Is "Anti-Civilization" the politically correct term for "Anarcho-Primitivism"?

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Is "Anti-Civilization" the politically correct term for "Anarcho-Primitivism"?

I've been kind of away for a while and haven't really kept up with everything that is going on. It seems like Anti-Civilization theories are fairly popular now. Is "Anti-Civilization" the politically correct term for "Anarcho-Primitivism", or, do the terms refer to different schools of thought?

I'd say no. To me the terms

I'd say no. To me the terms describe different but historically intertwined tendencies with anti-civilization being a more general category that anarcho-primitivism falls under. Thus, all anarcho-primitivists are anti-civilization, but not all anti-civilization people are anarcho-primitivists.

I don't think it has anything to do with PC. That said, I have seen more critiques of anarcho-primitivism, from different angles, than i have of those directed at a more vague "anti-civilization". If someone could point to those though I would be interested to see them. There has been a little bit, at least one or two zines worth attempting to describe "post-civilization" and oppose it to anti-civ.

Thanks for the reply. In

Thanks for the reply. In spite of that I do have a critique to make of it, I rather like the school of thought that goes from Jacques Camatte to John Zerzan, and, am partially concerned that the confusion of terms could be used to isolate the school of thought that has become known as "Anarcho-Primitivism". I do think that Anarcho-Primitivism ought to be called something else, though.

As Anti-Civilization is just the blanket theory, I guess that my concerns were unfounded.

I'm sort of curious as to see critiques of Anti-Civilization as well. I'm more 'techno-critical' than Anarcho-Primitivist. I see the problem as being primarily with technocracy and not necessarily technology itself.

Post-Civilization sounds pretty interesting. Here's a short statement from Strangers In a Tangled Wilderness that you probably have already found by using Google search:

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broad anti-civ anarchism

broad anti-civ anarchism basically just recognizes that domestication of crops and animals and people and cities are hierarchies of oppression over life-forms. so the “no god, no masters” extends to people not being “the master species”, and progress or tech development is not a god either, etc

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I would check out "Corrosive Consciousness" by Bellamy Fitzpatrick for an in-depth critique of primitivism from an anti-civ perspective

Archaicism to primtivism

anti or acivilization can encompass both. Some(like me) want to keep the upper paleolithic psycho modern stuff others like Zerzan or those two anti controlled fire crackpots want earlier and earlier paleolithia.

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who ate the two anti

who ate the two anti controlled fire crackpots? i was only aware of one (ria)

anon (not verified)



She's the other one I believe.

I don't think that Zerzan

I don't think that Zerzan suggests that, really, but, I don't see why those Primitivists shouldn't just be left to their own devices. If it doesn't harm anyone, I don't see why you shouldn't just live however you so desire.

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yeah I agree. Ill have my 10

yeah I agree. Ill have my 10 acres tanning hides in cob hut and you can live in a concrete building with solar panels and a connection to post-rev twitter. This rev thing is gonna be great.

someoldguy (not verified)

i fing the term "primitivism" to be racist, for the most part, and all the way ignorant.

many of these "primitive" people knew quite a lot about herbalism, how to make their own clothing, their own shelters, their own tools. that puts them in a category of human existence far and away above, and beyond the capabilities of most people in "civilized" societies.

civilizations are slave systems, and people who live in them really have no business looking down on human societies which produce capable, thriving people.

so, yeah - i'm anti-civilization, but anyone who uses the term "primitives" is not really someone i would want to associate with.

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