Announcing Channel Zero Network

  • Posted on: 13 April 2017
  • By: thecollective

Channel Zero is a newly formed podcast network of several anarchist and anti-authoritarian podcasts across so-called North America. Our goal is to create an ever growing platform to expand the reach of anarchist analysis into a larger and more public audience. Currently, we are made of up the Final Straw, the Crimethinc Ex-Worker Podcast, SubMedia, the Solecast, Which Side Podcast, Resonance: an Anarchist Audio Distro and the IGDCAST.

This website has already been created and will feature all the latest podcasts in the network, give information about all of the shows, and also have a section entitled, "Ask and Anarchist" which will allow new people the opportunity to ask show hosts questions. Second, we have created a 24/7 stream where you can hear all your favorite shows and an ever evolving range of anarchist audio. Walking to work and want to listen to a podcast? We got you. Staffing at the local infoshop, radical bookstore, or community space? Just press play. Heading out for a long road trip to confront some fascists, help support a picket, or stop a pipeline? We know just the thing. Instead of turning on Pandora or Spotify, listen to us!

Lastly, to make this a reality, we are also going to be making an easy to use Channel Zero phone app. We live in an age where the power of the mainstream media, historically aligned with neo-liberalism and the Democratic Party is falling. The gap that it is leaving is being filled by a host of other medias. While revolutionary anarchist media is growing in size, at the same time, so are our enemies on the far-Right. Creating engaging and exciting shows and podcasts is part of winning this battle and in order to do that, we need exciting, beautiful, and engaging platforms, projects, and content. We are asking for your help in getting this off the ground.

We will use the funds raised to pay for the first year of hosting for the 24-7 streaming audio and related infrastructure costs. By supporting this campaign you are supporting the launch of the network itself, not individual podcasters who are all currently self funded.



...I don't think Aragorn runs this site anymore and even if he did, what would be shocking about him promoting the project on a "non-sectarian" news site and posting personal opinions about it on his personal facebook page?

there is nothing 'non-sectarian' about this site.

Yeah but that's another issue. The site purports to be non-sectarian and posting that project, even if the editors are critical about it personally, would be in line with that idea. So, you're complaining that the site is sectarian but also criticizing it for doing something non-sectarian? What's your point here? Be clearer. I actually think this site is trash but I can't tell what you're trying to say.

I'll guess from your silence that you don't have an answer and just wanted to talk some shit. Pathetic.

Whiners gonna whine... what can we do to alleviate their pain? Or care.

They post stuff so trolls will attack it. Don't you get that yet? Aragorn's facebook posts are for the inner circle.

The site is still run by Aragorn. That's why he does the podcast for the website and controls it.

are everywhere, everywhere, i tell you! under my bed!

The solecast? Like the rapper sole?

Exactly what is this shiny new site supposed to do that anarchist podcast listeners can't do alreasfy? If the plan is to move every podcast on to one site, what happens when it's down? While I'm at it anarchist podcasters not posting a podcast feed is uncool (esp. Horizontal Hostility).

something something. why money something. not real anarchists unless tapes delivered by gondola riding primis something.

and what if this goes down? there will be zero @ podcasts. we should stick to having a separate site for everything forever.

Another one, and another one, and another one, and another one, ad infinitum. Projects like this seems to be a ever returning current of you NA radicals. Is it out of desperation? I wonder. Maybe in a similar way as to the inability to discharge oneself onto the external world leads to one instead internalise that negative force leading to self harm (insert more Nietzsche references). I see a lot of that here and closer to home - geographically. Well, at least you'll be more user friendly. Like Mac. I like their phones so effortless to use, must be a good development here as well.

Yes, it's desperation. You win. 75% of my attempts to build anything with anarchists in NA dissolved in to infighting because the only well developed skill anyone seems to have is critique. Endless critique only lends itself to media projects, you can't really use it for much else except shit-talking your "friends".

"shit-talking your "friends"" happens when it gets turned inwards by divisive tactics, or lesser-intended divisive behavior.

But of course the critique is still not something to live from, or even by... yet it is the very thing that most people with skills are actually found to be lacking.

Though media projects also require skills. While they aren't the bread and butter of those sign these subversively, they can provide with some entry in the more mainstream media world, talking especially of cinema and video games. While entryisms means some filthy treacherous avenues for many who attempted it, it may also mean more incisive subversive operations under the radar, for those clever enough to have evaded political stigma.

You may also relinquish the whole media projects, and leave the entire spectacular/symbolic aspect of social relations to the forces of power... 'sup to you!

I'm looking forward to the stream because it will make it easy to establish an FM channel. It will make it as easy as pushing a button to keep a channel full of content.

FM is now mostly just useful in corporate chains where they play this shitty commerical brainwash music made with computers, or even better, through areas of intense traffic on the highways around any urban areas. Especially for those endless traffic jams, they can make a good companion to pissed off drivers stuf in the middle of Nowhere, Suburbia.

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