Anonymous Operation TrapWire

  • Posted on: 12 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Greetings Citizens of the United States of America –

This weekend, it was disclosed by Wikileaks the details about a system known as “TrapWire” that uses facial recognition and other techniques including high-end artificial intelligence to track and monitor individuals using countless different closed-circuit cameras operated by cities and other institutions, including private businesses.

This program also monitors all social media on the internet.</td><td><img title="but they don't know about our porn, right?" src=""></td></tr><...
The software is billed as a method by which to prevent terrorism, but can of course also be used to provide unprecedented surveillance and data-mining capabilities to governments and corporations – including many with a history of using new technologies to violate the rights of citizens. TrapWire is already used in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas, DC, London, and other locales around the USA.

The ex-CIA agents who help run the firm are old friends of Stratfor vice president Fred Burton, whom they’ve briefed on their own capabilities in e-mails obtained by Anonymous hackers and provided to WikiLeaks. Stratfor has engaged in several surveillance operations against activists, such as those advocating for victims of the Bhopal disaster – on behalf of large U.S. corporatons; Burton himelf was revealed to have advocated “bankrupting” and “ruining the life” of activists like Julian Assange in e-mails to other friends. TrapWire is extremely expensive to maintain, and is usually done so at taxpayer expense; Los Angeles county alone has spent over $1.4 million dollars on the software’s use in a single three-month period of 2007.

Although most of the regions in which TrapWire operates don’t share information with each other, all of this is set to change; as Abraxas Applications president Dan Botsch told Burton via e-mail, “I think over time the different networks will begin to unite,” noting that several networks had already begun discussions on merging their information. Abraxas itself has always had the ability to “cross-network matches” from every region at their own office. By June 2011, Washington D.C. police were engaged in a pilot project under the Departent of Homeland Security that’s likely to lead to more cities using TrapWire on a more integrated basis.

Abraxas, the firm whose spin-off Abraxas Applications developed TrapWire in 2007, has long been involved in a lesser-known practice known as persona management, which involves the use of fake online “people” to gather intelligence and/or disseminate disinformation. The firm Ntrepid, created by Abraxas owner Cubic Corporation, won a 2010 CENTCOM contract to provide such capabilities for use in foreign countries; several board members of Ntrepid also sit on Abraxas.

The more we learn about TrapWire and similar systems, it becomes absolutely clear that we must at all costs shut this system down and render it useless. A giant AI electronic brain able to monitor us through a combination of access to all the CCTV cameras as well as all the online social media feeds is monstrous and Orwellian in it’s implications and possibilities. The Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous will now put forth a call to arms, and initiate the doom of this evil and misbegotten program. We will use the following tactics to accomplish this goal:

1) The PLF and Anonymous will work closely with WikiLeaks and Project PM to gather, collate, disclose and disseminate as much information as possible about TrapWire and it’s related technologies and programs. This was begun this weekend, and already much has been learned. And they are scared of this, already many sites and repositories of data on TrapWire are disappearing – being taken down by those who do not want you to know the truth about what they are doing. And WikiLeaks is at this writing enduring a massive and historic DdoS attack in an attempt to conceal this information from the public. We will do this not only to educate the general public regarding TrapWire, but to move them to pressure their representatives to shut down funding for this and similar programs of massive surveillance, and to pass laws outlawing the creation of future projects of this type.

2) ACTION ALERT – “Smash A Cam Saturday”: TrapWire has access to virtually all CCTV’s that have IP/internet connectivity. We have prepared an initial map/database of these cameras across the USA, and we will continue to expand this knowledge base.

While this database is a good guide to high priority camera targets, we encourage everyone to target any camera with IP/internet connectivity. We are asking everyone to sabotage at least one CCTV per week on what we are calling “Smash A Cam Saturday”. We have provided this excellent manual of different tactics and strategies for disabling or destroying these “eyes of the beast”.

3) As stated above, this “monster” doesn’t just have eyes that need gouging out – it also has “ears”. TrapWire constantly monitors social media. In a strange twist of fate, the company that developed TrapWire also works on something called “sock-puppet” programs. These are projects designed to create thousands of fake personas on social media. We will turn this idea and software against them, creating thousands of phony accounts and use them to produce a deluge of false triggers for the TrapWire program – essentially drowning it in “white noise”.

4) Finally, the Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous will do what we do best. We will find, hack – and destroy the servers where the AI “electronic brain” of this program is housed.

Operation TrapWire is a direct action of the over-arching Anonymous Operation USA. TrapWire is but one instance of how the government of the USA has turned against it’s own citizens, designating them as suspects and enemies. Now those citizens rise, and take back their country and their freedom. Welcome to the Second American Revolution.

We Are Anonymous

We Are Legion

We Never Forgive

We Never Forget

Government of the USA, it’s too late to EXPECT US.

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cool story bro

I think the rhetoric in this piece is absolutely atrocious, but more importantly, is there some sort of caution that should be taken before clicking those links, given the content they (may) redirect to?

