ATUBES: May 2017, Digest of the Anarchist Tubes

  • Posted on: 31 May 2017
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to volume 3, issue #6 of ATUBES. This month we're back to the grind, after taking the month of April off. For the most part, we intend this side project of @news to be a monthly occurrence in dialogue, documenting the articles and commentary shared over the past month on the site. Our hope is for readers to be able to print a hard copy to share with your friends, loved ones, and strangers IRL AFK[1]. Occasionally, we will have special editions - like the last April issue featuring only comments - and sometimes we will try and change up the mix of things. This month, we're going with a different layout and design and included more articles with only one lonely comment for a total of ten pages.

Hope you like it, please feel free to leave constructive criticism and feedback.

- editor of ¯\_(ATUBES)_/¯

The texts included are:
- a comment from anonymous on their 12 point program
- Hurrah for Anarchy: Mayday as Celebrated by the Anarchists from Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness
- May Day 9 articles related to May Day 2k17
- Retiring the poor old A-word from The Match!
- Building a Revolutionary Anarchism from Zabalaza Books
- What is an Anarchist? Am I an Anarchist? from Anarkismo
- Now: The Invisible Committee (1) from Autonomies
- There's Nothing Anarchist about Eco-Fascism: A Condemnation of ITS from It's Going Down
- On the IGD PSA from Atassa
- Introduction to a book by anarchists from Aleppo from Bordered by Silence
- The Deportation Machine Case: Trail date set for four comrades on June 23 2017 in Paris from Bordered by Silence

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Volume #3, issue #6

May 2017

download here:

[1] as The Pirate Bay says, what really is IRL vs. AFK though?



thanks for including this comment.

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