Announcing Publication of Conflictual Wisdom

  • Posted on: 8 March 2018
  • By: thecollective

From It's Going Down

New anarchist publication Conflictual Wisdom addresses long term involvement in the anarchist movement and offers thoughts from a wide range of participants regarding burnout, trauma, and beyond.

Download and Print Here

We have finally finished this new project Conflictual Wisdom! Please share the pdf included here far and wide. Please distribute and print on your own! Please send feed back to conflictualwisdom @ protonmail (dot) com. We include here the introduction and table of contents. Solidarity across borders and fire to the prisons!

On What We Have Here

“Want to see the face of a coward?
It’s the back of his head as he runs from the battle.”

This project was an attempt at public introspection. It was an attempt to reach out there and see what I got in response to asking questions and sharing contemplation on public forums and private discussions. I didn’t get all the answers I wanted, but the path I’ve chosen is a path of permanent struggle and conflict, and resolution isn’t something I can expect.

Living within a society you don’t approve of that coerces you into hypocrisy, or never experiencing a free society yet fighting for one through an inner desire or theoretical dream of something else, or being forced to constantly compromise and degrade ourselves in order to simply survive, not to mention simultaneously struggle; is a recipe for inevitable confusion.

However I have gotten some insightful responses, and in the process of trying to coordinate the organization of this publishing project, I have discovered many ways to challenge my disappointments for the better, or to challenge my own self-criticism for the more constructive. I have had deep conversations with people outside of these pages, and while I question if there is enough here to answer any of the questions that lie at this project’s foundation, I still pushed myself to put something together hoping to push for more dialogue on the subject of preserving our movements and individual struggles for the long term (especially in light of Trump, climate change, and so-called hopeless end times).

I honestly don’t even know if this project will help or confuse. I think it helped me, but I’m still confused. However, I accept this inevitability, and at least I have some tangible things to blame for my confusion, or to understand what prevents me and those I love from our full potentialities as revolutionaries and as free people.

I don’t know where life will take me. Maybe to the countryside in search of a happier escapist-ish autonomy. Or maybe to the countryside to feel happier with my environment, yet also stand up to the rampant rural fascism that goes un-confronted in the states. Maybe I’ll remain in the cities in search of contributing to more visibly active anarchist struggles, or to feel more aware of the world as it is.

Am I doing enough? What degree of inconvenience to my survival is ethical for me? Do I even have such power or privilege to make a choice on the matter? Is it possible to feel any happiness in a society that I know to be so awful? Will I end up in prison? Will I die young (still a bit young-ish) or old?

Contemplation is frustrating when we are all so alienated. And while we are told that anything is possible these days, the infinite possibilities with which we are presented with leave us rootless and confused, overwhelmed, desensitized, and alienated. Even amidst this so called infinite realm of technological and consumer possibility, I will always take pride in my choice to seek more openings towards a free life and society, on my own terms (even if such attempts never materialize in the absolute, this sort of pride and willful disobedience is a victory in and of itself).

Regardless, this project and its creation come at a very troubling and existentially challenging time for me, and for the world. The endless questioning can leave you feeling bleak and helpless. We are questioning our enemy so much, that we sometimes turn against ourselves, in the sense of trying to understand why it is we are so pathetic in our resistance (even if such an assumption is mathematically flawed considering the technological apparatus of oppression and repression we face).

It’s not just our own questioning and constant struggle to keep our eyes on the road. It’s dealing with the constant threat of imprisonment, judicial intimidation, and general consequences of our choice to be in permanent conflict with domination. Of our choice to essentially be anarchist revolutionaries. This can lead to panic attacks, substance abuse, and a need to take a step back in order to hold it together. This project intends to address issues such as this with the intention of understanding such a step back as a necessary tool in self-preservation, but never grounds for betraying our movement, communities, or integrity.

This project culminates not necessarily with conclusions but with a hope of provoking or humbly guiding those sharing these struggle.

I present this to the world with all its efforts, and finish it firmly establishing that I still know I am on the right side of history. This is a victory for me, and something to get out of bed for in the morning. I feel nothing will break this commitment of my mind and heart.

