Announcing underHILL distro

  • Posted on: 22 March 2017
  • By: underHILL

Announcing underHILL Distro:

underHILL distro is excited to announce that after three years of existing as a face to face distribution project, we've taken the leap, bit friendship as a form of life & no new ideas' tumblr scheme, put our portfolio online, and removed the human element from the equation.

underHILL largely publishes two kinds of texts; historical writings by anarchists who may or may not (who cares) have called themselves individualists, and texts which have had a large impact on us, that we've wanted our friends to read. In the coming months we look forward to sharing new titles with them, and with you, so keep an eye out for our announcements.

On the technical side, all our titles are up in four .pdf forms(all 8.5x11), web-read, imposed print ready, solo cover, and imposed guts, to make printing as simple for you as possible. We usually try to print the covers separately, so that they'll look the nicest on our wall, but hey, maybe you broke with the commodity form and you like everything to look terrible, you do you.

We've prepared a short statement as a way to introduce ourselves, if you vibe with it, great; if not, we welcome your 'suggestions' in the comments.


underHILL is born of the milieu, not the struggle.
underHILL uses the term ‘milieu’ with only a hint of irony (its Montréal, fuck off).
underHILL is unapologetically North American.

underHILL doesn’t care about ‘speaking’ to the ‘disenfranchised’.
underHILL would rather be your friend then your comrade.
underHILL just left in an Uber and doesn’t care what you think about it.

underHILL knows they shouldn’t but still blocs in a tight hoodie.
underHILL would rather rack shit than dumpster it.
underHILL will pay 5$ for a coffee.

underHILL thinks the individual is vast and contains multitudes.
underHILL ‘gets’ what you mean by ‘nihilist’ but still thinks you’re using it wrong.
underHILL cares less about ideas, and more about the moments that birthed them.

underHILL believes the scene is nothing more than the activity of those who compose it.
underHILL will rep your projects even if we think they’re boring. Or misguided.
underHILL is trying to maintain friendships across vast distances.

underHILL knows that irony is a defence mechanism, but underHILL doesn’t trust you yet.



these look great. i am very happy to see shared appreciation for alejandro's writings, clearly soem of the most thoughtful and engaged writing emerging from (now outside?) the milieu. i only wish for the treat of more in the future...ah well, maybe similarly gentle and surreal anarchic writing is one of the biggest challenges left to those recalcitrant few not enamored by the struggles and what happens to be going down at all times.ah well, the toast seems too stiff nearly burnt for anything but oily margarine.

underHILL doesn’t care about ‘speaking’ to the ‘disenfranchised’.
underHILL just left in an Uber and doesn’t care what you think about it.

= that's racist.

INDEED... this is clearly the next level edgelords. Like outta their echo chamber where they've been isolated since 2011, just to now realize the world is no longer ass-ready for them. So suck it we're badass no matter what you think, because egoism and stuff.

"underHILL is born of the milieu, not the struggle."

hums... sarcastic, SLOW applauds with a big yawn.

also fuck that alejandro rock star (coz latino makes extra revolutionary value, companerrrro!)... and all the other milieu rock stars as well. Never squatted with that guy in BCN, or ever desired to.

when I say "fuck" I mean more like "slaughter" or "boots to the face". Really fuck wizard authoritaran anti-authoritarian phallosophers, brah.

ironic mindset reads that police brutality by another name is cool.

"underHILL ‘gets’ what you mean by ‘nihilist’ but still thinks you’re using it wrong."

no u.

I think this distro is fucking garbage, and that the author needs to read some mao after their accountability process...

yeah I'll go talk to some people at Casa Del Popo about those gentrifiers and get our horses ready for another slander campaign, Warriors of Calm-unity!

"underHILL will pay 5$ for a coffee."


OUR treats.

*sips cortado*

It's Acosta I'm a willin' ta pay.

