Announcing Black Seed Issue #4

  • Posted on: 4 December 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Black Seed

In This Issue:

  • The End of the World?
  • Activism and the Green Left
  • An Introduction to the Anthropecene
  • Interviews with Dominique & Knowing the Land is Resistance
  • The Aftermath of the Katrina Disaster
  • Anarcho-Primitivism and Green Platonism
  • Nihilist Animism
  • Reviews & More...

Editorial: Is the End of the World Upon us?

There are plenty of signs that would lead us to believe that this is the case. In this issue we focus on natural catastrophies, both the incredibly dangerous ways they’re minimized by government agencies and popular media, as well as our total lack of collective responsibility, demonstrated by our increasing consumption of finite resources. Our world has gone mad with profit-for-the-very-few and the political and social consequences of a world with as great a gap in income levels as there has ever been are dangerous. How will the next economic crash look compared to the 1930s? Will it take another war to end the next one? Can we survive such a war? Finally, is the end of the world visible in how we allow ourselves to be treated by the State? If Black Lives Matter has taught us anything it is that the human capacity to objectify and destroy other humans is as high today as it has ever been and that the rhetoric is even more sophisticated (and not) and even less forgiving. If the end of the world is a measurable event there is plenty of evidence that the meter for it is at a near high.
But if we were to predict what is going to happen we would not predict a technicolor, end-of-the-action-movie, discrete end of the world in our lifetime. What we would predict is instead something of a whimper. We would argue that the end of human progress looks like a thousand Space X capsules failing to make orbit, islands in South Asia disappearing, and the infamous air pollution in Bejing. The headlines will continue to scream about the end of the idea that humans are capable of thinking and acting in big and successful ways about our own possibilities. We will slowly starve.

The end of the world—just like ideas of human perfectibility or our progressive future of reasonable solutions to logistical problems—should be seen for what it is: a construction of the amazing myth machine of the particular society that we live in. Our four horsemen will not come with scythe, sword, arrow, and scale. They will just come with less: less resources, less political stability, and less capacity to see a way out. This is because ultimately what we call the end of the world will merely be the end of this particular humanist society, the end of a Western Civilization that spans the globe, the end of Global Capitalism™ as we know it. It may be the end of neo-Rome but it isn't the end of us.

The problem we face is: who are we without the world as we understand it? Are we preppers whose future vision is limited to fences and feeding our (homogenous) children? Are we parochial victims of future strongmen as prefigured in so many movies and books? Or are we something else?

If rewilding has been worth anything in green anarchist thought and practice it's been engaging as an intervention into this question. But along with gaining skills we also need to seriously reassess how we associate with one another. Perhaps it is too late for city dwellers, who appear to be no longer capable of caring for one another even in today's world. We have plenty of examples of what co-existence can look like, what forms cooperation and mutual aid have taken, but we experience its impossibility in our daily lives. Perhaps the lesson we should draw from the upcoming Great Whimper is that we have serious work to do regarding the depth and sincerity of our interpersonal relationships. Other people may not save us but they do sometimes make surviving on less seem like thriving on more, a lesson that becomes more and more obviously necessary, as we have experienced excess and it has turned out to be less desirable than we could have imagined.

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Kevin Tucker <3 blackseed

More boring out-of-touch primmie bullshit. " dwellers, who appear to be no longer capable of caring for one another.." Fuck off.

Thanks for being open enough to explain what you mean...

I could think of a lot of counters to your write off.

You've never heard of the history of lowell's textile mills? Have you read the jungle? Heard of london fog? Beijing smog? 50-lane traffic jam recently in China?

In my city, i'm surrounded by 500,000 alone together, mainly in their little car bubbles (you need a car to go just about anywhere). Living in poorer areas, you can't imagine the black dust that would collect around the house (during summer months especially) from the nearby freeway traffic.

The amount of rain water displaced from entering the ground, the amount of heat given off, the amount of animal migratorg paths sacrificed to all of that unforgiving cement. You cannot deny that it's an abnormal environment where people are forced to live at a pace that is not of their chosing.

Are you gonna call me your new word for 'nigger' (primmie) for this? I don't fucking care.

are you fucking kidding me you fucking primmie?!?

awww, you're cute!

>>"Are you gonna call me your new word for 'nigger' (primmie) for this? "

WOWWW Hooly shit. Fuck you. That's the stupidest fucking comment I've ever seen on this site. Seriously, fuck you.

Fuck yoooouuuu! You're fucking kidding me you idiot fuck fucckkkker.... (just ran out of arguments).

" dwellers, who appear to be no longer capable of caring for one another.."

That was my experience city-dwellers for a very long time... waaay before I got any close to anti-civ anarchist critique! GO get some hipster "care", yo! lol

That'll be $5000 for this gluten free, artisinal, organic crack rock

50% discount to the customer who looks like a gay 19th century Euro imperialist.

