Attack on yuppie clothing boutique in St-Henri

  • Posted on: 29 December 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From MTL Counter-info

In the early morning of Tuesday, December 22, we used chunks of porcelain to break a window of the yuppie clothing boutique at the corner of Notre-Dame and Delinelle in the Montreal neighborhood of St-Henri. We then used a re-purposed fire extinguisher to spray the interior of the store with vomit-colored paint, wrecking the merchandise inside.

Businesses like this one make the neighborhood more appealing to rich people, driving up rents and the cost of living, forcing people out of their homes, and drawing heightened social control to the places we live.

This action was in response to the call for a Black December. We chose this target because of all the obvious ways in which gentrifiers fuck with poor and rebellious people, and also in refusal of local politicians' Leftist discourse of mixité. We won't live peacefully alongside the individuals and businesses that are putting cops and security cameras on every corner and intensifying the power of bosses and landlords over our lives.

We invite others to step up attacks against the concrete forms that capital and social control take in their surroundings.



For those who don't know, the full term is "mixité sociale". Means having a neighbourhood where people from multiple income brackets live.

I don't like how it's recycling on the "diversity" paradigm.

I guess that we could deem this action -along with the pepper-spraying of anoother yuppie shop last summer- as "progress" from the somewhat innocuous and literally superficial actions that have been carried against gentrification before that.

The interested ones should also seriously look at what's been done in Europe as (not exclusively) anti-gentrication tactics, especially against the much-valued cars... that are an even bigger aspect of a yuppie's non-life.

The process of gentrification is a multifactorial process that can't be reduced to the rich and those with higher income. How do you know that on an individual level these higher income earners even want more cops and cams anymore then their poorer counterparts? Bless not the poor.

There are historical examples like Coventry Gardens in London where mixite sociale made for an interesting aesthetic dynamic (Think Oscar Wilde and the proles).

Aesthetics would be my medium for the blueprint for the distribution of space within my regional satellite communities. Physical matter in the end is lifeless unless it is organic. Vegetable gardens and potlatch bartering centres can defy capitalist economic standards.

It is self-evident, at least to those who see others with more than themselves, and interested in maintaining the present distribution of wealth. What Coventry Gardens has to do with it, I don't know, but mixité sociale in Saint-Henri is fucking irritating. Its material consequences - higher rent, less cool empty space to have fires in - mean bad things for my life. Fuck all of that. "Interesting aesthetic dynamic"... How about class war on the block as an interesting aesthetic dynamic?

My opinions about this specific action, I'll save for face-to-face conversations. But I ain't condemning it because people ATTACKED SHIT. Fuck that quietist guff.

First I think you mean Covent Garden, which during Wilde's time in London was a large fruit and vegetable market. Wilde lived at 1 1 (now 44) Tite Street SW--which is Chelsea--not a proletarian hangout--pretty much ever. In fact the neighborhood has always had a trendy, arty, declasse feel to it. As an example, John Singer Sargent lived and had a studio a few doors down from Wilde. In the 80's Chelsea came back into fashion and was parodied by Elvis Costello on his first album. Though a nice try....

Because the poor are often the victims of police violence, paid for by rich scum who demand more cops and surveillance to protect their investment.

Fucking moron ... go back to Stormfront.

I applaud this comrades for their willingness to act. But it is a smug and immature act on many levels. It is where anarchists are at and have been for decades. The shrill, tired, exaggerated rhetoric and vocabulary, the same hyperbole-as though a corner boutique in a city of millions has any determining force with the economic order, mass surveillance, landlords, etc. I see the connection, sure, but aren't you just patting yourselves on the back-pretending that because you are anarchists that you don't reproduce the social order as much as the boutique owners do?

Can't we be more imaginative, more lucid, take deeper looks, break from the bravado and morality? I really like the negativity, the destructive urge here, but just give us a nihilists communique then. Fuck everything! Burn your mothers car, smash your lovers expensive smart phone, torch any business-why make this weird hierarchy of who is more responsible for the social order? Why all the christianity- the blame and guilt and finger wagging?