I send love to those I love. I send hate to those I hate.

For an existence defined by passion, depth, desire, and struggle, for a community that is borderless and there for each other, let’s heal each other’s wounds and prevent each other from burning out, or at least keep a consistent dialogue on the subject in order to better shape our communities to be stronger against the will of our enemies. In whatever way we do this, we must get creative and challenge our hyperbolic traditions by making time for humble realities and discussions. We have to do this before it’s too late and we lose one another to the cancerous inflictions of social alienation.

The name of this project is indeed corny. Yet wisdom is defined as having intelligence or insight based on experience, and conflict is something that defines anarchists. Anarchist struggle is a relentless unforgiving permanent conflict with all facets of domination. Therefore the intention here is to provide voices of experience in the pursuit of remaining in permanent conflict. Hence, such wisdom can lie at the foundation of our battles, and in this case, the preservation of our movement.

-Anonymous / 2018

Before Opening Please Note This Project Is or Was:

*Strongly Encourages Independent Distribution
*For Entertainment Purposes Only (ACAB)
*A Not for Profit Publication
*Slowly Put-Together 2016-2018

Dedicated To:

Dedicated to those in prison or who have lost their lives resisting the world imposed upon us.
Dedicated to those who choose integrity over inconvenience (stop snitching!).
To those who choose the hard route.
To the excluded, unsponsored, and unwelcome.
To the stressed, confused, and struggling.
To the sincere, passionate, and unforgiving.

Made with love and rage.
Spring 2018.

Table Of Contents

On What We have Here
Pg. 4-5

The Call-Outs:

Preface 2016 / Pg. 6
To My Comrades / 2016 / Pg. 6
A Second Try / 2017 / Pg. 9

Responses & Related
Hello, My Dear Comrade / Pg. 11
Light & Love to You Comrade / Pg. 12
Because My Love May Be Dormant,
But It Ain’t Dead / Pg. 12
Ok Well, Enough of the Ramble / Pg. 13
Some Notes On Not Giving Up / Pg. 14
Some Thoughts from An American Comrade / Pg. 18
Let’s Make it Count / Pg.19
Understanding Lines in the Sand / Pg. 20
In a Cyclical Narrative,
The Question is Not whether You Will Win / Pg. 23
Changes: An Organizer Reflects / Pg. 25
For A Community that Can Overcome Trauma,
& Defeat Repression / Pg. 27
Instructions for An Insurrection / Pg. 32
Never Stop Searching (A Poem) / Pg. 34

With Support Of:



Anarchist struggle is a relentless unforgiving permanent conflict with all facets of domination.

Well, that would certainly be nice, if it was the case. My experience of 31 years of it in the United States is that it is mostly about selling each other T-shirts and zines.

Better then struggleoosing.

i know you’re kanadian, but please learn the difference between losing and loosing, lose and loose (and while we’re at it, breath and breathe, cloth and clothe, teeth and teethe, yea and yeah...)

Stop criticizing ziggy over silly things like grammar. He's a very stable genius and you all know it!

I like inventing cutting edge words here's my new one ready? STRUGGLOOZING as in the negative destructive tendency to ooze hysterical angst and tantrum reflexes all over people.

Yeah, there's no need to do anything. I'm a loyal American, the universe revolves around me, and merely by drawing breath I am a grave threat to the social order.

I'm definitely gonna play nice and read this entire work.

Maybe in the future pubs. like this should get a standardized ratings format, like the ones used for Lonely Planet travel guides on Amazon. I'm not being sarcastic, I'm serious as heck.

Okay, I've read this.

Yes, there's some subjectively insurrectionary feelings described here. But this shares the problem of all such insurrectionary anarchist stuff:

1. Too much time and text is devoted to the personal feelings of the author,

2. The author or authors confuse their own experience of demos and riots in a non-revolutionary context with what might be possible, or the limits of what might be possible, in an actual society-wide mass revolutionary upheaval, and,

3. Their world-view is only relevant to a tiny number of people who are currently completely on the same page as they are. For all its apparent concern with the larger state of things in the world today, this gives it a strangely perpetually self-absorbed quality. There's no effort here to extract one's self from a hermitically sealed subjective cocoon, take note of larger tendencies in contemporary life that may be conducive to some kind of large-scale subversive or revolutionary movement, and interact with the larger world on those terms.

