Announcement of new: 'Queer, Nihilist, and Insurrectionist' Zine/Online Distro.

We announce the opening of a new project 'Down and Out Distro' which aims to create a place to bring together Queer Insurrectionist and Nihilist critiques, as well as identity abolitionist and anti civilization perspectives.

As part of this project, we have been collecting, reformatting, and distributing new renderings of some well known journals (including extracts from Hostis and Lies), as well as involving ourselves in the production of new texts and analysis. At the same time we want to provide a kind of archiving/collection space to host texts from other existing formations, and projects in queer nihilist and insurrectionist trajectories.

A Short List of Samples Some of Our new Zines:

'Uncivilized, Exotic, Dangerous' (reflections on the ‘beurette’ identity, against humanity – in pursuit of self-abolition)- Is a text charting, a trajectory of colonial and neo colonialism, the text attempts to deconstruct to forced categorization of individuals within the walls of civilization and advocates for categorizations abolition.

'On Queer Nihility'- A short, and basic introduction to some of the tenets of queer insurrectional and nihilist praxis.

'There is a Third Thing'- A re-rendering of a text originally published in Hostis volume I of an interview with Marcola (alleged head of the PCC- Brazilian Organized crime gang)- with new pictures, and a brief summary of actions from the PCC.

'To be Liberated From Them (or through them)'- A re-rendering of a text originally published in Lies I, addressing questions of identity abolition and identity based struggle.

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this looks good...

u look good

Hostis journal has many interesting bits, with different persoectives, but the person who runs their instagram and twitter has made those accounts to be not much else than tiqqunist/appeliste fan-pages.

Ewww really? I got that same impression just scrolling through their site.

website is probably run by the same person, so yeah, to get to the good bits you’d have to look through the actual pdf’s of the journal.

"Gotcha" That term is sooo bougeois and workerist, I'm lost for words on how to continue with my critique!

Its probably a bit too complex for heterocentric binarists to comprehend, but at their level of including only banal and community oriented collectives, we are all criminals!!

We got some mails following this post, asking whether our "queer, anti-civ insurrectionary anarchy perspective is coming from a tiqqunist/communization theory perspective, or an individualist/anti-left/anti-communism perspective." and just wanted to clear this up.

Fuck appelists/tiqqunists- out here they perform the roles of 'cop' and 'controller' and want to turn all kinds of individual revolt/destitution into their own pet commune project so no we are not with them, and never will be.

Neither are we communizers, we are for the abolition of civilization, and search critiques which have an eye to the totality of civilization (which predates capitalism). Communizers fail to see this totality in favour of adopting a marxist perspective routed in 'fuck capitalism' rather than 'fuck civilization'. Where we see a slither of use in communization is in the perspective of self abolition/identity abolition and it is for this reason that we share/utilize some texts from this trajectory/

We are against leftism/left unity and collective organization, and posit affinity/individual action as our priority.

We are not strictly individualists on a philosophical level though, as we feel that some tendencies within individualism especially those or sternerite and egoist perspective, tend to elevate the existence of self/self hood and entrench the existence of 'the individual'. something which as nihilists primarily and identity abolitionists we find hard to stomach.

In search of co-combatants



You certainly aren't giving yourselves much to relate to others with ... Best of luck!

this is excellent. curious how "queer" fits into you idea of nihilist "identity abolitionists" and is not in opposition to it. please don't "have you read that essay by that gender-"nihilist"-turned-tankie person?" me.

yo, queer destroys identities by not fitting in any, by defying identification, not by being an identity in itself. queer as in fuck you, remember?

But it is an identity. Change my mind.

You can't just declare yourself "queer" because you're some kind of non-normative wierdo and from that point forward be un-identifiable as white, male, mostly-straight (smh), cis or whatever the case may be.

Also, from one of the texts: "alot of this stuff about identity may sound contradictory, but we don't give a fuck. Our project is not political, but anti-political"

translation: our project is a steaming shit-pile of incoherent circular-logically rambling nonsense.

I before e except after c or when it spells a as in neighbor and sleigh.

and synonyms that its meaning is ambiguous. If I identify as queer what does that mean to you? Just a gay guy? Or all the other stuff, the outside of normal. So I don't think it's an identity category in every usage.

Queer nihilism is just saying Yo I don't git married in da church, I got warrants not rent, they call da police on ME, I don't snitch on no one, I take it in da ass Imma invidivualist scourge!!


Yes and this sums it up .

"My body is a dangerous space of love and rage ungoverned by the morality of non-violence. With love, and in solidarity with the wild, and with all those who embrace queer anarchy with hysterical laughs of joy- towards the queerest attack upon the civilized order!"

I don't see any tiqqinist tankie controversy.

That essay written by the now tankie Allison Escalante was never nihilist to begin with. She had some good points about gender in thay essay, but went on to endorse an asthetic praxis against it. I dont think thats nihilism or not participating in gender. Its just expanding it into its trendy vangaurd of theyfabs with tarrot card tattoos.


Thank you for submitting this purity report. Action is allowed to commence.

Why the essay by the PCC?

You do realize... that the criminal and prison underworld is overwhelmingly saturated with violent machismo, authoritarianism, the "rule of the strong", and generally sexist, homophobic and patriarchal attitudes and perspectives, right? The PCC are no exception, and there's absolutely no reason to believe otherwise. Go ask Marcola or any big figure in OC around the world about transfeminism, queer liberation or whatever, and see what happens. Go hand out zines in the favelas on that shit and, again, see what happens. I mean, really? The PCC? Shit, why not distro interviews with the leadership from Daesh? I mean, they've killed cops/soldiers and robbed banks, too. Same as PCC. Wouldn't surprise me if they had a lot in common in the way of how they view women, queers, etc.

Real talk: when white urban hipsters romanticize serious criminals, I can almost guarantee its because they don't know anyone like that or have had any actual run ins with that world.

Hey, obviously you're right 99% of the time but let's not blindly stigmatize all ruthless gangsters ;)

A socio/psychopathic vein runs deeply through the criminal faction (as defined by their binary opposition)
and it tberefore possesses the same rigid authoritarian values and moral restraints. Nothing nihil-esque about it at all.

"The criminal faction" ... You're such an idiot. Cringe cringe cringe!

Ooooooo, the big cwiminals need wespect or they'll get angwy oooohooo! Don't categowize them.
Cwiminals are invidivual fweedom fwighters who love peasants!

...This is an anarchist site. If you're going to rail against identity, start with "criminal".

All celebwity cwiminals and other cwults of pwersonality give him a bwig hoowah!

It seems like you're adding W's to words in a way that doesn't make any phonetic sense. Anyway, this whole argument is so vague that I don't even know what any of you are actually disagreeing about.

Its fooling around with the classification of criminal, legality, the queer nihilist abyss, alienation, and childhood insurrection.

"Ooooooo, the big cwiminals need wespect or they'll get angwy oooohooo! Don't categowize them.
Cwiminals are invidivual fweedom fwighters who love peasants!"

Wait... This puerile, moronic White supremacist batshit is being allowed on this site?

Another poster here. Every criminal I've ever known has been a meateater, never a vegan amongst any of them!

yes...we carry out our criminal hugs as dark mischievous misdeeds in dodgy corners in the middle of the elevates our dark glee as we let out a cold giggle!

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