Athens, Greece: Banner drop in solidarity with Berkeley comrades

  • Posted on: 27 April 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Banner drop in solidarity with the comrades who once again clashed with the patriotic mob that hit the streets of Berkeley on April 15th 2017. We don’t recognize any fatherland, we don’t kneel down before any national symbol, and we don’t dialog with any sort of fascists: we crush them!


Themistokleous 58 Squat, Exarchia



Alt-right are now flooding youtube with hundreds of videos claiming "victory" over antifa at Berkeley. They even claim Berkeley police were helping antifa and posing as them.

Antifa always takes the bait. They are so stupid.

The left has completely lost the plot at this point in the late gen Y epoch and I see no reinforcements coming up within gen Z. If anything gen Z is looking to be a swing back epoch towards a more cultural conservative attitude in a similar vein to the post 1945 period. The ANTIFAtards don't realize that the radical culture that created them(of which they represent the more non sophisticated side) is finished.

The loses are going to continue. Part of the recovery process begins with some basic ability to properly define your enemy. ANTIFA are not a part of this recovery process.

We don't vote in Nationalist elections & have no stake in any nationalist politics. We are stateless cosmopolitans. This is one of the best things about being an anarchist! Thanks for this great anarchist news. Ef karisto!

To me, it looked like you got your asses beat.

" We are stateless cosmopolitans. "

ugh, jesus fucking closeted commie christ. who is this WE you always refer to? you do realize that a single community is the ideal of marxism/communism, not anarchy; it would without question be a state in waiting. stateless cosmopolitans: must be a rat's utopia.

what the world needs is not the elimination of 'evil beings' but the elimination of [the concept of] 'being'

the world as a transforming relational continuum is a world wherein epigenetic influence inductively actualizes genetic expression within an epigenetic-genetic [field-matter] non-duality.

'being' is a concept that enables a fake, UNNATURAL understanding of the world starting from material genesis or 'genetic expression' and getting rid of the primary animating 'epigenetic influence' by imposing the notion that space is an empty, non-influencing operating theatre in which the world can be seen as a collection of local, material things-in-themselves with actor-action power.

the world purportedly happens within the fixed empty [Euclidian geometry] box of infinite extent, the so-called 'absolute space and absolute time measuring reference frame'.

as soon as people believe in being-based genetic expression as 'all she wrote', they are no longer open to understanding themselves as being part of something greater than themselves and feel forced to deliberately construct greatness and bask in the power of it.

an anti-being movement is not appropriate to the task of getting rid of 'being' in spite of medical science's binary logical model of the immune system.

indicates a differential movement of "relationals"( including "Us"),
carving out a space, as Zones of com-plications, pressing toward the Outside, from the middle.
This describes what we do here and Out-There. These forces are always immanent
within us as part of this relational plenum we share... There is all manner of ways, journeys to be created, with the right
attitude of determination , joy, and respect of and for our "nests", our milieu. Indeed as a previous poster noted,
Spain, Zapata, Rojava are examples of the relational forces that express our Desires. May I add to those contemporary
movements: Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and current manifestations worldwide responding to Alt-Right risings?
Yes , it is always already Now, as we forever try to "retrieve lost time" in our Remembrance of time , passed (Proust).
In other words, Time is indeed on our Side. It is always "Of the Essence". The future is for us to create, "any which way we can ". So many opportunities;
so many places; so many Challenges. Catch the Wave and ride it as far and as long as we - can! and do it (contra Bookchin)
In Style ,over and over and over again. Let us make the most of the opportunities afforded us where we can.

Classic a-news. An article related to anti-fascism gets posted and the comment section responds with red-baiting and mockery. Is this comment section dominated by alt-right trolls or post-left nihilist troll? Cuz the rhetoric coming from both camps is indistinguishable sometimes.

What the post leftists are trying to tell you leftists is that you are losing BIGGLY right now and making the good name of anarchism look bad in the process. That's not alt-right trolling, that's keeping it on the 100.

What's your solution to combat the rise of the fascist right then?

