Another peek at Beyond the Arc, Renzo Novatore

From Distinctively Dionysian

Visions of Child of Zarathustra, Excerpt from Beyond the Arc, Renzo Novatore, Bacchus Editions, 2020.

Beyond the Arc is a work of pure beauty, containing hundreds of Renzo Novatore writings that have never been compiled nor put to English, French, or German.
This piece is from a section titled, “Visions of a Child of Zarathustra.”
Notable here is the many Luciferian / Blakean / Nietzschean references, et, of course, Novatore’s everlasting nod to Max Stirner.

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Beautiful! Super intrigued by the mention of hundreds (!) of untranslated Novatore writings. Does someone know more about this?

I do. Friends of mine involved (Fíona from the journal Dionysian, Apio and some others started Bacchus Editions (in part) to get those previously untranslated writings translated, archived and out (along with other writings previously unearthed.) Pretty amazing, a group of friends from Italy have been hunting down and gathering a slew of Novatore (and others) for some time and they've been holding on to it to release it all together, get translations just right and all that. Seen just a little bit of it to translate it all to Germans but there's way more, yep. Pretty cool! — excited to help translate it all to German, doing piece by piece now.

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