VPN, Proxy, TOR, ETC.

Oh, I see what you guys (Anonymous) are saying. I mean, it's understandable that you would threaten to "dox" people engaged in black bloc tactics, not because you are for some deluded reason opposed to the idea of property destruction, but because it's not the kind of property destruction you endorse...

I'd be happy to partake in your little call to arms, although I think the people who engage in black bloc tactics, as well as their sympathizers deserve an apology first.

We're waiting...

What are you referencing?

Ok, well as is often the case with anonymous, it's difficult to say which way is up, left, right or down. I was specifically referring to a highly publicized video put out by someone claiming to represent anonymous where it is my understanding that they threatened to identify people from videos engaged in black bloc tactics.

Although, to be fair, I may have been a bit hasty with my comment. Doing I little more searching after you posed the question, revealed some less publicized so called anonymous communiques actually advocating black bloc tacgtics.

As in the film, the Matrix, the answer to your question really hinges on how far down the rabbit whole you wish to go...

your mentally retarded

Learn how to spell you ableist prick!

No man, I think he really likes you, and he's telling you he's your mentally retarded acolyte.

Ok so from whom exactly are you expecting an apology? Anonymous is not a centralized organization, any one can join and anyone can claim to be a part of it for whatever ends they wish. In short a reactionary or cointelpro agent could release a video denouncing and threatening anarchists for the predictable ends of sowing division, but that doesnt mean that anti-anarchist sentiment is shared by anonymous in general. In fact some anarchists are probably involved in it.

So get over it. Also i hope your not implicating yourself as being "engaged in black block tactics" from a personal computer. Cuz posturing is not only dumb, its dangerous.

it's *YOU'RE* dude ... and if there's a database of IP addresses of ppl who make ambiguous claims about participating in black blocs, put me on the fucking list. How much paranoia does it take to completely paralyze you?

OH NOOO!! HOW CAN YOU BE SO BRAZEN VOLUNTEERING YOUR IP ADDRESS WHILST INVITING SUSPICION GASP! I'm screaming from a wheelchair with an anti-anxiety drip stuck in MY ARM!!!

Actually they apologized, i posted an article on here about them endorsing black bloc tactics and the creation of the "Anon Bloc."

Anonymous is a fluid group mostly. I believe those videos were from some douches in the UK. This paper or whatever it is, tied with the PLF which did stuff in Santa Cruz and I believe are from the west coast.

Despite the leftist/reformist rhetoric and political stance of theirs, working against TrapWire deserves solidarity from the @'s.

In the same way that their is no "Black Bloc Society" their is no secretive underground anonymous organization. Its just people who freely associate under the banner of anonymous, many of its groups are totally unrelated from the others in every way except the name and guy fawkes masks.

and also most of them are on the anarchist/anti-authoritarian spectrum but their is a minority that are liberal/leftist and right wing libertarian. The anti-black bloc anonymous video is from one of those dicks

Ok, how about a little clarification:
Anonymous as a unified group with a set of principles does not exist.
"Anonymous" refers to anyone who signs things anonymously. The myth of it as a hacker group stems from many moons ago. On most image boards (4chan being the largest) there were no accounts, and the name field was optional (with the name defaulting to Anonymous when left empty). Not only that, using the name field was generally considered bad etiquette if done without a good reason, since all your posts should be judged based on the merit of their content, and not the identity of the person posting it. At one point, 4chan even forced everyone to be anonymous on it's most popular board (/b/ - random, a rule that coincidentally has recently been reinstated).

Because there were all these posts circulating around the internet signed "Anonymous," a joke/meme started that every single post signed "Anonymous" was actually made by one person, whose name was actually "Anonymous." e.g. "Anonymous writes really good poetry!" and "God damn Anonymous, do you ever leave your mother's basement?" When raid culture started (generally flooding sites that had small user bases with the overwhelming numbers of 4chan and posting anything offensive) another aspect of the name "Anonymous" was taken on. When people would get upset and ask who was doing all these terrible things to their website, the mass of people attacking would say something along the lines of "Oh, it's that Anonymous guy! He's always doing this kind of shit." That then expanded to using "Anonymous" analogously to "Legion" in the Bible, who is a demon consisting of thousands of demons occupying a single body (hence one of Anonymous' many slogans, "We are many, but we are one, for we are Legion"). The reason for such an analogy is pretty clear.

So things went on this way for a while, but then there was one event that truly cemented the idea of Anonymous as some sort of tangible group.
This peace of "investigative journalism" was so laughably bad (e.g. stock video of an exploding van that has nothing to do with anything) that it spawned many a meme (e.g. "Hackers on steroids"). In any case, from then on, the piece's misconception of Anonymous as an actual group and not a name people posting anonymously use pretty much stuck.

This is why Anonymous will always say or do things you don't agree with, and will even go against things Anonymous has said and done before. It's because there is no manifesto, no sign up list, nothing unifying any of it other than a lack of signing things to a particular name. Most the posts on here are done by Anonymous, including yours. To prescribe any real ideology onto Anonymous is therefore generally misguided.