An urban neighborhood is not something to defend. Urban living has to be abandoned. Fuck not only landlords and boutiques, but mass society. Fuck not just capitalism but economics! How can we make these statements in the middle of the night? During the light of day?

Go take a hunting course, tear up a fiber optic cable, start a rent strike, pull down a cell phone tower, leave Montreal with 50 friends and occupy some land, literally break down the walls in your apartment building between you and your neighbors place without the landlord knowing, tear up some fences, torch a mass transit vehicle because they take us to work and to our boxes like obedient slaves every day, etc.

Again, I applaud your rage, keep your passions burning, but don't let the momentum of past failure be your guide.

I love tearing doorways through walls to interconnect rooms. Of course I was squatting at the time, I did not own the property. I tested my spear gun on some of the walls I spray painted bulls-eyes on, the quality of the plastering was inferior and shoddy, some spears passed through into the adjoining room, luckily missing my 2 friends seated nearby. I'm disappointed with the build quality of capitalist public housing complexes ;)

Sure... I mean that's your opinion, maaan.. But what does the hunting course has anything to do with this... aside than to learn tips and tricks on how/where to find actual hunters so to shoot and cannibalize them? Make no mistake... this sounds like an okay plan for a group of anarchies to survive on the countryside without needing to buy food in the winter. Literally tos of fat meat for the lenght of these cold months.

Anarchists have really gone soft. Talk about setting low goals. Fucking up a yuppie boutique is not a revolutionary act. The system can function just fine without this yuppie boutique. Not that I give a flying fuck about yuppie boutiques. This is the work of angry kids not organized revolutionaries. If you do not have an objection to breaking the law and harming people which I assume you don't since you harmed this small business owner's merchandise and likely caused him or her financial problems and stress then why not commit an action that would really hit the system where it hurts? It is the engineers, scientists, high level politicians, and tech developers who need to be punished to strike fear into the system not some mom and pop shop no matter how posh and pretentious it may be. Read Technological Slavery by Ted Kaczynski and graduate from kids playing around to grown ups ready to go to battle against a system that has robbed us above all else of individualistic freedom and dignity.

It's funny ... you type these long-ass posts and say nothing except that everyone should read Ted's book. Don't you think a lot of people here probably have read his book? Why assume they haven't?

its a troll, trying shots at some people through the personification of their own prejudices and ignorance

Hey T.A.T. I want you to calm down and get off the TK bittersweet revenge scenario. You know sublimation? its about anti-binary knee-jerk reaction to oppression, I learnt it off indigenous anti-colonialist methodology. You'll have a better focus and its all legit, no looking over your shoulder. It creates beautiful erupting insurgencies which eat away from the inside out all authoritarian imperatives.

Because yupoies involved in the spectacle and "cultural" industry as are crucial agents to the system's invasion as "engineers, scientists are". But hey if you're so hardcore radical and all that, I suppose you're on your way serving us all the head of Elon Musk on a silver plate no?

Attack security first. It's all backed by force, and force will be needed to topple it. Everyone here knows who I am referring to, most are rightly afraid of this crucial task but it is needed. The gun nuts hiding in their bunkers ... operationally we should be emulating them.

That's a binary knee-jerk reaction you just uttered, not good, you'll attract a whole lotta pressure, you know for every push there's a counter push hnnn, well don't go that way towards binary obsessive reaction! Very negative sublimation at work inside your head it seems?!

It doesn't really matter, that is the state of affairs whether it's desirable or not. In the effort to avoid violent confrontation we allow the state to commit violence elsewhere, unreported and unseen.

I learned finally that it's not about revolutionary capacity but about a poverty of perspective and a lack of self-respect (especially a respect of your own ideas, and of your potential as an individual into networks with good enough resources). Of course thsre's the issue with long-term undercovers possibly preying upon the milieu, but there's ways to counter that with reliable people with a no-nonsense security culture.

