August 31st: National Day of Action for the Cleveland 4!

  • Posted on: 13 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On Friday, August 31st, join your comrades around the country in raising legal support funds for the Cleveland 4, who were entrapped by the FBI and face up to life in prison because of their politics and association with the Occupy movement. The defendants need to raise $80K to create the best defense possible against the government's sensational prosecution based on manufactured crimes. You can find out more at and donate online at or by sending checks or money orders made out to Conveyor Belt Collective to P.O. Box 602117, Cleveland, OH 44102.

Arrested in Cleveland on April 30th in a calculated move designed to disrupt May Day protests and celebrations everywhere, five people initially faced charges for an alleged conspiracy to destroy a bridge. These five are Brandon Baxter, Connor Stevens, Douglas L. Wright, Joshua Stafford, and Tony Hayne. On July 25th, Tony accepted a cooperating plea deal with the government. He pled guilty to all three charges and agreed to testify against his co-defendants in exchange for a minimum sentence of 16 years in federal prison. His cooperation has directly increased the danger his co-defendants are facing and harmed our struggles for social justice.

The Cleveland 4 need our support now more than ever! With trial scheduled to begin on September 18th, time is running short and money is urgently needed for investigation costs, testimony from expert witnesses, and other legal expenses. </td><td><img title="tell me more about social justice in relationship to a railroading" src=""></td></tr></t...

On August 31st, the Cleveland 4 will be preparing for one of the biggest moments in their lives from their jail cells. Their lawyers will be working fervently to secure their acquittal and release. And the prosecutors will be finalizing their plans to lock up these activists for life, as a threat to all of us to abandon our struggles for a better world—or else.

What will you be doing?

Show solidarity for the Cleveland 4 by hosting a fundraiser for them—a show, a movie screening, a discussion, a noise demo and rally, a bake sale, whatever strikes your fancy. Have you been a part of the Occupy movement in your city? Pass the hat among your comrades and raise $100 to support these defendants—every bit helps! Let us know your plans so we can add them to our calendar by contacting us at cleveland4solidarity(A) and go to to send in your donation, or send checks or money orders made out to Conveyor Belt Collective at P.O. Box 602117, Cleveland, OH 44102.

The case of the Cleveland 4 is not a story of misguided activists doing dangerous things. Rather, it is the story of a pattern of state repression focused on destroying resistance and undermining solidarity within the 99%. This is a story of an FBI agent provocateur who targeted activists, manufactured a plot to blow up a bridge, and coerced the defendants into going along with his scheme, all to keep himself out of prison.

This case is not an isolated incident, but one instance in an historic pattern of state repression. Just a couple weeks after the Cleveland 4, the Chicago police arrested the NATO 5, charging three Occupy activists (the NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Brian Jacob Church, Jared Chase) with conspiracy to make Molotov cocktails, Sebastian Senakiewicz with falsely making terroristic threats, and Mark Neiweem with attempted possession and solicitation of an incendiary device. These five were also targeted by provocateurs because of their political views and associations. We must defend them as we defend all other political prisoners and prisoners of war—their liberation is bound up with ours! Find out more at and check back for an announcement about an upcoming National Day of Action for the NATO 5!

As the national political conventions quickly approach, we should expect to see more provocateurs targeting activists and manufacturing plots in order to charge them with serious crimes and threaten them with decades in prison. We must show the government that we will not stand idly by while they attack our movements and imprison our comrades. We must put a stop to this pattern of infiltration, provocation and entrapment. And we must step up to support our comrades around the country. So on Friday, August 31st, bring your community together to show your solidarity with the Cleveland 4!

For more information on current trends of state repression that are evident within these and other cases, check out these links:


tip #1: if some jackass throws their arm around you and says "let's blow some shit up," get the fuck away from said jackass. if you can't figure out on your own how to blow some shit up, you probably shouldn't even be thinking about blowing shit up. that said, BLOW SOME SHIT UP!!!

Sixteen years to cooperate? Where do they find these morons? Anarchists are looking dumber by the minute. I'll save my energy and money for someone that's looking smarter by the minute. Any suggestions?