By appealing to actual liberty libertarian based sentiment which actually has a lot of currency right now but is being badly expressed. Get out of identity politics, and victimization, stop blaming everything on whitey and for god's sake undermine the Maoist born behavioral orientation that plagues radical and liberal politics. Stop shutting down speech that makes reactionary people look good. They're basically filling the niche the the Berkley free speech movement defined in the late 60s. Do you wonder why political neutrals see you as the the bad guy in this current climate?

These are just things off the top of my head.

Stop giving them free publicity by creating a big spectacle around them in public spaces. Let them have their rallies and they will fizzle out soon enough, just like the Tea Party did.

If you really feel fascists represent an existential threat, then act like they are. Nobody 'protests' against serial killers,or ISIS, people hunt them down.

This protesting and counter-protesting business is getting so old, and is so ineffective. It's become a joke, verging on Monty Python territory..

Step back and reflect on what you're doing. Ask yourself what is the problem to which protesting is the solution?

is not easy. We have the more worthy ways of creating our own alternative
response. First a good Defense. In the streets we Stand our Ground! Whose streets?
Our Streets. Second, articulate a better counter-narrative. then , Help those of the people that struggle for
dignity, freedom, expression. during manifestations or other venue. This makes us "worthy of what has happened to
us"(Deleuze) the existential morality of "Doing the right thing" at gatherings, conferences, discussion groups, " Protests, and yes small affinity "actions ".But all this is good to clear our way to
creating the kind of relationships and aid that we can give (of ourselves) to others. In doing so
we articulate our issues: Freedom, Autonomy. Mutual Aid. We need to come up with innovative ideas
to "make things better". The last thing we need to do is to "Take Things Over" or Disparage decent
tactics or decent pro-jects. Listen, collaborate, grow together with the people. Combat our Cynical
attitudes. Stop us from being " No-It Alls ". Get out There. Take part in the real world and Speak Up.
There are many great ideas on this site and we have many opportunities create some zones of
autonomy and creativity> OUT THERE. (We can always debrief on line here afterwords).
It is at times necessary to be subtle, forgiving, hidden, Non-transparent( read : Substantial, yet Coy.
Come on !! Lets get rid of that" Alt-Left" (Read Marxist) Bullshit>Very close in my opinion to Fascist
Bullshit.This Is the right Time! Just like the last Time Was , be-fore . In doing so, we may make the Next Times even better. For Our Sake , lets not forsake this time,again.

So azano, you don't regard the Rojava politics as being driven by an "Alt-Left" agenda ? So many clichéd catch phrases in your comment, I want it in plain words. *Coyly blows a kiss at the computer monitor*

I consider it a manifestation of a displaced, Abject (Kristiva's) people
in movement to carve out autonomous zones of municipalism. Good Enough for me.
Looking for perfection? Tell me all about it, please. I am listening. P.S.: ALT-Left, Alt- Right
Left "Anarchs", Commies- 9 e.g..( PL,SWP,RCP etc) : oh, how sad.I do like Crimethink, The Invisible
Committee, Stirner, Black Block, BLM, Stirner, Proudhon etc.

*Swoons seductively against desk-top and pouts coyly* My criticism is not spawned from any obsessive desire for perfection, I'm actually a Wabi-Sabi sort of guy *Wistfully stares at the monitor*. I'm an anartist primarily, and actually find municipality too formal and structured for my,,,,,,,how can I describe it,,,,,for my casual and sensual irreverence towards any form of social manicuring. Nice azano to see that you admire Stirner twice as much as any other theorist,,,,,,

Excellent! The double Stirner was due to my notorious lack of proof reading .
While municipalism is somewhat prone to elite activists who attend and dominate to city or county
meetings, it is the most minimalist as to Gov. Capabilities. I said that is was OK with me ,compared to awful alternatives in that part of the world. And if durable , possibly a good laboratory for other such
efforts of a libertarian type. Also there is much sensuality, liveliness, mutual aid, and Determination in Kurdish society, unimpeded anyway, And finally, I forgot to mention Bob Black's theories as compelling.
The main point is there are many ways and byways to help us on our journeys to nurturing new worlds
and new peoples to-be. This is a good venue to kick things around. We still need good praxis as well
as well as good theory; and the praxis part is Out-there.