"underHILL will rep your projects even if we think they’re boring. Or misguided."


in other words: 'im okaaay, youre okaaay - we're alllll okaaaaayyyyy'


I find you're lack of anti-social hostility deeply disturbing... kind of totally fucked up tbh (+ you gentrifyer bro? Not a good look there, underRANG...)

fuck you hippie, your project... s-s-s-s-SUXXXXXX!

The force at the core leading our cause forward is the Communist Party. The theoretical basis guiding our thinking is Marxism-Leninism.

If there is to be revolution, there must be a revolutionary party. Without a revolutionary party, without a party built on the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theory and in the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary style, it is impossible to lead the working class and the broad masses of the people in defeating imperialism and its running dogs.

A well-disciplined Party armed with the theory of Marxism-Leninism, using the method of self-criticism and linked with the masses of the people; an army under the leadership of such a Party; a united front of all revolutionary classes and all revolutionary groups under the leadership of such a Party - these are the three main weapons with which we have defeated the enemy.

We must have faith in the masses and we must have faith in the Party. These are two cardinal principles. If we doubt these principles, we shall accomplish nothing.

Policy is the starting-point of all the practical actions of a revolutionary party and manifests itself in the process and the end-result of that party's actions. A revolutionary party is carrying out a policy whenever it takes any action. If it is not carrying out a correct policy, it is carrying out a wrong policy; if it is not carrying out a given policy consciously, it is doing so blindly. What we call experience is the process and the end-result of carrying out a policy. Only through the practice of the people, that is, through experience, can we verify whether a policy is correct or wrong and determine to what extent it is correct or wrong. However, people's practice, especially the practice of a revolutionary party and the revolutionary masses, cannot but be bound up with one policy or another. Therefore, before any action is taken, we must explain the policy, which we have formulated in the light of the given circumstances, to Party members and to the masses. Otherwise, Party members and the masses will depart from the guidance of our policy, act blindly and carry out a wrong policy.

Our Party has laid down the general line and general policy of the Chinese revolution as well as various specific lines for work and specific policies. However, while many comrades remember our Party's specific lines for work and specific policies, they often forget its general line and general policy. If we actually forget the Party's general line and general policy, then we shall be blind, half-baked, muddle-headed revolutionaries, and when we carry out a specific line for work and a specific policy, we shall lose our bearings and vacillate now to the left and now to the right, and the work will suffer.

Policy and tactics are the life of the Party; leading comrades at all levels must give them full attention and must never on any account be negligent.

-- Chairman Dickrang underBUTT

"underHILL knows that irony is a defence mechanism, but underHILL doesn’t trust you yet."

Well fine then! I don't trust you EITHER, you toi-boi goof-rangin' oreo-cookie eating motherfucker.

underHILL takes other authors' works and puts our brand[tm] on it.

find us on patreon!

We just take the ideas we've been sold and sell em back for more

^Found the anarcho-capitalist

Would like to take this moment to say: "Hello, Internet!"

Hahaha most of this shit-talk seems affectionate but seriously, what kind of douche would rather be associated with the milieu over the struggle, ironically or otherwise?!

That's like, openly vogueing as a fucking poser. Points for shamelessness!

between a struggler and a poser?

Usually abject poverty

Or maybe except that the latter gets the aesthetics right.

They are both adopting a veneer-level ethos. See the post below about struggle approriation. Strugglers are not struggling, but choosing to struggle. Or, at least, trying to do what they think is struggling. Those experiencing real struggle are not preaching its virtues on the internet nor in organizing spaces in front of their friends.

it's like... you're attempting more of the same old lame semantic hair-splitting I guess. "Struggler" means someone who's struggling as much as "boxer" means someone who's boxing, and the "joker" is joking. I'd personally also be saying "a person who's struggling (for or against ____ )".

Struggler is just some awkward designation, and I'd be raising eyebrows if somebody IRL would use that. I think the best term would be "activist".

I couldn't agree more, Comrade!

If there is to be a revolution, first, there must be a revolutionary ensemble dedicated mind, heart and cockles to the glorious socio-politico-cultural struggl-O!O!O!OOOOHHH!!!


the people's pothole liberation army

One represents a niche identity dead end of development, the other represents reified constituted ritualistic retardation.

