"Anti-terrorist" Operation Against Anarchism in Barcelona and Madrid

  • Posted on: 17 December 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Translation of an early report from Barcelona on the developing situation of Spanish comrades arrested on terrorist charges. Originally published in Spanish on alasbarricadas on Dec 16 2014, 9:58 am

#operacionpandora [#operationpandora] #yotambiensoyanarquista [#Itooamananarchist]

The Mordaza law is beginning to make an appearance in the political life of the country. At 5 o'clock this morning the anti-terrorist operation Pandora began, against “anarchist terrorism.” The accusation from the National High Court was over various attacks against ATMs. The police report didn't give more details about what attacks and what terrorism they were talking about, beyond a diffuse “anarchist terrorism.” At that hour the Mossos d'Esquadra [Catalan regional police] entered Kasa de la Muntanya [an anarchist squat in Barcelona], where an enormous number of forces were deployed – more than 300 police, and even a helicopter that illuminated the zone of operations with a powerful spotlight. After that, other searches began of the Ateneos Libertarios [libertarian atheniums] of Sant Andreu and Poble Sec, both in Barcelona. Additionally, in ten other points in Catalonia, apartments and houses have been searched.

Up to this point there is news of 15 arrests (although the figure changes depending on the source), the majority in Barcelona although one person in Madrid has also been arrested in their home. The arrests have generally occurred in homes. The police are seizing phones, computers, and journals, and books as well in the ateneos. In Kasa de la Muntanya, additionally, the twenty or so inhabitants are held in the house's gym while agents search room by room.

Right now, there's a solidarity call in Plaza Lesseps in Barcelona where several dozen people have assembled. On twitter the hashtags at the top of this article have reached the top ten. It should be pointed out that there is once again a level of immediate coordination among the National High Court, the Mossos d'Esquadra, and the press under the excuse of terrorism, all of them giving the same version of the facts and whipping up a state of alarm.

Police charges in Madrid and Barcelona in the demonstrations against Operation Pandora

Solidarity demonstrations:

Wednesday 17

- Cordoba: 19 h. Bulevard de Gran Capitán.
- Compostela: 20 h. Torual.
- Granada: 19 h. Subdelegación del Gobierno
- Huesca: 20 h. Pza. Navarra.
- Iruña: 19 h. Calle Mercaderes.
- Piornal (Cáceres): 19:30 h. Plaza de España.
- Sevilla: 20 h. Alameda de Hércules (in front of the police station).

Friday 19

- Burdeos: 09:30 h. In front of Spanish consulate.



Thanks to whomever for translating this. Some updates and minor corrections:

There are definitely 11 arrests (as of Thursday evening) though there were some reports that the Audiencia Nacional signed arrest warrants for 15 people. It's possible that the other 4 people may be arrested when found. However the previous antiterror case against anarchists in November 2013 (the case of Monica and Francisco) saw police randomly tacking on extra arrests, so we know it's flexible.

The detainees are in Madrid right now, getting questioned by the judge tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully by Friday evening we'll know if they're getting released pending trial, released without charges, or sent into preventive detention.

The judge of the Audiencia Nacional who has this case is Javier Gómez Bermúdez, probably the most fascist member of the court. The only good thing about this is that he won't be the judge during the trial phase (currently it's in the investigation phase).

If they're held until trial, under the antiterrorist law they can be held up to 4 years, otherwise it's two years.

Solidarity so far has been energetic and ample. The walls of Barcelona at least are covered with posters and graffiti talking about the case, and some uninvolved people in the street can be heard talking about the case.

This case is an example of police internationalism, following up on the arrest of 5 comrades in Barcelona in November 2013, which in turn was following up on the "Bombs Case" of Chile. The day of the arrests, the Spanish Interior Minister was in Chile meeting with his homologue about increasing the cooperation against terrorism. There are a lot more details that connect this case to the case of Monica and Francisco (the two from November who are still locked up facing charges) but they're not public yet.

Kasa de la Muntanya is not an anarchist squat at this point in time. There is a general feeling that it was raided by police seeking to take advantage of the operation to get into a building that is generally off-limits to them and steal a bunch of computers. None of the detainees lives at Kasa de la Muntanya. The fact it was raided is perhaps part of the reason so many Catalan indepes have participated in the response, since it is a place where they currently have a significant presence.

Thursday evening, the judge sent 7 of the 11 detainees to prison awaiting trial. They can be locked up for up to two years awaiting trial, plus an additional two if they decide to apply the anti-terrorism law.

It has now been published that the authorities are accusing all of the arrested of belonging to the Grupos Anarquistas Coordinados. The GAC was a public anarchist group that published some texts and had a few meetings, but that the police and media labelled as a terrorist organization at the time of the arrests of 5 comrades (including two who are still locked up awaiting trial) in November 2013.

The 4 comrades who were released have to register their residences and sign in at court every week.

Solidarity actions and protests are continuing apace.

Cool, thanks for the updates and corrections

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