Attack on the Headquarters of Police Union in Bremen, Germany

From AMW

On the night of June 11, we smashed the windows of the offices of the Police Union, GoP, in Bremen with a hammer and left the slogan: “The Police is not reformable!” A furious little contribution to the global fight against cops and racially motivated police violence.

The current discourse on police violence is making waves, not least because of furious protests in the United States. The reaction of the Bremen cops is: “Racially motivated actions have no place in the Bremen police. Basically, we still see ourselves as a human rights organization.” Bullshit! This junk from politicians and cops cannot be outdone in terms of cynicism. The list of racist murders committed by German cops is long. Their implications in neo-Nazi networks are known. Everyone is aware of the videos of excessive violence during the demonstrations. The cops are supported not only by supporters of Law-and-Order, but also by their union, the GoP. The GoP is not a union like any other. It is institutionalized esprit de corps and therefore part of the problem.

The police are not reformable. It is neither a friend nor a helper. It is the armed wing of the state and, in the final analysis, it is there to enforce the prevailing order by force. Any social movement, when it provokes an upheaval in relations, comes up against the batons and the weapons of the cops.

Greetings to the people of Leipzig!

Direct confrontation is inevitable and numerous attacks against the police have shown over and over again that they are not untouchable. It only takes a few friends, a little courage and determination.

The Police Union writes about our visit that it is an “attack on all police workers in general and on the police union in particular.” We say: it’s true!

Down with the police!

Take offensive against the police’s racist violence!

Solidarity must become concrete!


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