I luuuuv that,,,,soooo high is my IQ,,,I uuum an elitist, ,,,,you wondering huh,,,,,,He's a smart cookie,,,whos Marx, some sorta loser hmmm? I sold a hotel to him didn't I? Hey dude, I'm a Muhrican, I like hour-glass figures,,,on my womennnnnn,,,,I don't relate to rich people,,,poor workers is who, working in my business on basic wage, yeah I luv 'em,,,,Its a conspiracy, global warming, hey the eskimos can't complain about the cost of heating oil,, huh,.I like them, they sell me sperm oil for my cosmetic business,,,,,,c'mon, gimme a hug,,, wanna join my creative evolution, building a wall around capital,,,,,,

Every-day fascism has been mainstream in America for a very long time now. Failure to recognize this rather simple social phenomena seems to be a key to the strategic weakness of what anti-fa is (if not only what it has lately become). In a way 'reacting' to explicitly fascists events is 'reactionary' in that it lacks the 'proactive' element of surprise. I also agree with previous comments about giving free publicity and that it can make your adversaries seem just. Stop thinking in terms of the false left/right paradigm and consider instead the libertarian vs authoritarian aspects in your own activities. It's really no that complicated.

Antifa appears to be consisting mostly of socio-democrats and IWW liberals for whom the holy "workers" can think or do no wrong, and the only fascism there is lies within the Republican party and some fringe racist groups. This is a very outtdated, '60s New Left worldview that is in itself dangerous in how it ignores the elephant in the room.

Also I've been suspecting soem radical Leftists to be closet fascists themselves... especially those who're being unmovably supportive of national liberation agendas like Palestine or Algeria.

That's an interesting and very nice paranoid delusion based on your own special ideological preferences you're working on there.

Which ideology is that? I don't think I have one, beyond anti-politics and anarcho-individualism.

emile .....My point about 'Libertarian vs authoritarian' was to suggest what seems a better alternative for the false right/left dichotomy. By "Libertarian" I meant 'anarchist' which, as I understand it, was the original meaning or intent of that word e.g. rejecting private property relations and the state. I'm no expert but I'm not sure I can agree that "the implicit declarations of independent existence' are the root source of fascism." As I see it fascism is more generally a binding and coercive social tendency. Anything beyond that seems to muddy the waters and contribute to the confusion. There have been different strains and deferent innovations developed but, yes, any institution that does that can be said to at least have fascistic characteristics. You pretty much lost me with "....born independent equals in the eyes of God" and all that UN jazz. It seems you are thinking more along the lines of the modern Libertarian party which is definitely NOT the same thing. Also your substitute sentence is way too convoluted for what I'm trying to say, but thank you anyway.

if you don't like someone's views, the most expedient way of critiquing them is to bypass actually addressing them and to, instead, pigeon hole them in ready-made trash bins of one colour or another; e.g. the alt-right troll pigeon-hole/trashbin and the post-left nihilist-troll pigeon-hole/trashbin.

Western language stands out for its faculty of reducing everything to 'categories' whose members are defined by common properties, black, female, male, muslim, jew, etc.

in order to get a membership match, one only needs one or two properties and then the rest of the bundled properties are a given, and are communicated simply by pointing out and uttering the category membership.

the relational/situational life experience of the individual does not come into play in categorization; i.e. categorization depends only on local 'thing-in-itself' properties. male, female, jew, muslim, black, aboriginal are all categories based on the 'thing-in-itself' properties.

But that's only true for noun-and-verb Indo-European/scientific language-and-grammar usage. Aboriginal languages do not have the concept of 'category' because they do not have the concept of 'thing-in-itself'. humans and other RELATIONAL FORMS are understood in relational language groups, in terms of their inhabitant-habitat relational life experience [i.e. their unique, situational cosmic fetalization].


The world outside of this wingnut perception must seem way too subtle for some. It is with a frightful shutter that such can imagine people actually being able to....(shriek! gasp!).... comment and disagree on things! Quick vilify them! before they utter yet another heresy against the dominant orthodoxy. Paint them as our adversaries, and make them seem scary! Reinforce the right/left binary before someone thinks outside of that box and subverts the whole imaginary structure! We must tirelessly tend to the grand illusion that depicts either side as having a shred of relevance!

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