Asheville rallies in solidarity with prisoner strike

  • Posted on: 2 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>There was a small noise demonstration today in downtown Asheville, NC in solidarity with the hundreds of prisoners on hunger strike at multiple facilities throughout the state. This action follows a larger demonstration that took place at the Central Prison in Raleigh on Sunday.

We rallied in the downtown square before marching to the courthouse and jail, stopping to make some noise at the jails construction site, where the state is building even more cages to put us all in.

We wish to send a message of love and solidarity to those who find the strength to fight from behind bars.

Also it is important to acknowledge our comrades in the northwest resisting the grand jury in Seattle today, as well as our friends of the Asheville 11 whose lives are still being held hostage to the states madness.

Until every cage is empty. Fuck the police. </td><td><img title="when you feel your body shake
trip and fall you can't walk straight
baby then you know it's done
you can feel your heart is stung " src=""></t...


Really excited to hear about shit happening in Asheville again.

Asheville: Move to Atlanta!


But imagine how much more fun it'd be if ATL moved to AVL....

Awesome, Solidarity from JC, TN.

Here's the reportback from the demo at central prison in raleigh:

On Sunday, July 29, 2012, sixty protesters gathered together on the border between capitalism’s captive version of freedom and the state’s home for those it has deemed unworthy of its heartless luxuries. The inmates at Raleigh’s Central Prison were, we hope, pleased to see their comrades on the outside that afternoon, replete with the requisite banners, posters, and drum corps. They had come to show solidarity with those waging the coordinated hunger strike across three different prisonCentral Prison Demo - Hunger Strikers 7/29/12s in North Carolina, in an effort to have an ample list of demands for better treatment met.

A march took place in order to reach different corners of the prison, and in a rare moment of quiet among the crowd, sounds of support were heard echoing from within the prison’s heavy walls. Protesters responded with cheers and the good feeling of receiving confirmation that their efforts could be seen and heard by those they were hoping to reach. Their rally may have only lasted an hour and a half, but they hope it will lighten the burden of isolation for those on the inside, and show the fascists in charge that someone is watching.

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