Attack on train station avenges graffiter

From Act for Freedom!, Athens, Greece, by Anarchists

Gray city and hazy trains go around the urban metropolis of Athens, but in this city there are individuals and groups who can not stand this daily repetition and choose to express themselves on its gray and rotten walls and train sheets, choosing a greater risk to send their message throughout the city. Graffiti has not always been accepted by society at large and the state consider it as an enemy that soils what they want clean for a European model of the city. This is clear from the verbal attack of a “respectable” citizen of the so-called “ruffianoi” who will threat you by calling the cops and many times use physical violence.

From the chase by the security guards on the trains to the public positions of politicians, see Bakoyannis (athens mayor) where in the framework of the policy of the agenda for the gentrification of the center he declared war against these people. Writing on a wall, on a train is the need to express yourself in public, that is, they do not allow you to express yourself openly because if it is something different from what they say you will be repressed and this is a proven phenomenon from the prosecution they will take you to court for painting a simple bridge.

From 2008 until today we count 5 deaths of young people in the electricity of rails for a simple painting due to the arbitrariness of the security guards who, not following their protocol, decide to play the heroes of their private company and be responsible for these murders. The term “murder” it comes in because in all the cases one thing is common. After being chased on dangerous rails without even a power outage and in the panic that the other is going through in trying to escape from the snitches of “ESA” and any security company, the electricity hits them. It’s not only these incidents. We have the death of Thanasis Kanaoutis from an inspector in Peristeri on the bus wheels, the chase of an immigrant peddler on the lines of Thissio, as a result of which he even fell into the currents of the station and the multiple racist attacks against immigrants who use mass transportation as their main mode of transport, culminating in the murder of a 20 year old guy on the rails of Attica metro station after being chased by security guards, one month ago.

Of course, in all these there is impeccable cooperation between the police and security companies that with the placement of the automatic doors at the entrances of the stations we see the placement of cops inside the stations where they control every move of us. In all this, however, we see the purpose of maintaining order and security and the creation of a Europeanized city center that to achieve this multiple racist pogroms are happening, the transport of drug addicts from region to region to use them as a means of degradation where ever they want, the increase of repression throughout the center from the arbitrary violence of the DELTA groups (cops on bikes) mainly in the area of Exarcheia to the beatings of immigrants in Victoria Square for their removal to detention centers, hellholes and even deportations and all this, as well as many more with the sign of reconstruction of Omonia Square. Their effort to repress everything that is outside the law frame, the installation of long walks and a clean and sterile city.

All these and much more are the reason to act and act like in Chile and Brazil where the restrictions on MMM were the reason to start uprisings, because in the already existing misery we can not stand “clean” cities and sterile center for the rich and quiet citizens. We want sidewalks full of little sellers, colorful trains and walls, squats everywhere and spaces of struggle.

So on the night of July 27, we chose as little as we could to attack and break the Petralona metro station, focusing on the automatic doors, during the station was open, and to show that it was not another death that would pass without an answer.

PS: We thank the passengers who encouraged us even more when they shouted and applauded us. We are glad that we and they, due to the action, have been using the train for a long time free.








(translated from
Act for free received on: 10.8.20

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