Announcing the Quarantine Livestream!

and the platform is... Zoom... LULZ. so true

From Black Rose Anarchist Federation

Are you bored sitting at home? Feel like you’ve watched everything on every streaming service twice over? 

Instead of binging the same series for the tenth time, join Black Rose/Rosa Negra as we launch our quarantine livestream. Over the coming weeks we’ll be hosting a series of live panel discussions on a variety of topics relevant to building popular power in precarious times.

To kick things off, we’ve planned two big events.

First, on Friday, April 10th, we’ll be hosting a live panel discussion with members of several tenants unions across the United States. Panelists will explore how Covid-19 has impacted their organizing efforts, what it means for so many renters to be out of work, and how we might leverage the crisis to build tenant power.

Next, on Saturday, April 11th we’ll be livestreaming a historic panel discussion on the current global health crisis, featuring delegates representing half a dozen anarchist-communist organizations around the world. 

Panelists include members of Solidaridad (Chile), Acción Socialista Libertaria (Argentina), Black Rose Anarchist Federation (U.S.), Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (South Africa), Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland), Anarchist Federation (Britain), and Union Communiste Libertaire (France).

All of our livestream events will take place via Zoom webinar. Space is limited, so please register below. If you’d like to tune in, but missed your chance to register, don’t worry! Each one of our livestream events will simultaneously be broadcast via our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here:

If you’d like to attend Tenant Power in the Time of COVID via Zoom, please register here:

If you’d like to attend the International Discussion on COVID-19 via Zoom, please register here:

Otherwise, please tune in via our YouTube livestream!

We hope you’ll join us for this and other exciting upcoming online events!

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that shade of yellow is the trendy new lefty whistleblow, run for your lives

I love how instead of organizing a actual tenants union they have to organize I fucking webinar. I used to be in brrn and for years the only thing that they did was talk talk talk. Couldn't keep any local projects going and failed at even having 8 people join the local. I would sum up most folks in brrn as completely uncritical of their own ideology while shitting on people who actually put in work building infrastructure. Black rose is the biggest anarchist circle jerk.

Known these types as well, not BRRN but some other libcoms. My take is that they're either cops running some not-too-effective honeypots, or some upper-caste people with really really big egos for whom these gimmicks are just vehicles for their self-gratification and social status... for the sheer incompetent, hypocrite, deadbeat, dilettante folks they really are.

The latter is the likelier. Our bookfair regulars.

If they were really interested in bringing their ideas to life, they wouldn't have been doing the same proselytism for two decades, by now, and would have evolved away from that.

Big yawn. If you’re interested in the same boring anarchist politics that don’t work now you can be ineffective and bored from your couch.

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