What is needed is something akin to groups like The Young Hegelians. An effective meeting of minds that are beyond the millstones of elective positions and proposed solutions. I envy groups like the young reactionaries in that sense. They're like the hippsters past that were bringing something new to the table.

Let get that post milieu discussion going anarchists and anarchs alike.

You might think you've peeped the scene
You haven't
The real one is far to mean
The wattered down, the one you know
Was made up centuries ago
You sound wack and corny
Yes and awful blasted boring

People who choose to struggle are trying to emulate people they percieve as struggling, or who may actually be struggling. To be struggling is not something one chooses to do, it is an unfortunate condition which befalls a person. If you've actually struggled you know it's something you want to be out of, away from, not something to brag about, nor valorize, nor try to attain. Struggle fetishists aren't struggling and often don't know what struggling is, as such they approach it like anything else in the consumer realm—appropriation, temporary consumption, referential garb, vocabulary. You end up with a cartoon version of the authentic struggle subject being replicated en masse by academics, fringe scenesters, left ladder-climbers & social media pariahs.

Notice how it never even occurs to this shitbag that one might struggle at different phases of their life and retain valuable perspective and empathy from that experience that anchors a political praxis

Already you are offended and resorting to ad hominems, and it only took me one post. I was replying to another post which echos the familiar tones of struggle-as-choice, or praxis. But it is a negative form of existence, cosmic punishment, bad luck, whatever you wanna call it. When you're in it, you want out. Not drag others in, nor talk about how awesome and valuable it is (or, at least superior to being a 'poser'). Your point about chronology is not specifically relevant to what I'm proposing.

You're just proposing an overly windy strawman and think you're so fucking clever to boot. Go jerk yourself off some more shitbag.

^Found the struggl-O!

Indeed. They are Abrahamic Religion 2.0 Secular Edition™ valorizing suffering and reacting to non-believers in the same way, as evidenced by their posts. They thought I was trying to acheve some form of vanity in what I was writing—a strange reading of my posts. Nothing new for this site though, in terms of reactionary leftist/liberal/marxian squawking.

This post speaks to why I make a distinction between constituted and corporeal struggle. The former are the struggalos who are the other side of the coin to the posers.

Understood this way it's much more offensive/unpalatable than a mere poser ever could be. It's celebrating the most painful parts of someone else's existence and then lampooning it in some kind of morbid meta-cosplay. In my experience it takes either a truly fucked up person to do this (a mind twisted towards pervasive irrational supertitiousness), or one who hasn't experienced real suffering. Generally speaking. So much worse than those trying to achieve some sort of instagram-type level of aesthetic mastery i.e. the adept consumerism of The Poser.

Well if anyone was going to create such a fucked up faux radical orientation it would the well fed guilt ridden American radical above, especially when a psychosocial Shia whipping orientation like Maoism is involved.

They were doomed to regurgitate the conditions they arose within, but they'll never admit it. The first step to becoming non-Abrahamic, is to admit that you're Abrahamic. These religions shaped too much for too long for the case to be others. So many radicals have foolishly assumed they could become something other than the big three within their own lifetimes, or even within a couple generations. We are seeing that fall apart now. The hubris has come home to roost. Mind you, some have had those roots and become something else, but it is rare and a result of luck and/or honesty, humilty & introspection. But very rare regardless and rarer still to get publicized as such.

btw, did you mean to type 'Shia' there or was that autocorrected from 'self?'

It's useful visual analogy for guilt tripped radicals.

What is Shia whipping? I assumed you meant self whipping i.e. self flagellation.

but it is indeed a form of self flagellation.

"or one who hasn't experienced real suffering."

Dat one. And maybe the first option applies sometimes, but desensitized people are more common.


"But he too met an explosive force...

the force of a DESPERATE ranga's will!"

