Anti-Fracking march, Albany, NY. Put the Earth First!

  • Posted on: 25 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>As you know, hydraulic fracturing has just been okay'ed for the state of New York. This is horrible... I assume you are aware of the negative destruction Hydro-fracking causes, if not, this is a documentary made 1 year ago, called Gasland Also, this is a short article After deadly explosions, and contamination in many states across the U.S. moving from the southern mid-west to the north-east, people are finally enraged enough to stop it. These methods of accessing resources have caused the death and disease of humans, plants and animals. It might as well be too late for Pennsylvania, their main water sources are contaminated and this has spread to the extremities of the vein like structure of a water system.

As I have stated, Gov. Coumo (1%) has allowed these mega corporations to storm into the beautiful Adirondacks, Catskills and finger lakes to start ripping up the shale and bedrock, injecting it with chemicals, destroying forests and contaminating water the supply, that people from all over the country drink, (cuz our water da best). People have already started taking a stand Ithaca, Watkins glen, these small cities have attracted hundreds, Watkins glen only has a population of 2000, but attracted 500+. I have no riot-porn to show you because there is none to show, WHY?</td><td><img title="Because riot porn is not fit to print?" src=""></td><...

On August 27th there is going to be a massive march threw the capital city of NYS, Albany. (Meet at the Hudson riverfront across the foot-bridge from Broadway). This city only has 90,000 people who live here, but people from all over are converging. I am inviting you to come here to show these liberals how to really resist. We will stop Hydro-fracking, I will see you next to me, there will be a black bloc. We must stop hydro-fracking in this beautiful area of the world, come to Albany, NY to resist environmental destruction, they will not be stopped by pacifist means.

August 25-26 strategy sessions, August 27th massive march threw downtown. New update: Josh fox, director of GasLand will be in Albany.


Use this as a reference point &

-IAC (Impatient Anarchist Coalition)


Go get 'em.

If only protests worked.

Fuck a protest, I'm in for the riots of the overthrowing take back. hahaha... ;{)

No sane person puts the "Earth First." They put themselves first and if protecting the Earth is in one's own self interest they work with other people' who also having an interest in protecting the Earth.

Misguided leftist compulsory morality is destroying any legitimate anarchist ideas left.

Cool ideology, bro.


Yeah, most of the green slogans are still worn-out relics from liberal reformist campaigns.

But it IS just a t-shirt slogan and you can be purely motivated by self interest and easily see how insane and evil fracking is. My anarchist activities took shape in the ghetto and the urban landscape and only recently, I've met a bunch of ecoterrorists and started joining blockades out in the sticks. Kids like me represent the closest thing to derrick jensens' dream of a green militant underground. We're not a bunch of fucking vegan hippies crying in a clear cut, we just hate capitalists enough to chase them to the ends of the earth and fuck with their shit at the source.

Oh and the self interest thing. As in, drinkable water, edible food, breathable air, etc.
I like water food and air. Almost every day!

cool future jail story, bro.

yeah, cause the stuff I post here is the most incriminating thing I do.
maybe you're just scared of your own shadow brosef?

cool fodder for maniacs

it depends on where one places the "self", you see. many earthfirsty types are into deep ecology which identifies earth/nature as either "belonging", or identifies it as "kin", so in saying Earth First! they are essentially saying ME FIRST!.

When would protecting the Earth first not be in one's own self interest?

you're an idiot.

You're artificially separating "people" from the environments they live in. I know that sounds all emile, but it's the truth. The funny thing about people, they don't exist where they don't exist.

putting your self before that want sustains you is the most powerful weapon of ideological domination that capital has e.g. individualism. let us have individuality that destroys individualism.

Earth First.
Sanity is a bourgeois truth, the destruction of which is a necessity but not sufficient condition for emancipation.

deeply in grained liberalism ideology is destroying any legitimate anarchist ideas left.

riot porn or GTFO.

meh ... the spectacle critique. Very pompous hippy-dip version of *less talk, more rock*

If you still need to be convinced to go outside and actually do something, maybe we'll see you out there someday loser?

Some days I feel like giving us this fight, I sometimes think we will never win nor get what we are fighting for...I wish I had some hope to change that idea of mine.

Anyone else like that? haha...

whoever wrote this is a fucking troll because you just dragged me and my partner out from three hours a way and there was no bloc at all. There is still no riot porn for you to show and i doubt the existence of the impatient anarchist coalition.

gotcha!! LOL!!!

Author: I didnt see you, wht were y wearing?

Black lace lingerie and a hat that looks like an ice cream cone.

females or males or both?

all single, latina shemales.

i dont think i saw u, u prob didnt see us. thr were like 5 of us, because the van with the other decided not to come...

we saw u. u was there with yo shoes on yo feet.

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