Attack in Atlanta

  • Posted on: 25 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Well that was easy. And fun.

We threw bricks through the windows of Emory's Department of Human Genetics. Tucked away right next to the local grocery store. So many of these buildings of Capital, Science, and Finance sleep soundly in the beds of local strip malls and shopping centers.

The experiments of Science and Capital never go unanswered and cannot possibly account for all variables: all of those, human and other, caged, prodded, anesthetized, and experimented on are not forgotten.</td><td><img title="I'd prefer a shout but a moan is fine too" src=""></td></tr>...

We did this with the passion of Pax, CeCe, La Tortuga, Cameron Maddox, Wenka, the lollipop bandit**, the NATO arrestees, the Chilean and Montreal students, and any and all others who would do the same and with the thoughts of those who will risk fun this summer because despite all appearances, it's easy to do something.



Holy shit! Awesome.

totally pointless

in its awesomeness

добро пожаловать!!!


i couldnt agree more...

Go fuck a scientist already.

Fucking @news disappearing comments, making it look like I'm arguing with myself...

And then re-appearing just to fuck with me.

YAY! I made an Anarky.

Oh shit... just had a dejà vu.

Good effort, and still necessary, but perhaps next time you could try smashing those labs? It's not a few broken windows who'll keep scientist from working on these Frankenstein science.

Gotta start somewhere.


Arson or GTFO

"Bombs or thine leave, prole!"

- Guy Fawkes

from the former commenter:


Science. how does that work?

Take some electricity, then a bunch of gas, and then chemicals... and boom!

"Well that was easy." Shut your fucking mouth, you sound like a self righteous idiot.

You on the other hand sound humble and well-balanced.


Or maybe they just wanted people on @news that might be anxious to do similar things but afraid to be encouraged. I like it.

Dr. Phil?

welp another dumbass post on @Newz
i wish i could get that 30 seconds of my life back

do it again!!!! I want a neg 10

OH I get it. FREE WENKA right?

Haters are gonna hate but this communique is hella humble so shut the fuck up.

Nothing in this claims to have been super profound.
If you're so pissed off about it go out and make something happen yourself.

yeah, i'm kinda lovin it.

"well, that was easy" > "we nearly lost our lives for this cause bereft of glory" anyday

who says im not. i just have some fucking secrecy about my shit.

"I never tell anyone else about my nighttime excursions so I am totally legitimated in bitching about other people's"

Bullshit excuse is bullshit.

I hope no one gets upset about this fucking window. It's not like this stops them from doing shit. They will have this shit fixed and the lab running anyways. fuck windows break shit that counts

deerp derp it wasnt trying to be profound. derp derp that makes it better.

This shit is irrelevant. while you were throwing bricks i was with your mom. how's that.

I'm sure that after they threw bricks, they spent time with your mom as well.

Mom is totally in to oogles who show up at 3am after an action, all smelly and high on adrenaline

Bow Chicka WOW

Does mom have a black bloc fetish?

c'mon. who doesn't.

Mask orgy anyone?

Mom orgy.


let us all take a moment of silence

followed by a moment of laughter. This is so pointless and not even irrelevant in an Agambenisque way

To much theory. Not enough Action.

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