Atlanta Anti-Capitalist Call Out!

  • Posted on: 20 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Atlanta Indymedia</a>

This is a call for an anti-capitalist bloc to attend the Anti-Capitalist March scheduled for this Mayday.

The anti-capitalist march is leaving from the end-location of the permitted Mayday mach happening earlier that day: the MLK Center in Old Fourth Ward. The anti-cap march will be heading back downtown, into the financial and shopping district. The march will take place around 1:15pm.

<a href="">Facebook event</a></td><td><img title="We will march the fuck out of capitalism" src=""></td></tr></table>
It is obvious to everyone that this Mayday, both in Atlanta and elsewhere, is going to be unlike previous years'. General strikes, occupations, building takeovers, flying pickets, riots, and even sabotage are likely to unravel all over the world. In Atlanta, the stakes keep going up.

The city just decided to close down ~7 public schools this next school year. Although it's been postponed, Emory University and other forces in the city are still mobilized to shut down the homeless shelter and people keep getting killed by the police.

We have met in the streets before, under the cloak of night. This Mayday, we will come together in the light of day, but there is no reason why we should allow our faces to be seen for the entire surveillance apparatus of the downtown area. With that said:

Come materially prepared for the Mayday that you want to see. What exactly that means will be different for every person, and that's OK.


Black clothes, including a light black long-sleeve shirt and a black shirt to tie around your face/mask to conceal your identity etc. It's going to probably be pretty warm so hoodies might not be an option. Try to wear baggier, but comfy, clothing to cover your body with. It could be beneficial to wear "street clothes" underneath such as tanktops and gym shorts, just in case.

Water, fucking water. There are events all day long and it's quite possible that May 1st is super hot outside. There will be medics at the anti-cap march with water, but it's always helpful to have your own.

A small bag. This way you can keep materials, clothing, extra water etc. on you during the march. Probably best to go find a tiny draw-string bag from the GSU lost and found or something - this will not have any substantial markings on it and will not be of great value.

Banners, signs, flags, handbills. This shit allows us to more easily find each other, as well as helping bystanders to understand what is going on.

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) has called for a large rally at the state capitol, as they have in the past. It is reasonable to assume that there will be thousands of people there. Although it is unfortunate that they will spend their time making demands of a state legislature that has and will always hate brown people, we are in solidarity with the struggle of undocumented people everywhere.



open casting call for extras in a dramatic production symbolizing revolt. concrete images of our revolt will be made, which will then be printed in local insurrectionist papers stuffed into hijacked newspaper boxes and as for the newspaper boxes, you know what to do with those.

Self-effacing satire is the best type.

>This is a call for
>an anti-capitalist bloc to attend
>the Anti-Capitalist March

lol i guess at least people wont be able to say they were taken off guard...but they will anyway!

yeah... what? also, strange use of the word 'unravel' and wha number is '~7'?

Pedant is pedantic.

Despite the humidity the southeast can feel like a bit of a desert sometimes...we would love it if all the friends we don't yet know from the southeast and beyond would come join us in Atlanta this May Day. You and your affinity group are cordially invited. Housing will be provided. Preparations have been underway for some time now, but please come materially prepared for the May Day you want to see...and don't forget your hood!

There will be much more going on in Atlanta for May Day than just this anti-capitalist bloc. Some highlights will include a Blacks vs. Reds soccer game, workshops, a really really free market, really really free food, and a film screening. Below is the schedule of events that we are planning on May 1st.

10:30am-1:00PM March from Troy Davis Park
With constant attacks coming down on working people, the poor, women, immigrants, and black communities in the state of Georgia, we feel it’s well past time to take the offensive.

This year, May Day Atlanta has worked to create a space for those of us who are ready to take the extra step to show out with a display of solidarity and strength!

Although there are several actions and marches being talked about and planned on May first this year, this march will be an opportunity for all of us to march together, unified as anti-capitalists. This May Day march will be a safe, permitted, and family-friendly event. Feel free to bring musical instruments and plenty of hand-held signs. We plan to flyer throughout the event to passers by, so be on time if you’d like to help distribute them.

Please come and march with us and spread the word! We’re looking forward to spending our day with people we care about and those who will take a stand with us. The march will start at Troy Davis Park (formerly Woodruff Park, located at the intersection of Edgewood and Peachtree St NW) and continue to the Peace Amphitheater (the intersection of Auburn and Jackson St).

