Attack in Remembrance of Sean Kealiher

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PORTLAND: Citywide Attack in Remembrance of Sean Kealiher

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So-called Portland, October 12th

In the earliest hours of this morning, 161 windows were broken all across so-called Portland in memory of Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio Lewis. Banks, luxury cars, new condos, school buildings, businesses and more were joyfully smashed in by individuals acting in a coordinated attack. We moved purposefully, acted quickly, and no one could stop us.

It was fun as fuck! Policing, capital, authority— they are everywhere, we can attack them anywhere, and have fun doing it!

We remembered Armeanio as our hammers smashed through the front of the bank, we thought of his grin as we hurled a brick through a second-story window, and we heard his laugh in the crash of broken glass that shattered the silence of the night. They tried to kill him, but ARMEANIO LIVES MOTHERFUCKERS! He lives in every bike lock swung through the air, in every quiet night broken into pieces by our riotous joy, in the heady anticipation we feel as we approach our target, tools in hands, hearts racing.

We issue a challenge to you: over the next week, go out, with a friend or alone, and smash some windows for Sean. Get rowdy, have fun, fuck shit up, and through you Armeanio lives!

A brick for every window— long live Sean and long live anarchy!

-some wild young anarchists in So-called Portland
We share two of Sean’s essays in his memory:

Why Break Windows:

Manifesto Against Schools:

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Are you agreeing with the slingshot article? Cause that finger wagging garbage and this here are saying two very different things,

They made an impact in doing a thing to remember their dead friend while enjoying time with those still with us. I don't think anyone involved thought it would like overthrow capital, but go on and be an opinionated weirdo on the internet.

"So-called" Portland sound completely petulant and juvenile.

This is heartwarming, whatever anyone says. Good stuff, what every friend deserves!

Are you agreeing with the slingshot article?

Three guesses and he first two don't count -- why would I post it if i didn't agree with it? And if you think the Slingshot piece is missing something, please explain.

With any act of supposedly subversive or anti-capitalist vandalism, the physical destruction of property is about five percent of what matters -- the other ninety five percent is communicated with language. If it isn't communicating effectively to people outside of the vandals immediate social set, then the vandalism has failed, regardless of how much glass ends up on the sidewalk.

"If it isn't communicating effectively to people outside of the vandals immediate social set, then the vandalism has failed"

This is only true if one's goal in breaking windows is to "communicate effectively to people outside of the vandals immediate social set". But plenty of window breakers break windows for reasons other than this narrow type of communication.

I break windows to get to the food on the other side thankyou very much,,,,,

bro whatever happened to enjoying some time with the homies? You want effective Aktion!, these people wanted a fun night with their friends. log off already. We can all read slingshot on our own time thanks.

I break windows to accrue subcultural capital with my fellow adolescent narcissists. What do you think I am, anyway, some kind of revolutionary? Consumer society owns me.

It's interesting to compare the motivations over a century apart. The interesting point of comparison in regards to the Mussolinian context is that the struggle against him was greatly motivated by anti-interventional anti-war motivations. When it comes to the Trump factor these dynamics are somewhat reversed. I also don't think that most of Trump's supporters in the streets are NEARLY the same thing as the Black Shirts that Renzo and the Boyz(and odd girl) had to face back then. The Proud Boys for instance are simply not fascists.

Modern antifa as I see it is more like a brown scare deployment by universalist ideological capturing elements of ruling power. I don't see it as radically legitimate. Sean seemed like a nice boy but really he's not in the same league as those who came before him in this regard and the stakes are not the same.

The real existentially pertinent targets are essentially the people that Ted Kaczyski went after. Scientific managers, technologists and technocrats. Those are the power barons of our day.

Proud Boys aren't strictly fascist: they just hang out with and fight along side fascists. They choose very similar targets for their violence. They're ultranationalist goons who attack grassroots leftist and popular movements but happen to not be as theoretically anchored to white supremacy.

So you left out pretty much all of the important details ziggles! I wonder why ...

With a rational to attack basically anyone and destroy all property, what ziggles basically wants is the targets to be specific ppl up in the hierarchy, while I understand the logic the system is too complicated for that type of thinking. If anarchists murdered a proud boy it wouldn't necessarily be any different than murdering the CEO of google.

what ziggles basically is doing here, is far more interesting than what he says, which still isn't very interesting.

as for you ... who the hell was talking about murder? what's your deal?

lumpentroll sitting behind their computer, with great malice and judgement wanting to know why people post here, hiding behind a computer and a fake name.

