Arson of Police Cars

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Montreal, Canada: Arson of 7 Police Cars at SVPM Service Garage

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info:

Cops are murderers. We burned their cars. You can too.

We used three incendiary devices: square plastic bottles filled about 3/4 of the way with a mixture of gasoline and motor oil. We used super glue to attach two individually packaged fire cubes (which you can find in camping, hardware, and grocery stores) to the side of each bottle.

At each car, we placed a bottle on its side (cubes facing up), pushed it under the tire of the car, and lit the cube.

We chose devices that would fully ignite about one minute after we placed them under the cars. We wanted to increase our chances of getting away and decrease the chances that the devices would be extinguished preemptively.

For a world without the police and the white supremacist order they defend. Solidarity with Black insurgents and everyone else who fights back.

– Anarchists

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I was in a brief discussion on how this tactic they used can be very dangerous, as they ignited a firestarter taped to a plastic container. So unless that was a really thick plastic bottle, it's kinda tricky to be avoiding some horrible accident while igniting something so close to the gasoline inside the bottle while avoiding... not sure it's a good idea to recommend this to anyone as a way to set several cars on fire.

A much better alternative would be to spray or spill the mixture over the area and also on the cars, and then use a "dry" firestarter like pool chlorine + brake fluid, so you got a delay of 1-2 minutes -depending on the brake fluid type- during which you won't have a slow flame that can be noticed before the whole thing ignites. The chlorine can be put in some stealthy, tiny container like a cardboard coffee cup, like those you see laying around everywhere...

everyone is an expert...

well actually!!!... this method is fine and works and allows a person to walk away without undergoing a twenty-nine point checklist of the best theoretical way to burn a car (tm) and avoid being covered in gasoline and brake fluid and chlorine (???).

less aNaLySIs, more burn car!

- incendiary plastic bottle anti-automobile cell

PSA don’t rely on comments for the things that count. Unless you have first hand knowledge and experience with a method, even if you took a chemistry class (these people tested these methods first), don’t test it on the field, risking a failed attempt, injury, death, and or jail. Go with what you know. If you think starting fires is to complex, throw rocks from good cover, or fire a slingshot, these things also require practice.

Don't ever experiment with shit before doing shit. Even if you did a class over it and it's a scale version of the shit you gonna use, to make it relatively harmless, and in the middle of an abandoned parking lot where no one's watching, don't do it!!! Because (...) and also (......).

Disregard commenters! Tho if some communique tells you it's safe and cool, then go for it. As per tested-and-true appeal to authority. Please do not question the Elite, or provide with safer ways to do things. Also we won't be around you at the hospital if you get badly injured or burnt to a crisp... only the cops and maybe your parents if they're allowed by the cops. But wait, that's another story.

Anyways it's cool if you get hurt and caught because that'll make another solidarity campaign for us to manage, where you can send traceable funds through credit companies.

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