Something that I think deserves far more attention than it's gotten, and the observant may have already noticed, is the similarity between Anonymous and the black bloc. The two are almost identical, excepting that the black bloc is used for anonymity on the street while Anonymous is used for anonymity online. I'm thinking on writing something up on this, since nobody else has.

FUCK!! I'm part of Anonymous? Fucking cool!! I better get me a Guy Fawkes mask, yay!

it's spelled *fucks

i like 2) and 3)
i doubt 4) would be possible.

also, fuck america, fuck representatives. come on, anonymous.

Anonymous really confuses me sometimes. Sometimes they seem really anarchist, other times they seem to be like randian, free market, we love the constitution dweebs.

I mean really,
"Greetings Citizens of the United States"?
"Violating the Rights of Citizens"?

I remember some nonsense early on in Occupy when they were shittalking anarchists, black bloc.

comrades nonetheless i supppose. they just have the shit analysis sumtimes

ur right, but anonymous is so unorganized (which is good) so no one person can represent anonymous. I assure u Anonymous is Anarchist created.

Oh no, things are terrible, the government is trying to keep a lid on revolt using even more updated technology.

Oh wait, fuck it, we're gonna burn their fucking world down anyway. Everything burns!

Good luck burning things down from the inside of a cell.

It's sort of important we stop this type of shit before it takes hold, as like it or not, this does make our immediate goals more difficult.

good luck trying to stop that type of shit before it takes hold from a jail cell.

major solidarity with any actions against this

This. I'm excited to hear if anything comes of this, as Anonymous call-outs can be pretty hit-and-miss (as far as I know).

keep looking for a brain to hack, anonymouse

they were only cool when they were an anti-scientolgy hate group

if i ever see one of those dumb masks again, i punching it out

american are dumb, on the internet always doing being stupid pretending movies

get fucked (you won't)

this site run by the fbi/there is no brain/this is all the brain/you doing their work

if i for anyhting, it is cadre with name/upisde down opaque, and tenderness

anonymous is the graveyard of empire

julian assange may as well be played by stphen dorff//he not real/that part fbi plan for 'open secrets'

all of this game///with 3 percent sincerity rate///85 percent fbi

I'm only 44 years old and what is this?

It still confuses me how people get confused over the contradictions of anonymous. Don't yous use teh internets ever?

I think this is a good action and should be supported. Haxing is good one, good bloke no like trapwire, i punching it out

because the internet.

ignorant, ugly, and dead inside.

^this is referring to this faux-anonymouse text. written by sociopaths FOR sociopaths. it's a cool little system.

some porn got away

porn courtesy of wiccan-leaks

Op bart today at 5pm, op smash trapwire, anon bloc, black bloc, be thr!

Let me guess, you're also the "open revolt" troll?

There are three main tools to deal with this: One is a full-court press to destory known or suspected face recognition cameras. The second is an attack on Trapwire's servers. the third is to go after the PEOPLE behind Trapwire as though they were with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Trapwire execs-if you are reading this, ask the FBI about Huntingdon Life Sciences.

There is a 4th consideration: Facial recognition software works ONLY if the camera angle relative to your face is the same as the one used when the reference shot was taken. For video this means your head must pass through the same angle that a reference shot was taken. This is why Virginia, which uses this for drivers license pictures, requires applicants to look right at the camera-a slightly different angle would defeat the system and allow one person to be relicensed under a different name.

Clown noses and dark sunglasses can also defeat this sort of software, by denying it the baselines from which distances to all other facial points are measured. When you mask up, be SURE to cover your eyes and the tip of your nose!

a cheap paper glitter mask would do the same thing...

All of you people are mentally ill. I just figured that out. Only mentally ill people reply to comments. I've been arguing with imbociles.

Geez thank you computer programers for telling me something that I assumed but had no proof to verify. I'm really happy. I find your language...


Is anyone here with a brain and who existed before the era of Facebook actually realizes the scope of this?

Haig, that fascist Intel scumbag who's been involved in any official State conspiracy since like the '60s... setup and is in charge of Abraxas.

Abraxas has been behind theoretically all CCTV cams in the US since the Bush days and War on Terror!

Man... this is of historical proportions. And yet some jerks here can only bitch Anonfpr exposing that???

You are either:

- desperate FBI/DHS shills
- total fucking morons
- both!

Info on how to make your face illegible to face-recognition software using fashion (facepaint, hairstyles, & off-the-shelf accesories, etc.). That's right. Someone did a whole master's thesis on this shit -- using fashion in order to also mask the intention of making one's face invisible to robots.

A couple pointers, for starters:
1. Avoid enhancers: They amplify key facial features.
2. Partially obscure the nose-bridge are: The region where the nose, eyes, and forehead intersect is a key facial feature.
3. Partially obscure the ocular region: The position and darkness of eyes is a key facial feature.
4. Remain inconspicuous: For camouflage to function, it must not be perceived as a mask or disguise.

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