The Facebook event for this march can be found here. Click “join” and spread the word!

4-10PM May Day Festival
1530 Woodbine Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30317

Food and water will be available. Activities within the park will include free barbecue and cooked vegetables, live music, dancing, a Really Really Free Market, workshops, a maypole celebration, a film screening, children’s activities, and more. Please see our schedule below.

The Facebook event for this festival can be found here. Click “join” and spread the word!

Festival Schedule
Click the events to view and “attend” them on Facebook. If you would like to add your own event to the May Day Festival, contact us and let’s work together.

4-8PM Really Really Free Market
The Really Really Free Market (RRFM) is like a garage sale where everything is free. The only rules are no buying, no selling, and no trading. Bring things that you don’t want like clothes, books, or appliances, and take whatever you want with you. Donations can be given in advance if you would like to donate but can’t make the RRFM. Please contact to do so.

4-10PM Free Food
Enjoy grilled barbecue and vegan foods for free. Celebrate with us in Coan Park, and while you’re at it, you can build up our community in struggle and plug into local Atlanta organizing. No work, no school, no banking, and no shopping: enjoy free barbecue and good times in Coan Park.

Live Music
I Want Whiskey will be playing music for the May Day Festival in Coan Park. Enjoy great tunes on a day for us–the workers.

7:45PM Maypole Celebration & Dance
The maypole dance is a traditional spring celebration dance. Super fun time! I Want Whiskey will be playing.

8PM Film screening: Salt of the Earth
”Based on an actual strike against the Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico, the film deals with the prejudice against the Mexican-American workers, who struck to attain wage parity with Anglo workers in other mines and to be treated with dignity by the bosses. The film is an early treatment of feminism, because the wives of the miners play a pivotal role in the strike, against their husbands wishes. In the end, the greatest victory for the workers and their families is the realization that prejudice and poor treatment are conditions that are not always imposed by outside forces. This film was written, directed and produced by members of the original ‘Hollywood Ten,’ who were blacklisted for refusing to answer Congressional inquiries on First Amendment grounds” (IMDB).

10PM Festival End

Workshop Schedule:

How to Survive Debt Collection (Workshop) - With 10 years of experience in debt collections, Carmen will be hosting a Q&A session on protecting yourself from common tricks used by the debt collection industry.
Nutrition & Health (Workshop) - Laura will be hosting a discussion on common deficiencies and delicious ways to eat healthy.

Applying for Unemployment (Workshop) - Ted will be doing a workshop on filing for unemployment and how to reapply after being rejected.
Solidarity Networks & Solidarity Unionism (Workshop) - Jose will be doing a workshop on solidarity networks and solidarity unionism!

Protesting This Year’s DNC (Workshop) - A workshop on plugging in at the protests of the Democratic National Convention.
Homelessness & Job Loss (Workshop) - Art4The Homeless will be hosting a discussion on Job loss as it relates, and often leads to, Homelessness.

T-SPLOST & Mass Transit in Atlanta (Workshop) - A workshop on the political reality of mass transit in Atlanta, the gentrifying effects of the Beltline, and the transportation needs of working people.
Nuclear Power, the Environment, & Georgia (Workshop) - Courtney Hanson of Georgia Wand is hosting a workshop on Nuclear Power and its impact on rate-payers, workers, our food supply, and communities.


CTRL F "Afterparty" not found

Bring your hood!

"there is no reason why we should allow our faces to be seen for the entire surveillance apparatus of the downtown area."

But make sure you invite all your facebook friends!








No no no, that would never work. Back to the drawing board.




wait so is that like a cock block but for oral sex?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come play "not my town" in this city!

How do play?

The only winning move is not to play.

What is this game?

there are no rules, but they had swords.

I'll miss the initial march around 1:15, but I'll be there for the rest.

but how?!!?!!!!!!! some of the events are double-booked!!!

with the intent drag of the double edged sword one can attend all riots

but most of them arent even riots they are lamo activist events!!!!!!!

chill dawg

There's nothing wrong with a bunch of anarchists telling other people what to do. Grammar Nazis: please help me. Is that an oxymoron or not?

(I am not an Oxymoron).

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