Are Anarchists Causing the Chaos?

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Clayton Pyke, "Are Anarchists Causing the Chaos"
Clayton is an autistic anarchist and educator, and Anarchist Black Cross Federation member of Orange County, Calif.

"Fifth Estate Live" is a livestream broadcast from the Fifth Estate magazine every Tuesday.
Hosted by singer/songwriter and Fifth Estate contributor,David Rovics

Broadcast on the Facebook pages of Popular Resistance, KBOO Community Radio, at and other platforms.

Photos is from Clayton Pyke's article in the Spring 2020 Fifth Estate, "Seeing is Obeying." Charlottesville 2017

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David Rovics is a progressive activist who keeps presenting himself as an anarchist. While labels are annoying and can be easily appropriated by anyone, it is funny that this Bernie Sanders Democrat/Jill Stein Green Party advocate keeps trying to position himself as an anti-state, anti-capitalist even though his social perspective is boring. The problem is that his views make anarchists look even worse than they are.

His music is not good (the instrumental, his vocals, his lyrics, everything). His song "I'm a Better Anarchist Than You" actually trashes anarchists who are concerned about the ethics and principles of autonomy and rejecting hierarchies of state, capital, etc. He writes shitty music, has an awful analysis overall, is a serial voter (and makes fun of people who don't vote and reject electoral politics), and just another boring ass white dude polluting the world with shitty music.

they should have been embarrassed years ago when they started publishing pro-electoral essays after decades of principled anti-electoralism. they should have been embarrassed by plenty of things long before they decided to throw in their lot with that dipshit Rovics.

I agree with you on this.

Too bad as they have good articles and perspectives (Jason Rodgers and profiles on alternative social spaces (infoshops, bookstores)) that I do not see in other forums, especially in print magazine forms.

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