Arrests in Rovereto (Italy): Massimo Passamani in prison and Daniella Battisti under house arrest

  • Posted on: 29 August 2012
  • By: worker

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Arrests in Rovereto (Italy): Massimo Passamani in prison and Daniella Battisti under house arrest

The most totalitarian society is that which knows how to paint chains with the color of liberty, which is the commodity par excellence today. If the most effective repression is that which nullifies the very desire to rebel, social consensus is preventive repression, the policing of ideas and decisions.

This morning, the 27th of August, in an operation by the special forces of the Carabinieri, in which dozens of police participated and more than ten houses were searched, at two anarchist centers (in Trent and Rovereto) they detained comrades Massimo Passamani and Daniella Battisti, the first is in jail at Tolmezzo and the second on house arrest.</td><td><img title="We are the paint!" src=""></td></...
The charges are unclear, but it is known that the arrests were
orchestrated under 270a, i.e. subversive association. According to the
bourgeois press (Radio NBC) they are accused of at least “28 acts,
ranging from attacks against cell phone towers belonging to
Vodafone and Wind” and disturbances “in Susa Valley,* in Rome and in
Greece”. Also, the press consistently makes its allegation that
Massimo is the “leader” of the Italian insurrectionist anarchists. In
recent months, many journalists repeat the claim of this alleged

Along this line are the statements of the Piedmontese parliament of
the PD (Democratic Party) Stefano Esposito who did not hesitate to go
out and give a press conference this afternoon in which he declared
that for months he has denounced “the role played by Massimo Passamani
in the Susa Valley as head of the militant and violent wing of the No
TAV* movement”. And he continued, saying that he awaits “the opinions
of several Turin intellectuals who attacked me when I denounced the
role of the antagonists and I am especially waiting to see if the
people of the Susa Valley against the TAV will distance themselves
from accused subversives”.

Divide and conquer.

Let’s see if, after the armies of police and soldiers that invaded the
valley in order to supervise its destruction to benefit the project of
the TAV of Capital, the classic formula of dividing those who fight
into “good” and “bad” works this time in the Susa Valley

We can only add that no anarchist will ever be alone. Each will show
solidarity in the way they see fit, but the best way is to continue

To write (Massimo can read Spanish):

Massimo Passamani
C.C. di Tolmezzo
via Paluzza, 77 - 33028 Tolmezzo (UD)


*Site of the TAV (high speed rail) line currently under construction.

A collection of texts by Passamani, "More, Much More," can be
downloaded here:


Use violence to free Massimo Passamani!

Motherfuckers gonna get some daggers drawn. Do like ICP, stab people!

do they have an ICP in Italy?

Insurrecto-communist party?


International Communist Party...there is like 3-4 of them.

Don't forget the Internationalist Communist Party too! :P

Aren't the communists mostly efficient at actually stabbing proles, especially anarchists, rather than those who defend or enforce Capital? Coz that's a lot of what I've seen.

These are Bordiguists. You don't know what you're talking about.

Are there any Italian (A) not in cages? Is chaos really just around the corner?

yes, it has been observed that you cannot stop the chaos.

oh no, not Daniella...

It seems like this news isn't actually from 325.

Moderator doesn't have permission to abuse his role on this website. He should step down. Free Massimo Passamani! Even though he isn't sourced, he is also the author of "At Dagger's Drawn".

your blabbering repulsive. "At Daggers Drawn" is written anonymous. You stand now

At Dagger's Drawn was written by someone, not someone named anonymous. Are you really dumb. I wish the moderator didn't also participate on this website, they are so fucking stupid. Get off my nuts.

different commentator here, how exactly is that different than what they said. They said that At Daggers Drawn was written anonymously, which is true, as any copy of it I have ever seen has said anonymous. Saying that something was written anonymously is not saying that it wasn't written by someone nor is it indicating that the person who wrote it is named anonymous, what it is saying is that it isn't known who wrote it (like for instance any copy of the epic poem Beowulf says 'anonymous' where the author would be, not because the person is named anonymous or that no one wrote it down, but that it isn't known). Maybe Passamani wrote it, but I've never seen anything that connects it to them in anyway. You wish the moderator didn't participate on the site? really? isn't the moderator participating on this website by being the moderator? I'm pretty sure they are. so it seems that it might be that you are the one who is stupid after all.

Hey fuckhead, the moderator sucks at their position on this website. Perhaps you should rethink what you said, because I don't like how they moderate and I don't like how they post comments. Both are stupid. If that is difficult to grasp, go adopt a black baby and raise it to be a strong adult.

yep, I should just rethink what I said because you disagree with it. In any forum or website I've seen the moderator(s) posts comments, so that something that's not very strange to see and they are usually identified as such. On this site any post with the username of 'Worker' is the only time I've seen them post, they could have posted anonymously if they couldn't log in at some point, but I don't remember seeing that. Now if you are talking about the roll over comments, I can't possibly see how that's problematic, all they are is a little sentence that is supposed to be amusing. You don't even need to read it if you don't want, all you have to do is not put your mouse pointer over the picture. Its so absurd that many people take issue with it.

The douche you're replying to is just a fuckin loon. He started with me yesterday and kept accusing me of being a moderator, presumably because I disagreed with him and because he spams the comments with his stupid opinions that contribute nothing so the mods have been deleting them. Therefore, everyone who points out that he's an idiot must be the imaginary moderator who's out to get him. Also, he writes like an ESL or a barely literate 13 yo.

At Daggers Drawn was written by one hand, but it was thought by a few heads. So, there is no single author. By the way, Passamani today don't share the ideas of At Daggers Drawn. The Coming Insurrection is better for him! Down with Stirner, long live Blanqui.

Don't drag Stirner into your filthy leftist excuse!!

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