Anna Beniamino transferred from Rome’s Rebibbia, to Messina prison

from Malacoda

Anarchist Anna Beniamino transferred from Rome’s Rebibbia prison to Messina prison (Italy, January 13, 2021)

Today, January 13, Anna was transferred from the Rome Rebibbia female prison to that of Messina, where she was imprisoned until August last year. We recall that the comrade was arrested on September 6, 2016 for the anti-anarchist repressive operation «Scripta Manent», sentenced in the first instance trial to 17 years (April 24, 2019) and in that of appeal to 16 years and 6 months (November 24, 2020).

Revolutionary solidarity with imprisoned anarchists!

Death to the State and capital, long live anarchy!

Below is the address of the comrade:

Anna Beniamino

C. C. «Gazzi» femminile

via Consolare Valeria 2

98124 Messina

Italia — Italy

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