Fact is... Attacking still is easy as duck in Kanada, the sensitive targets are laying across the landscape mostly unguarded, and stuff to make IEDs, explosives and powerful zip guns is dirt-cheap and found in consumer-level stores if you know what to look for. But for some reason... you got these (maoist run?) cliques of complacent "radicals" who, DISREGARDING THE FACT of their well-developped support networks and gangs, still content with kiddie tactics like playing with paint and graffiti. Not that this stuff isn't necesssary, but like, for the same effort and especially a more far-reaching vision/analysis, they could achieve so much more!

I ain't writing this with any bit of hostility for those who did this, even it may read as such. But people, just learn to make the most of what you've got at hand... Even a lonely person could do most of their clandestine actions that've been done in town the last few years.

I feel you are underusing your potential.

All of which is totally valid but begs the question, what are you doing?

Just a warning to young or inexperienced anarchs- don't bite on this. Anyone openly suggesting making explosives and IEDs on the internet is not someone to agree with or debate with or get caught up with on any level. Unless you want to spend a chunk of your life sitting in a cage. One slip of the tongue that could legally be perceived as in agreement with that could mean a nightmare for someone.

is futile, displaced, and objectively "counter-revolutionary"

Bit skittish, isn't that? There's quite a few steps between this statement and even the most overzealous entrapment scenario. Not that people should ever have a self-incriminating discussion about specific things that they actually have any intention of acting upon but saying "You can learn how to make a zip-gun on the internet." is a simple, objective statement. Saying that anarchist militancy is pretty underwhelming in north america is also an objective statement. You can take security culture too far and end up counselling cowardice for no real reason.

The above was meant to be a reply to the post "Just a warning"

Yes and nope. Indeed security culture can lead to paranoia and paralysis. But counseling anonymous anarchy kids on the internet to not talk about bomb making to anonymous people on the internet is good, common sense advice.

Agree with you but that wasn't the main point of their post. It wasn't "Here's how to make bombs at home depot", it was "why are you kids content with spraypaint and banner-drops?" which is IMHO, a valid question.

Alternatively, I was at a book-fair this summer (I know, I know) and somebody brought a bunch of photocopied military training manuals with pages like "Make a home-made rocket launcher". This is full-on, pointlessly sketchy. The fuck do I need a rocket launcher for? All the attack helicopters in my life? Fuck off bro.

Even that much discussion of militant actions online is risky as hell, and doing it here is pretty much guaranteed to get you heaps of the wrong kind of attention from authorities (and not just you...). Nobody who's serious about bombs and zip guns is going to talk about it on here, leaving two possibilities for the person who's challenging everyone to take those kinds of actions: either they're a cop or an idiot and in neither case are they worth listening to. Seems like every banner drop that gets mentioned on this fucking site has some clown asking why we all don't go all guerilla, but given the very conspicuous absence of anarchist bombings in the English-speaking world, one can safely assume they're talking out of their ass.

Also, legal warnings aside, this shit is super fucking dangerous and in most cases far more likely to kill or injure you than anybody you're trying to target. Mixing a bunch of shit you bought at Home Depot might be easy, but doing it safely and reliably is not. As for zip guns, "bound to blow off your fucking fingers" is pretty much in the definition. Encouraging masses of people to do this is a recipe for disaster, and even going into this much detail in denouncing it is a security culture nightmare that makes me cringe. That, more than anything else, is why we should avoid discussing these things entirely on forums such as this.

That's ridiculous of you, Peace Police Officer... furthermore you sound paternatlistic and nearly as reactionary as my granddaddy.

Online places like Anews are actually the best places where to discuss this stuff, as it's actually through real-life discussions, especially in the presence of cell phones, that you're the most likely to get profiled or arrested over terrorism/conspiracy allegations. The net is already sprawling with tips and tricks on how to weaponize anything found on the legal markets save a toothbrush. Including Youtube and Instructables. This ain't the kind of online activity to get people prosecuted, especially if they use Tor without stupid useless snitchscripts and know a few other online security tricks. Furthermore,you're posting this on a site that has published countless letters, communiques and other texts from insurgents and fighters who've been at any point involved in antiauthoritarian violence and have been promoting it.

Big "Duh!".

