ATUBES, July 2019

From ATUBES, Digest of the Anarchist Tubes


Back to classic styling for this four-page highlights of anarchistnews in July. It's in greyscale to make printing it out easier, but of course that doesn't matter, so look for more color in future editions.

In this issue: (Vol 5, issue 2)
- Communique of Alfredo Cospito from the prison of Ferrara
- Anarchist Comrades Released From Prison in Greece
- The Saga Continues: Updates on Queer Resistance and Repression in Hamilton
- Anarchists Ready for Battle, New Democracy Moves to End College Asylum
- Call for Week of Agitation for Miguel Peralta
- Anarchists put Picnic Tables in Park
- On Willem Van Spronsen's Action against the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma
- Total Liberation
- Welcome Home Connor Stevens!
- We Should be Paying Attention Why the Hokoana Trial Matters
- Solidarity with Dinos Giagtzoglou

Please leave a comment if you print it out and share / IRL, or if you would if it were slightly different (in some way that we can actually assist with, probably)...

And you can always leave a note about stories and/or comments you think should be in the next month's edition!
email: thecollective [at] anarchistnews [dot] org


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Anarcho-Inception Digest

Things like this are helpful for sending compiled updates on anarchist activities to folks in prison. Thank you.

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