Attica NY Solidarity Action

  • Posted on: 17 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Finally after weeks of seeing images of revolt and anti capitalist violence sweeping the globe after weeks of seeing are comrades being subpoenaed before grand jury's and judges we decided to act are small group crept into an unsuspecting low police town outside of Rochester and attacked... Smashing the windshields of well over 20 cars with rocks and stomping out the windshields with are rage... We picked Attica because it houses 1000s of prisoners everyday and is home to one of new yorks largest prisons. This will solve there little investigation...

-Cell of July 21st
Its easy to attack it really is!

<a href=" Coverage</a></td><td><img title="oh so easy" src=""></td...


first one in, spell and grammar check buddy, we dont' take kindly to are news site being trammeled by there incoherent rage

Thank ewe, is there a diff between anarchism and tantrums? Not in Attica or in hedo anarchists that visit it :-(

Our you

hoo r?

If you read the MSM part that may be where one could call this targetting GM collaborators, not merely the cars of the semi.prole bourgeois ppl. Astrecol!

$50k? not bad

"We're trying to enhance some of the images from the video"
-MSM video

My thoughts:



spel rong. thro off cops

WTF yuo fuickin turnmkey fiuckin ghuards smashj yuo fuickin carts you fuckinm prisoin turnkjey scunm fuckl youir phjilosofry.,.,8ball

Holy shit, one of 8balls family members went ape shit on this car dealership!

Spelling is not the point the action is! Do you see what these people did!?? Its a big fucking deal!

How does attacking a car dealership make sense. I'm not saying it's bad, it just seems rather pointless.

How is smashing cars not a "point" in and of itself?

does anyone you know have a car? have you ever gotten a ride anywhere or gone on a road trip? grow up.

Accusations of hypocrisy are childish, ill-conceived, and fallacious when used as arguments. We're all hypocrites, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have aspirations, it just means we have more work to do.

So unless you'd like to come up with another argument, I suggest you grow up.

So you expect us to capture wild horses and build wagons in the urban ghetto? Maybe YOU should grow an understanding of logistics!

a GM dealership was attacked. what the fuck are you so upset about? nobody's destroying your ride to your wage slave job, you fucking liberal moron.

you shouldn't attack GM, because they are providing a service that we all need, duh. the manufacture of automobiles.

Yes, it's impossible to overthrow the state without the roads running smoothly and everyone getting to work.

The state will eat you and your comrades. Wanton mindless destruction does nothing but terrify residents. They'll hunt you down.

WTF!mne amn muy jhalf cussins weilkl fuickin ambujsdh ytoui fuickin pighs!1,.,,8ball;

Ah, straw man. Also a fallacious form of argument. Care to try again?

Actually, *blushes* I realised I had missed the nuance and posted to the wrong comment. It should have been to the moron you were ranting to. This will not happen again buddy, we're all human and make mistakes sometimes! *sinks into mire of clichés*


(Never fess up to anonymous mistakes.)

Accepted gracefully,,,,you ass!!

But yes, smash the things within the totality.

More work to do, yes! That's what I've been trying to say this whole time! Glad some of the youngsters are finally catching on!
Wayne Price

A show that Anarchists can and will strike whatever and whenever they please!

then how come it's always just fucking windows and/or gluing a lock or something? if we actually had the kind of power that you are suggesting this action demonstrates, wouldn't we be able to strike somewhere more substantial? even when it's a state institution of some kind we still just get the windows. whatever and whenever indeed

I think the idea is emphasizing how easy attacks like this are. Sure, some people are good enough at living outside the law to pull off some major shit, but most people never try anything because they assume they'll get caught. $50,000 of damage to capitalism is nothing to scoff at, especially if it can inspire 20 similar acts of trivial simplicity yet tangible cost. Is $1,000,000 of damage going to bring down capitalism? Probably not, but it will spread revolt better than the sort of actions most anarchists take -- i.e. posting dismissive comments on @news. And frankly, I don't expect any individual action to do all of the heavy lifting; after all, which straw in the bale breaks the camel's back? So any and all attack is something that should be celebrated, *especially* ones like these.

"$50,000 of damage to capitalism is nothing to scoff at"

I don't understand what you think capitalism is.

"if it can inspire 20 similar acts of trivial simplicity yet tangible cost"
It doesn't though. At least not outside the scene.

... and that makes a difference how?

False dilemma/dichotomy

Other very real alternatives exist beside posting on the internet and wanton mindless vandalism. Vigils/rallies outside federal courthouses are, perhaps, less immediately satisfying, but surer in the long run. Seattle's SEASOL is another example. Why are so few activists showing up in courtroom proceeds in solidarity with the accused? Why not support legal clinics/tutorials on how to effectively represent one's self, pro se?

Why aren't more government thugs/cops/prosecutors/judges being sufficiently identified including contact info and routines? It isn't the new cars that are going to foreclose on your home or lock you up.

If you think it should be done, do it yerself. If you can do better, set an example.

Car dealerships are a damn-fine choice of target, whether your concern is personal debt, environmental destruction or wage slavery. Tactically they present large numbers of easy and expensive targets. Politically, they have the added bonus that the cars belong to capitalism, not individuals. This wasn't 'mindless' or 'wanton' vandalism, even if it wasn't the most mindful.