"Fuck off." Yeah, definitely a city dweller. From one to another, fuck your mother as well you cocksucker! What are you going to do about it? Dickface! Dickknob! Fuckknob! Fuckhead! (this is a city thing, use a rapid series of insults to maximize impact and 'bait' the person into a physical confrontation.) Dickhead! Dicklover! Fuckfacedumbshitfuckwad! etc...

There is one thing city dwellers love more than anything - their Audi's and BMW's. They REALLY care for those. And their juice bars.

Also, city dwellers do antifascist and antiracist organizing and action. Also, city dwellers often live in poverty and can't afford to get out of the city regardless of whether or not they'd like to. Also, other city dwellers do harm-reduction work and help people living in poverty find housing. Also, many US cities are largely populated by POC.

Also, hella rural people have money to buy Audis and BMWs. Or to buy land, to escape all the poor people and queers and people of color in the city. So thanks for verifying that the sub-group of primies haunting A-news are classist, racist, good for nothing pieces of shit.

No money to get out of town!? What is your town... like some dystopian walled city? Jes' hitch rides or grab a bike.

"Also, hella rural people have money to buy Audis and BMWs" Yes it is true, comrade! Hence why you gotta make yourselves decent bicycles and go on night riders through the country equipped wth cheap brake oil + dry chloride to put close to the tires. M'kay?

Spot on. There's unprecedented POC-led uprisings and antifa organizing happening in cities all over, but I guess the authors of this piece are oblivious to those struggles.

Yes, because if you assume they didn't talk about it in an issue you didn't even fucken read, that means they're RACIST!

But wait... trees are racist too, because so few Black people live surrounded by these.

Actually you are just mixing two cups of leftist urban activism with a few tablespoons of identity politics and a squirt of guilt and calling that an anarchist souffle. Well it isn't. Its just another not too tasty disappointment from the kitchen of binaries with some very inflammatory language as the plating.

So in your logic, rural areas should be reserved for White people to keep establishing their supremacist utopias out of dirty money from the construction and logging industries, while POC people shoudl remain within the confines of the commodity society run and owned by the White ultra-rich establishment.

And your anti-racism consists of...?

But okay, permaculture and autonomous communes seeking liberation from the mass society are "racist" by default, coz demographics, and maybe a hint of maoist identity politics. I suppose anarchism as well is racist, because it is "color-blind", yet most people in the Black Blocs to date where White.

But this just in: people are not demographics, neither they are skin tones. They are individuals, person, human beings. Not objects of your political spectacle crap, that only gives more leverage to race wars to happen.

If you reduce people to such ridiculous racist divisions then that says a lot about your background ideology.

World definitely already entered a homo sapiens induced 6th great extinction.

Issue looks interesting, I hope some of these articles are posted online so I can read some

physical space only.

I approached this issue of Black Seed with some feeling of, what nihilistic anarchists might call, wishful thinking. That is to say, with "naivete", I thought the issue would be interesting. For the uninitiated the new issue of Black Seed is mostly gibberish. If someone is already an anarchist, perhaps they know about the issues raised here, but more likely they could care less whether primitive, or nihilistic approachs are better. Black Seed folks love to denounce other anarchists, in particular those "seeking solutions", on grounds that conjecture should phase out all possibility of realization: seeking solutions, or goals is a European, linear way of thinking, and needs to be discarded in favor of endless discussion. Black Seed kind of reminds me of electoral politics in that it's a distraction, having little, or nothing to do with our everyday lives.

"If rewilding has been worth anything in green anarchist thought and practice it's been engaging as an intervention into this question. But along with gaining skills we also need to seriously reassess how we associate with one another. Perhaps it is too late for city dwellers, who appear to be no longer capable of caring for one another"

Anyone care to explain me what this "rewilding" amounts to, in practice, beyond permaculture or guerilla gardening on some abandoned field or (ultra-rad!) the sidewalks of urban centers? To me, the only ways I can foresee to properly "rewild" would be to stop or slow down the progress of suburban sprawls, liberating animals from slaughterhouses/labs, burning cars and SUVs in rural areas, sabotaging the telecom/media and power infrastructure, like it's been done sporadically in the Bay Area and over Europe and Mexico, which would be also ways to effectively provoke situations where people are forced to reasses how they associate with one another (because of telescreens no longer working, among other things).

But, like, none of the people doing the latter are stamping it with the "Rewilding" trademark. So I can only assume that's the neo-hippie thing up there... but who's gullible enough to believe that the drones of civilization give any fuck about your Fukuoka seed bombs and your summer primitivist camps. I mean, many yuppies already got their gardens on the roofs of their condos or summer residences, and I presume that to them, summer camps are for children... Though maybe cross-age Rewilding camps open to children would be a good idea to lure Sir Einzige and Hakim Bey in our traps! :D

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