Attack on Police Station in Atlanta

  • Posted on: 31 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Indymedia</a>

Tonight, we smashed out many windows of the Little 5 Points police precinct and now you can too.
As has been stated elsewhere, attacks on police stations are hot this summer of 2012.

In solidarity with:
The St. Louis Rebels
Cameron Maddox
The Lollipop Bandit
NATO Arrestees and the victims of FBI entrapment
Ariston Waiters (who will be avenged)
And whoever set that fire down in the middle of Woodruff Park tonight.

It is so easy to attack.
</td><td><img title="One window per unit of solidarity. Do the math!" src=""></td></tr></t...



Atlanta had a busy night last night.

Troy Davis Park Re-Occupied — Birth of the Atlanta Commune
Troy Davis Park Re-Occupied Update

Make sure to at least browse the comments to get an idea of what happend.

I've heard rumours that a more complete reportback is coming yet, but I heard from a friend that was watching the Livestream that some crazy masked people set fire to the park as the police were moving in to crush the re-occupation. Evidently the arson was some sort of direct action to save trees targeted for the axe. The arborists/arsonists were openly defiant as the police moved in, openly fueling the flames until it was absolutely time to GTFO.

No arrests.

We see you, ATL!

-the bay

Yeah it is! :)

It is so easy to troll.

The comments on the MSM site are trending very positive. The Atlanta police are rabid dogs and everyone knows it.

The comments on the ATL IMC Attack on Little 5 Points Police Station are hilarious. Did you know, Anarchist news dot org, that wholly 80% of all comments posted to this site come out of Atlanta? It's true, or if it isn't, at least you can't prove me wrong.


God I wish Atlanta was this awesome when I was hanging around those parts. Instead it was a bunch of IWW elitist workerists.

Hey, y'know why Crimethinc went all "workerist"? Mommy and Daddy quit sending money. I'm sure you'll have a similar moment of clarity when the trust fund dries up as well, brat.

butt hurt much? get a real job u poor peice of shit.

It's my day off, trusty crusty. I was unaware that anarchy = talk shit on poor people. Now go eat a bullet, bougie bastard.

lol why? you wish you had my life.. im rich! i buy what i want, i eat what i want! what u gonna do about it? right nothing.. bahahaha! suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

i love it when you talk tough to me baby ;)

You couldn't fit all of that into one reply? You must be fuming! Ha.

u just done got trolled.

Wait so if you dont think that the IWW is the way to revolution you have a trust fund? Get over yourself. More precarious workers assemblies to destroy work, less starbucks unions (oh wait there are only like 4).

Where the fuck did I say anything about the Wobbly Historical Preservation Society (TM)?

Quit putting words in my mouth.

if u dont agree with me then ur probably a rich boogie asshole. get over it.

No, dude. Anyone who doesn't agree with YOU is a true blue child of the working class, anyone who doesn't agree with ME is a rich bougie asshole. Get it right.

I'm not sure who's dumber....syndicalists who take libcom as their Bible, or internet insurrectionists who think anyone who's not one of them is a syndicalist who takes libcom as their bible.

shut up you disagreeing boogie asshole.

"a true blue child of the working class..."

Oh you mean a cop?

It is really sad that you demonize the people with the least power, esp if they are trying to learn and gain power for themselves, as representative of state power. It is very similar to the pogram.

"esp if they are trying to learn and gain power for themselves"

By becoming cops? I've worked shitty factory jobs most of my life while trying to work my way towards something less shitty, similar to my parents before me. What I am pointing out is that every cop anarchos hate on is working class. Kind of puts a dent in that 'no war but class war' shit that anarcho-workerists spout doesn't it? There is way more to consider than just class and if you are going to fetishize people who are 'working class' for no reason, then you better start fetishizing the cops because most of them are as working class as any anarchist that I've ever met.

Btw the working class isn't the people with the 'least power.' That would be the under-class that the working class is glad to have the cops cleanse the streets of. Once again Marxian class analysis fails pathetically in the face of our modern reality.

You are putting many words into my mouth that don't belong there. The person I responded to made a grotesque generalisation. I would tend to agree with you, though its hard when you're so nasty.

Keep it up! FTP!

It would be great if the new openings in the building were used to introduce explosive devices. Fucking pigs should be afraid every minute of every day. The only way to do that is to start killing them, their families and anybody that might sympathize with them... Just saying...


P.S. Yes, I am saying that those who are afraid of killing pigs ought to target their children.


dont cum 2 hard. u might poke an eye out.

obvious cop is obvious

Little masked cowards throw things and scurry off like cockroaches in the night. What a weak action. You want to make a difference? Engage the working class people, put your face out there, convert someone to your way of thinking. Oogle vandalism accomplishes jack shit. Those windows will be replaced in a day or two. Please keep patting yourselves on the back and pretending there is real bravery in it. Maybe some crusty girl will buy you some cheap beer with her parents money because she is so impressed.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. id rather just do nothing.

Oogle? These kids probably wear Members Only jackets.

comments like this is how u tell someone has been with the (A)-Team very long... give it a few years and ull be laughing at the shit u say now.

The. fuck. is. an. oogle?

"convert someone to your way of thinking"

Do I need to say anything?

Nope. As soon as they use that word you know they are stuck in the oldest and most irrelevant of paradigms. Conversion is for jesuits and workerists. Lame. as. fuck.

Go away, cop. You're a little late for the "workerist" vs. "lifestylist" conflict. Find some newer, more exciting ways of attempting to drive wedges between anarchists.

Ultimately we'll just conspire with whoever we feel comfortable conspiring with and none of these divisions will really matter.


I was gonna talk shit about this notion of 'conversion' earlier but couldn't tell if you were just trolling.


L0iter Squad

This is great! Keep up the good fight my fellow comrades! Take the power back for the people! By the way, to the admin or poster of this, be careful there are snitches around here smh...Anarchy Is Order my friends! Keep the idea alive.

Solidarty! Good work ATl! We are in for a long hot summer

Some hooligans also smashed shit in on the northwest side of Atlanta

They are trying to rebrand the northwest side of Atlanta as the Upper West Side. No shit.

Much appreciation and love. Is the spacing weird or is "St.Louis Rebels" a thing now? ----some STL Anarchist

as in it was supposed to read

"The St. Louis
Cameron Maddox


Yes, its a thing. The term was also used in the most recent @news communique from the bay.

More MSM coverage

From the comments:
"This makes me less than confident in the effectiveness of those mini-precincts."

ATL A-Team please try harder. Smashing 2 panes out of a mini-precinct ain't shit. If you're gonna do it. Do it right.

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