Athens, Greece: Insurrection Festival – ‘Destroy the Means of Mass Control’ (Video)

  • Posted on: 13 November 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)
destroy cctv

Every camera is working for the state. Not because they own them, but because they have the laws and power to obtain all recorded material.

They also control the telecommunication networks owned by private companies.
ATMs and ticket machines at mass transport also offer information to the state.

It’s not just the pervert system that watches our moves and spies on our relationships. The problem is that this info is used by the state and capital to block our attacks and liberation projects.

Controllers are doing coordinated attacks in the means of transportation to exclude those who can’t pay for them.

ID papers are the means for a state to decide who has the right to exist in the area it controls.

All Cops Are Borders.

On the street they can identify and search anyone who passes by.
According to the info they collect about us they decide the fate of a person: freedom, prison, or exile.




when the state has you recorded on software and your a target,ie you fucked them up they can place thugs and other fucks in your way even stage accidents at work mafia fucks down allys that's if you follow them down the ally,wating outside your coffie shop beside the ally or befriend you and give youablow to the head in or on the sea,set you up with women, facial recognition and other methods by the state fucks,and there gangs and terror has and been around for a long time more than you realize,fuck the state a nd its paid thugs

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