Only #2 is an actual writing the problem. The others are just your own opinion about how writing should be.

yeah and #1 says personal feelings and opinions aren't allowed
only the masses, as per #3

It's the back of the head of people running after the coward.

j/k ;-)

When I read insurrectionary anarchist materials, it weirdly enough reminds me of stuff from a group that calls itself the International Communist Current. The ICC is an ultra-leftist Cargo cult devoted to the worship of the Bolsheviks of October 1917. In all their language the ICC pose as the most battle-hardened of hard core revolutionaries, and this pose can be very seductive to people like me who have a yen to be seduced by it -- but, tellingly, there's never any evidence presented as to why anyone who isn't already completely persuaded as to the validity of this pose is going to take it seriously, or find it of use in their own struggles.

Hollering at length about what a great revolutionary you want to believe yourself to be doesn't add up to anything; it sounds self-indulgent as hell, and possibly just an exercise in fantasy role playing. In his essay on Gandhi, Orwell said that saints should be presumed guilty until proven innocent. If anything the credibility bar should be a lot higher for supposed ferocious implacable rebels against the social order. I've read this doc with an open-minded attitude, and I'm not seeing the credibility bar being met here.

It's basically an attempt to salad toss insurrection into revolution which is precisely what Stirner did not want to do. Insurgent is the proper word not revolution tinged insurrectionary. Revolution is for those losers in from France and Russia in 89 and 17 respectively.

"which is precisely what Stirner did not want to do."

way to make shit your own, ziggy.

I’d be fine with the term insurrectionary if it was distinct from revolutionary. It’s not about honoring Stirner’s concept as much as shitting on something incongruent which is what insurrectionary discourse is down to the concept.

zig: but you have to mention stirner's concepts in doing your shitting? make your shit your own, ffs.

In contrast to another discourse that uses a term badly. Any radical dialect is going to mention 3rd person figures to some degree. In the case of crafting my own language, what do you think I've been trying to do with anarch and anarchy(neoanarchy).

are identity politics...i really wanted write a book with that title but it's so self-evident that it can explained in two sentences.

The only beauty for me in anarchism is the defacement of the zoon politicon, everything else is just marketing garbage, some white dude with dreads who decided to pick up the little red book in between selling pot, and anarcho-capitalists. Maybe the writer of the manifesto above is one of the eco-extremists in disguise?!

For an existence defined by passion, depth, desire, and struggle, for a community that is borderless and there for each other, let’s heal each other’s wounds and prevent each other from burning out, or at least keep a consistent dialogue on the subject in order to better shape our communities to be stronger against the will of our enemies.

Translation: I am looking for a girlfriend.

OMG I can't stand all this defeatism, where has the style of personal poise and stoicism gone? These narcissist activists with their martyr complexes are always complaining and whining about the conditions they find themselves in. It is a symptom of the dreaded leftist social disease called the doctrine of oppression. This will probably be banned like so many others, hah, I don't care, go on, I dare you, delete this comment,,,!

It doesn't make any sense why they deleted your response to my comment, basically you advocated treating people how they want to be treated instead of being perpetually angry at things that can't be changed right away. Sounds like a good way to counter the doctrine of oppression. Who cares if it sounds "New Agey", and who cares if I am not consistent?

I'm fucking tired of the heavily controlled nature of the scene. Peace out everyone!

Says the fool who thinks Le Way is your friend ;)

I'm glad you got to read my little nugget of wisdom before it was deleted, something I've come to accept from mainstream censorship. The reference was actually directed further back in time to Jesus, thus its resemblance to the New Age, but there the similarity ends. Jesus's nihilism is not appreciated and has been entirely religionized and institutionalized.

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