More recent comments indicate the perpetrators were just some drunk teens who turned themselves in. They stated it had nothing to do with anarchy or any other political pedagogy.

Damn! Haven't you ever gotten angry and smashed or pulverized some object into oblivion because of its essential falseness? Individual self-empowerment multiplied thousand-fold = revolution!

Hell yeah! Go Upstate!

I am an Anarcho-Communist who goes to school in Attica where this happened, I was walking by last night and the police stopped a few of my friends to interrogate them. I also noticed the local Pennysaver newspaper place around the corner had smashed doors and windows, any connection? Also, do you guys think this was an actual Anarchist act or just somebody trying to give the movement a bad name? I heard it had something to do with a man in Washington being charged for vandalizing a courthouse, but I don't see what that has to do with a car dealership.

fishy ass sounding comment rite hurrr......

How does it sound fishy? I don't understand why everyone is ridiculing my post so much. I live right outside of town, I walk past the dealership every single day. This was also not an Anarchist anti-capitalist demonstration, this was two drunk kids whom I know personally and have went to school with, so anybody who thinks this was some kind of Anarchist attack for a political cause is a fuckin' idiot and is misinformed.!/may.strike Hit him up on facebook he runs an anarchist reading group in geneseo new york right near attica great conversation and a great group of anarchists you should come chill some time dude...

I am an Anarcho-Communist who goes to anarchist news in the internet where this happened, I was walking by last night and this post stopped a few of my friends to comment them. I also noticed the local NEWSPAPER BOXES IN THE STREET, any connection? Also, do you guys think this was an actual Anarchist comment or just somebody trying to give the movement a bad name? I heard it had something to do with SOCIETY!, but I don't see what that has to do with a car dealership.

Lol, nice tangent!

excuse me i was walking by your comment when i noticed that my hyphenated anarcho noun word was showing. could the person who acted this aktion please expose themselves to me so as though we can start a hyphenated reading group for the complete destruction of the civ times? i need help writing communiques for my aktions.

WTF wy donmt yuou fuckion walk passt my nfuixckin terailer anmfd get a bricvk in tehj fuickin hread!1!,.,.8ball

Ya im assuming there connected

"They're" ! A tricky one. But not for grammar nazis ;)

What's with all the comments about poor spelling and grammar? The post looks fine to me...

Tell me about it. All the manarchists around here need to show some respect to this group's pronoun choices. They go by are/there pronouns.



"ATTICA, NY-- Two teens face charges in connection to damage done over the weekend to over two dozen vehicles at an Attica dealership.

Attica Police say the 17- and 18-year-old teens were arrested and charged with criminal mischief for damaging 28 vehicles at Upstate Chevrolet in Attica.

Their names are being withheld pending a determination of possible "youthful offender" status.

Investigators say the teens turned themselves in Sunday evening. They were remanded to the Wyoming County Jail on $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond."

Turned themselves in? What was all that shit about how easy it is not to get caught and inspiring similar actions bla bla bla? this is sad

the communique isn't even on page two yet and they're already in jail. lame

WTF!!! Ah kiddies, if you got spooked about possible video ID, it is not as bad as you think unless you are already know to the police. Don't get me wrong its still really bad, but not the end all to fuck all. The pigs always hype up what can essentially be nothing but hooded figures breaking shit.

The more hype, the safer the public feels and the easier it is to spook people into turning themselves in.

That's the real purpose of plastering a "suspects" face all over the media, it's to make them feel hopeless as if they have already been caught.

Exactly! Couldn't have said it any better!

They weren't Anarchists at all. They were two of my friends drunk at a party. This was not politically motivated.

from a news article:

Palillo said the two surrendered at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, adding that alcohol had been a factor in the incident. “When the light of day came, they decided to get this behind them before it went any farther,” he said. “As bad as everything was, they didn’t try to hide from it. They did contact an adult they trusted and went from there.”

Palillo said the youths had no connection with a statement posted anonymously Saturday evening on an anarchist website saying that a group calling itself “Cell of July 21st” committed the vandalism due to the presence of Attica Correctional Facility.

I bet they're actors, paid by the state to get people to not use the awesome tactic of smashing car lots.... they are shaking scared. We're doing it, y'all! We are going to see the revolution!!!

A number of these comments are pretty inappropriate to be posting but without trying to add to further speculation I am wondering if what happened is that some anarchists heard about the vandalism that happened and then claimed it as their own. I am in no way saying this is what happened and do not wish to add to the list of actions falsely called hoaxes, but there have been a couple hoaxes, seriously only a couple I'm aware of in the past several years. All I can say is that if this happened, the people who did it should seriously reassess their politics. This would amount to fake solidarity, tantamount to posting a communique for something that never even happened. This does nothing to express solidarity with those in prison, does nothing to advance the struggle, and serves to delegitimize future actions and increase the frequency of asking questions like this about other communiques. This discussion of whether something was a hoax or not shouldn't even be ever happening. We should be able to trust communiques that come out without any validation from the mainstream media, that often doesn't report on things and in other countries goes as far as burying stories of actions that are even very serious. This is why honesty is an important aspect to the movement and always will be.

But I am not saying this is definitely a hoax. I'm going to tentatively hope that those who turned themselves in actually did do this and write the communique and just got scared because they're young. While that's a shitty scenario, it's far less shitty than the other possibility.

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