"How the stirner eats rang"

underHILL makes zines that were already played out 10 years go.
underHILL pretends to be edgy, but hipster nihilism was already uncool in 2013.
underHILL makes Anarchist News seem relevant by echoing their main talking points.

Tell us more about the zines you got 10 years ago, we're always looking for more content to put the underHILL brand on

bolbus who brought u

These are the 3 greatest zines written in the last 3 years. Fuck AdeA, Fuck VDC. Fuck your distro, mawfucka! FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD!

Which way? Dat way:

1. Organized Anarchism in the Anti-Capitalist Struggle
2. The Bourgeois Influence on Anarchism
3. Common Cause and The Role of the Anarchist Organization


Those Mtl edge clowns have succeeded at being hilarious for the extra sex appeal!

Nice try, FBI!


Man, you guys do some shit talk indeed...Are you all from well off ivy league backgrounds?? Who the fuck celebrate struggle? Granted, some masochistic individuals get off by being in some detrimental situation or other but come on...

Look up the the definition of struggle: Great labor; forcible effort to obtain an object, or to avert an evil. --Macaulay.[1913 Webster]

Now, it might just be that you involuntarily are in a struggle just by not being born a rich bastard. You might just be one of those who is blackmailed by wage labor / work, crap living conditions,no food, racism , sexism and what have you. Against these adversary conditions you struggle. Now instead of making this a situation of "self flagellation" you can use it to empower yourself, to act in solidarity with other who happens to struggle.Because you guys seem to be a wee bit thick on this matter: You DO something to get RID of an evil or to OBTAIN an object. You don't do it because of some abrahamic archetypal myth. Neither does that equate to a recuperation of other peoples problems, but it is seeing that they are related to mine. It means that I see that some peoples struggles affect and intersects with mine. And as I wish to better my own condition I might find it useful to help out others. You act in solidarity. If nothing else you can just try to be nice and sympathetic towards people worse off than yourself. You don't have to be a junky to buy a junky a coffee and share a cigarette, nor are you an activist for helping out refugees or whatever.

I appreciate Stirner, but beyond sitting in your basement and manifesting your supreme and unattached self there lies and empire of crap to try to rid yourself of. That does not mean join the IWW, but it means doing SOMETHING, other than being smug online, thinking that you are something of a radical intellectual or whatever shit you want to call yourself. I don't give two flying fucks if you think that there is such a thing as society or not, whatever floats your boat. Still, if you are not a pure idealist or only dabble with metaphysics, then you actually go and do something about the sky which falls in your head. The rhetoric of quite a few around here is dumb beyond recognition. Doing shit does not equate to an "elected position" it is a practicality which you try to solve. Beyond your little mancaves people actually are critical to the very same structures they operate within, but are pragmatic enough to just do something even if the means ain't perfect.

That said, underhill looks like shit.

Bleh! "Doing shit" is inane doer-deed predicaments because Mach and stuff.

"Doing shit" is inane doer-deed predicaments because Mach and stuff AND the spatial plenum.

Can't forget about the fucking spatial plenum now, can we?



underHILL would rather spend 3 hours making a veal stock than go to the riot.

jar their own pickles, thank you very much.

UnderHILL would rather shoot themselves in the face then attend an anti-oppression 101 workshop at McGill university.

More edgy, empty, hyper individualist nihilist posturing! Super kewl guyz! Sew edgZ

Calm down now... It's fairly obvious those people are being full tongue-in-cheek sarcasm in their statement. Which fan of DeCleyre and Stirner would brag about using Uber or buying 5$ coffees? Come oooon... Nothing wrong with a bit of humor.

this one would

The Underhills suck ass. They're the prickiest edgelords in the milieu... I really prefer the Baggins and the Took, who at least got some interest in venturing out of their festering holes (read: basements) whenn it gets warm outside.

I love you, Anon

Even if our love is impossible... :- (


I hate that guy.

Im from underhill, next to sunny brook mall, which is next to shaddy pines.

would be a great name for a tutoring service.

shaddy pines learning center.

likes to think of the glass as half full (even if we're nihilists)

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