Attacks in Athens and Piraeus claimed

via Act for freedom now!

Greece: Taking responsibility for attacks in Athens and Piraeus on October 2020

Extract of the actions claim, translated from Greek to English by Act for freedom now!

We responded to the call for a month of solidarity with the evicted squat Terra Incognita. We took to the streets of our neighbourhoods and hit strongholds of the capitalist system. We chose 6 banks in different parts of Athens and Piraeus:

1 on Filolaou str (Pagrati)
1 on Michalakopoulou st. (Goudi)
1 on Dimokratias Avenue st. (Keratsini)
1 on Mouskou str (Zografou)
2 on Chrysostomou Smirnis st. and Agias Sophias st. (Vyronas)

We feel part of a multi-form movement. By extension, like any other fighting subject, we could not stand by idly under a full-force attack by the state.

Strugglers in all social fields, workplaces, public spaces, schools and in the neighbourhoods, we stand in solidarity to all the repressed parts of this society. We choose conflict with the state and the oppressors who constitute it.

Although we took a position on Terra’s call, we believe that we should attack the state and its mechanisms always and everywhere, not remaining defensive against their attacks. The squats were, are and will be centres of struggle and islands of the other world that
we envision.

Solidarity to Comrade P.G. and to all hostages of the state.
Solidarity to Terra Incognita and to all squats.
From Germany to Crete, we will squat the whole planet.


Anarchist Caterpillars

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