Audre and Emma: Genealogies of Anarchistic Critique and Resistance

Picture of Audre Lorde wearing Emma Goldman t-shirt, laughing, good times, etc.


Interference Archive
314 7th Street, Brooklyn, NYC
Saturday Dec 28, 6 pm – 8 pm

We will be showing a collage of video documentaries and historical stock footage related to Audre Lorde and Emma Goldman (30-45 minutes) and followed by a discussion relating to the intersecting philosophical themes that they both illustrated in their writings that relate to the anarchistic genealogy of the refusal and rejection of state, capital(ism), and the multitude of hierarchies (institutional & interpersonal) that dominate our lives.

The screening will be organized by Interference Archive volunteer Dane and, after the screening, there will be a discussion about the works of Audre and Emma that will be an open-forum circle conversation that will be participant-led & determined with an emphasis towards the voices of marginalized populations.

The following texts are included for possible discussion (free PDF books & essays):

"The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House" by Audre Lorde
“Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference” by Audre Lorde
“There is No Hierarchy of Oppressions” by Audre Lorde

Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman
Anarchy!: Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth journal

If you have any zines, posters, books, and any other type of media or cultural production related to Audre Lorde and Emma Goldman, we are always interested to have this type of material in our archive.

For the links to the articles and books for possible discussion after the screening (free PDF copies), check out:

Image Credit:
The image of Audre Lorde wearing the Emma Goldman t-shirt comes from the documentary “Audre Lorde- The Berlin Years 1984-1992” (2012), produced and directed by Dagmar Schultz.
Available through
Also check out: for additional background on the documentary.
Third World Newsreel has information about screening the film at:

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