All what the commenter did was to try making kanadian anarchists, especially in Montreal/Quebec, realize that THEY ARE NOT POWERLESS against the onging neo-fascist yuppie onslaught. Paint and broken windows aren't their first and last resorts when it comes to insurgency, and all the means should be considered, for in the first place were are positively relativists. Just so you knowm unless you've been living in a cave called "NA"... molotovs are still very common tools of destruction or deterrence for anarchists in many other places than NA; pepper spray cans are bought on the markets without needing a license; chemicals useful for incendiary or explosive devices are also cheap and easy to find, so are the recipes. These are all practical facts that even the FBI knows about.

But this ain't promoting such recourse, just showing how, still, we are not powerless; that the tools for asserting uncontrollable political violence are still at arm's reach, and the blueprints are on the nets.

You do realize self-disarment is the dream of any totalitarian State, no? Still attempting to understand the consistency of supposedly-anarchist people promoting it in the first place...

Yes, oh yes! Only the State forces and ISIS should have the right to play with such tools of political violence. Coz you know Gandhi and stuff!

Lol yeah, only the authority mass produce armaments, and thus they drove the fanatics to IEDs, the whole binary tit-for-tit scenario erupts, the military analysts are only now realizing that human imagination combined with fanatical sublimation creates 'kamikaze phenomena events'. Just so ignorant and primate behavior, no artistes in this gathering!

You sound like you are on hard drugs. I don't think you are capable of a rational discussion.

The spanish revolution wasn't an imaginary event, to name just one example. There is this thing called "history" which you can read and generally available in most countries ... and based on past events you can determine what generally works and what doesn't. I could expound further, but i'm guessing you are in the middle of your crack high so I don't think I will bother.

In some places it is even legal to buy a gun even when there is a risk it may be used against authority and state power. Why not take advantage?

y'all done fucked up. from the looks of those pictures, this shop had some quality gear. instead of doing some lame ass smash & dash, the real revolty thing to do wld be to go in there & rack all that shit, it looks hella nice, i would love to have that waterbottle. breaking windows is for crusties, get in on the new gear motherfuckers

LoL.. Stop it, you just made me like like a schizo laughing at that comment in a café. Oh wait, I'm schizo right?

Merry fucking Celebration Day!

*look like*

Schizo is nothing to be ashamed of, its merely confronting the binary imposition of living within a contradictory establishment.

Listen, elsewhere you've supported South African white racists, Hitler apologism, Holocaust revisionism, and all sorts of other garbage. So fuck you, kill yourself, don't "contribute" to this conversation.

Yeah, the collective deleted my joke about there being a Fallafal shop in St-Henri, and belly-dancers, I'm glad you got a laugh out of it, where has all the humor gone, we need a Swift/ Wilde/ Carlin / Lenny Bruce revolution.

& those backpacks look beautiful! why the fuck did you idiot ruin them? you could have just stolen them.

yeah, the fucking watches, those look SUPER nice. y'all fucked up. ruining some quality gear that we could have racked

y'all are dumb as hell ruining that nice ass shit

The vandalization of this boutique beats anything done by the San Francisco Bay Area's ersatz anarchist subculture/poseur wimps in the face of gentrification; for instance, the do-nothing, totally worthless 'Station 40' in the formerly working class Mission District of SF.

And in response to one of the responses, "... leave Montreal with 50 friends and occupy some land.." is worthless, drop-out culture, passive hippie shit.

there is the possibility that "dropping out" doesn't automatically lead to being a passive hippie. Ted K, mentioned earlier, "dropped out" and carried out a 15 year bombing campaign... just sayin.

Yes, officer -- Ted K's psychopathy is a meaningful response to the contemporary world. Its not like you could expect anarcho-weenies to do anything that would mean something to the world at large, is it?

But TK was still sublimated into a binary mindset, his radicalism only resulted in the death of naive oppositional binarists, the us/them. One may as well exterminate the entire population of this planet, this is/was his mathematically derived solution, devoid of aesthetics and compassion. JZ is the other variant, like the good cop bad cop dualism, he is the good version of what amounts to a negative destructive praxis, which as an artiste I totally reject!

Yuppie cars and pigmobiles on fire reads like some damn meaningful response to the contemporary world...

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