No one denies that nor the fact that they have affiliations with fascists just as some farther left political gangs have affiliations with commies. That does not warrant the brown scare rhetoric however. Both political gangs attack each other.

isn't that just a reference to fear of mexicans? How does anti-fa use "the brown scare rhetoric", isn't their strategy more of a trump-scare rhetoric?

I mean brown scare as practiced by antifa and others like them who see fascism everywhere.

If 161 windows were busted it stands to reason that there would be bourgeois media coverage of this.

Please post some links.

I remember a little while ago PSA posted an article about a supposed 'fare strike' in Seattle but there didn't seem to be notice of this anywhere else.

the media often purposefully doesnt report on events that may be significant for some, breaking a few windows in portland isnt really a major story especially considering all the carnage that has been taking place their, maybe someone in the local news wanted to control the conflict by not reporting it. Ive read that sometimes journalists will not report on suicides to keep other people from doing it.

Since this was in Remembrance of Sean Kealiher, can someone have the minimal social skills to remind the rest of us who Sean Kealiher was or is?

I could find out very little but I'll start with suggesting that he was a form of sociopath against the State and neoliberal consumer society, an outsider who left proficient graffitti all over a large mid-western city? I love bringing my Sherlock Holmes-esque mind to bear, I may be wrong, possibly a very socialist syndicalist-anarchist, the last of that school of thought,,,maybe?

Correction Portland, the smashy-smashy led to mid-western praxis, I stand corrected. DOCTOR WATSON!!

He was the leader of the Portland IWW and the one who bought them their union hall on burnside.

no, from what i know he was an aggressive person from anti-fa and yelled at a lot at people filming events that he partook in...which i totally sympathize with, i know as an "introvert" it's an unsettling feeling to be filmed and have your picture taken...

that's a funny image of him as IWW leader, orchestrator of proletarian revolt! I suppose every anarchist wants to take a time machine back to the late 1800s and early 1900s...but let me assure you, it wasn't that great.

Walking in broken glass, the crunching sounds like millions of tiny revolutionary mice screams.

supposed smooth socialite at the ball, in the previous article on here that seems mostly just to say that sean is similar to renzo novatore and mostly just talks about the old school individualists, i posted all the info there is online about his death and his mothers reaction to it.

but yes, i agree, i resent the fact that sean has successfully just been made into some sort of cause by those who appreciated him.

I think he was the Chief of Security for this group of antifa. He was always reminding people to carry their bike locks so their bicycles wouldn't get stolen.

Is an English language translation to your borderline incoherent post available here? Concise, complete sentences, please.

Yeah, I don't believe that at all. That scale of property destruction -- 161 windows -- is going to be news alright.

Carnage? In Portland? What? Are you referring to the spiky protests? Carnage means bloodbaths and massacres. Maybe tone down the rhetoric a little bit. As for Sean, he seemed like a nice young lad, but as a graffiti artist and petty crook, he doesnt belong in the same league as Renzo n the boyz.

Also, this action smacks of fake news.

also, I'm pretty sure more than just protests were happening around there, I saw some videos of the demonstrations that attracted the federal police, not sure why i need to tone down my rhetoric. When cops come in and fuck people up, to me that sounds like "carnage". Are you afraid that because I said that the cops are going to go into crackdown mode on portland residents? Give me a fucking break. Also, don't expect people who aren't from portland to know about anything that's going on there.

Also, while the above may be fake news (how should I know?), that number of windows in portland may not be very much, it's a pretty damn big city. When that one guy got killed in Mexico, and ITS sent in their perhaps bogus manifesto, the cops wrote it off as fake because it seemed like a revenge killing. How do you know that some windows weren't smashed, yet it didn't make it into the local newspaper for a number of possible reasons?

If it didn't make it into the bourgeois media, it failed. If this stuff isn't just play-dates for subculture weenies, then it is first, middle and last about communicating something in the larger world around us -- and if it makes a difference, believe me, the enemy is going to be paying a lot of attention to it. If it isn't about communicating something in the larger world around us, then it isn't anything at all.

armeanio lives in the form of a bike lock now? man that sucks. he died and was turned into an anti-theft device. was he the chief of this gang's security or something? because memorializing your friend with a bike lock is kinda lame.

there doesnt seem to be any agreement about why he was murdered...some said fascists, others said "not for political reasons", this is clearly a bizarre murder that may never get solved...

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