Attacks in Hochelag'

  • Posted on: 27 February 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From MTL Counter-info

Last night, we destroyed the windows of Antidote, Mâle Bouffe, Electric Children (which was also sprayed with paint), and attacked the businesses of the Place Valois. This morning, flyers were thrown in the metro stations Préfontaine, Joliette and Pie-IX and at the Place Valois explaining the attacks of the night before.


During the night of February 25, 2016, some businesses in Hochelaga were attacked. We smashed the windows and threw paint everywhere.

Because we’re pissed. Sick of these businesses where what they are selling is not only over-priced food and clothing, but a life based on work which isolates us, bores us, and enslaves us. Fuck this world of consumers and thieving landlords! Fuck the police who protect them!

The point isn’t to develop an “expertise” in destruction. All that this action required was some hammers, crowbars, rocks, and paint. And before that, a bit of an idea of where to arrive from, where to exit, masks and maybe some clothes that can be gotten rid of.

We’ll find each other in the night!



I don't intend to be a besserwisser here, but it seems to me that people find each other by day, even if they act together at night. This simple fact should tell us a lot about what is needed for an insurrectionary practice.

When: the night
Where: smashing up a stupid boutique downtown

Saw you dressed in black, wearing a mask but with eyes that pierced my soul, obviously in a hurry. You and your friends seemed cool and I wish I'd asked for your number. You knocked me down as you ran from the cops. If you see this ad, knock me over again sometime?

ahhh this trendy hispter jargon. So germanophile, dunno why...

Thank you for doing this. I'm so tired of being oppressed by windows!

What's your motivation for this comment?

Presumably they're against petty vandalism attacks, unlike myself.

What is your motivation for your question? Can you not see the utter futility and pointlessness of breaking windows?

That's actually just your opinion friend, although window breaking has become a bit of a symbol for the general pettiness of a lot of anarchist tactics, it's definitely not the same as doing nothing. It's just a tactic, therefore you can't make a value judgement without context. There's been plenty of moments where a smashed window triggers more meaningful events.

Withdrawing (doing nothing) can be as effective or more effective a tactic as breaking windows (vandalism). It depends on context and what the subject is trying to achieve. Breaking windows is more effective for getting out of the doldrums and away from computers, while doing nothing is more effective than vandalism when measured against success of effecting social change.

YES! So is the effectiveness of nitpicking in comment sections against people who move their asses to subvert the social order.


Subvert the social order? Is that what you think they're doing? Hahahahahahahaahaaaaa!

I didn't say that it isn't? Your last sentence is pure conjecture though. My issue with the withdrawal tactic is only that those people who proselytize it are often trying to tell the rest of us to stop doing anything at all. Some sort of miserable-solitude-based resentment that wants to drag everyone else down with it or something … I don't know.

It's like a sense of futility possesses them and they're compelled to scream it from the rooftops. Not all hermits, just some.

what are you babbling about? .

Yes, it's a tactic, a tactic as useless as picking your nose. What are "more meaningful moments"? Like throwing newspaper boxes into the street? Lol....

No wonder we're farther away from ever creating anarchy than ever before.

It is not near or far. It's simply a matter of getting the proper relations in place in the hear and now. No agitpro or struggle required.

"It's simply a matter of getting the proper relations in place"

Lol...what a facile ignorant comment. Most people don't particularly want the 'proper' relations in place,. And there are some people actively fighting against any such relations ever getting in place, and they have guns.

So, not so simple. Struggle is inevitable.

Cheers to the assailants here. Glad to see that everyone's conception of resisting redevelopment is not limited to blockading flea markets, as with one major metropolis...

Hey! Those people you're criticizing unwarrantingly would support this action fully and are good comrades! There are 50,000 police in that city, give them a break.

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