hectares and is home to 1,150 animals. It draws 300,000 visitors a year.



So now the poor animals are sleeping on charcoal and ashes and their food is all toasted, and their shady rest areas are gone. So cruel and stressful for the resident animals.

It's hard to tell if people are being sarcastic or not in here. Trolls like to keep it unclear for the cowards they are.

(from the article referenced above. poorly machine-translated…)

Peaugres (Ardèche): Cages that are Called Freedom

Indymedia Nantes / Monday, August 6, 2018

A thought for all people, whether they are locked in cages or not, who would like to see them destroyed, aware that they are not just physical.

Held dear in our thoughts, are also all those living beings that fire our passion for destruction as much as our desire to live.

Last week, we attacked the zoo / safari Peaugres, setting fire to its four boxes of entry, small prefabricated cabins covered with wooden panels. We placed on each of them two devices, the first one (half a lit firelighter) under one of the windows, hoping that the heat would blow up the glass and allow the fire to spread inside, and the second, (1.5 L of a mixture of gasoline and oil and the rest of the fire lighters) at the foot of the window, under the wooden panels. Our idea was to multiply the places of fire so that it spreads more efficiently. In addition, we also verified that the fire could not possibly spread to the nearby forest (separated from that by land or bitumen, and no wind).

All the cabins seem to have been destroyed, but we have no confirmation as to the effectiveness of the devices under the windows.

Below, some of the reasons that motivated this attack, and reflections that came to us during the preparation of the latter.

Zoos are prisons presented as places of entertainment, discovery, education and even awareness and conservation of an apparently wild wildlife. While very often it was born in captivity, and at the time it was discovered by Western settlers was decimated and caged to be brought here, exhibited, used as a gift and as entertainment, as circus business fund or zoo.

These places and the propaganda that surrounds them are the embodiment of the specist mentality that destroys the world of which they would be expected to be a sample. That is to say the superiority that human beings create over the rest of the living and by virtue of which they give themselves the possibility of disposing and enclosing non-human beings for their pleasure, whether it be culinary, emotional, cultural or scientific.

The zoos are not without reminding us that the settlers did not limit themselves to massacring and exiling non-human animals, and that it was under the guise of the same arguments and ambitions - to entertain and educate through exhibition - that developed and popularized "human zoos" throughout a bloody process of colonization. A demonstration of ostensible racism always present, among other things in mentalities and structures that denigrate and / or exotise a category of people.

And it is these places (in their so-called "safari" form), firmly based on the speciesist domination that one would like to pass for places where to "become aware of the environment", where "to discover nature", where the animals would be "wild" and "free". But, without pretending to make an exhautive definition, animals "in the wild" do not mean locked up in parks that can only be too small, crossed by cars all day long, fed and cared for by human beings, depriving them of all capacity to be autonomous, and to move.

The electrified walls and screens surrounding these parks are not their "natural environment". This could be, for example, the areas currently being ransacked by the oil companies that provide the gasoline used by the customers of its safaris to see these animals, (and certainly, those of our devices).

No more than it exists for individuals in a society where we would like to let ourselves think that there are no other barriers than those visible in prisons and borders, freedom is not left behind. to these non-human animals. A more appropriate word exists to describe their material situation: captivity.

This lie, the "natural, free and wild" state, in addition to being a marketing argument, is reflected in the educational content that teaches its audience that "nature" and the fauna that compose it are limited to cloisonné spaces. and reconstituted by humans. What it underlies is that it is normal to see bears and giraffes in France, normal that animals are in cages, normal that other species are enslaved to the human being, which must protect them ".

The zoos are nothing more than prisons, businesses whose participants justify hypocritically the confinement under the guise of protecting decimated species, while participating to normalize, trivialize and exalt the domination of the human species on this which surrounds it.

This idea, that there are beings "to be protected" more generally serves as a pretext for the establishment of various types of confinement. It is found in the speeches of the state which, under the guise of protecting, monitors and controls the individuals it claims to provide security by the implementation of security devices (from the laws to cameras through the carding and encouragement to the denunciation). It is underlying and also participates in maintaining other forms of structural domination such as patriarchy and racism.

The state, the figure of the father or some other actor seeking to establish a position of power, makes sure to anchor fear in individuals and deprives them of any means of being autonomous in the organization of their own defense; thereby creating not only a dependence on a protective instance but also the feeling of weakness and helplessness that self-feeds this logic. To illustrate this briefly, it is to tell a person categorized as "woman" that she is at the same time in danger, weak and unfit to use physical or verbal violence.

This is the principle of the gilded prison, where certainly, the locked up beings are not free, but at least "safe". And for those who refuse to submit to this / protected logic, and / or deemed dangerous for others, for themselves or for social peace, much less gilded prisons are planned.

For the destruction of all prisons, whatever the shape of their bars.

The dear poor little animals don't comprehend abstract concepts like animal sacrifice, incarceration, morality, environmental consciousness and show business involving the exhibition of exotic animals, so I don't think projecting anthropocentric grievances over to institutions which --
1/ Provide food
2/Maintain a safe habitat free of poachers and hunters
3/Breed and nurture endangered species for return to the wild
4/Treat with medicines and vaccinations for good health

ermahgerrrrd! how dare these humans use their stupid human thinking! let's tell them all about how stupid their stupid human thinking is with our highly enlightened intelligent human thinking!

Well actually a reverse physiogenesis should be considered regarding brain evolution, and that "abstract concepts" that are conjured up in larger brains are actually totally stupid and a waste of time in the long run for the survival of a species, and actually have the reverse effect. A de-evolution would be preferable to the point where only simple tools like spears and shovels, knives , plates and forks, pots, pans, wheels, carts, baseball bats or clubs, warm robes, blankets are only neede.

These morons should be locked in a cage with a mountain gorilla for a few weeks!

ermahgerrrrd! these morons!!! yeah let put them in cages with a mountain gorilla! that'll teach these stupid morons!

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