"that said, BLOW SOME SHIT UP!!!"
I'm getting the fuck away from you. Jackass.

..but..but..blow some shit up...please?

Get your facts straight before you make ignorant uneducated comments. First of all this took months of grooming on the part of the criminal informant. He hired them to work for him, spent hours and hours with them. HE planned it and then THREATENED them with violence and death if they did not go along. HAVE YOU WALKED A MILE IN THEIR SHOES????? THEN SHUT UP AND DON'T SIT THERE ACTING ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY...THE TACTICS THEY USE COULD BE YOU!!! AND FOR MORE OF YOUR IGNORANCE...THE GUY THAT IS COOPORATING NEVER PROCLAIMED HIMSELF AN ANARCHIST...HE WAS NOT POLITICAL...HE WAS JUST USING!!!

using what?

Using the Cleveland 4 dumbass

bath salts

This might sounds crass, but they are entrapping people who aren't even anarchists in an attempt to smear real anarchists. Why should we support them?

because pudding.

because oogles.

Because if they get to keep doing as they (pigs) please, as authority has done for thousands of years, we will never get what we want.

I see what you're saying there. Anarchists *are* superior to other people.

yes i care more about an anarchist than, say, your average neo-nazi or republican. do you care about all people equally? if so, stop lying to yourself. if not, you be trollin you loser.

Who are YOU to say who is an anarchist and who isn't...DO YOU KNOW ANY OF THESE GUYS??????? Maybe you should educate yourself THEN COMMENT!!!!!

First of all, like everyone else says, what is an Anarchist. It's very vague, but an avant guard club you aint, so get over yourself. I mean, if you want to make it some sort of definition of character, most of us, myself included to a large degree, probably wouldn't stand up to a great deal many who have used the word Anarchist to define themselves. Second of all, they're in jail for having suffered entrapment. They're looking at the rest of their lives being ruined because the government found 5 patsies with which to deligitimize everything you and I work for.

You know, I'm really happy that people support them. I thought at first that they were crazy fundamentalists who really couldn't link the theory and the ethics in any sort of coherent way, that or the press and the Feds were just lying about their intentions and that this was something more akin to say, blowing up an empty courthouse at ten o'clock at night ten minutes after you made the call to the cops to clear the streets of any innocent bystandards. I should have just assumed they were setting them up all along.

But even before that I have to say I was really happy that people could be not just critical of them but also supportive. Back when MicCinley was shot, no one sided with him and Emma Goldman was labeled an outcast simply for sympathizing with him. I don't feel that every nut case who commits acts of violence and then labels themself an Anarchist is worthy of sympathy, but these guys are a far fucking cry from the Unabomber. I couldn't have any more sympathy or support for them, and you sound like an asshole.

because FUCK THE FBI.


This is not true. I know for a fact that at least one identifies as an anarchist.

"Why should we support them?" This is an extremely important question.


By targeting atomized individuals (anarchist or not) while insisting that they are representative of anarchists in general, the FBI hope to set a precedent connecting anarchists with terrorists in the public eye and anarchists with successful prosecutions in the legal bureaucracy. They hope for this to be easier when they target disconnected people like these--they'll receive less attention and support, and the feds can get the guilty verdicts they want more easily.

It's absolutely cold-blooded, and tactically intelligent on their part.

So--anarchists or not, the outcome affects all of us. We don't have a lot of resources to spread around, but this is the sort of thing that we'd better oppose vigorously now before it gains momentum.

Crimethinc did a convincing piece on this:

Not the first time

This scam has been used. Remember that wannabe-cop Anna, that asshole that set up a fake ELF cell and had everyone she recruited arrested?

If the undercover threatened violence against anyone not particpating, that would legally be a defense to any charge except murder-except that based on what happened to Eric McDavid, it sounds like the magic "T-word" will be used to keep the jury from listening to ANY defense, even an open and shut one. The Eric McDavid trial brought forth evidence of blatent entrapment-but both the judge and the jury ignored the facts at hand.

There are only two defenses against this, one of them seriously obstructs organizing but is needed anyway. That is to work ONLY with people you've known many years, preferably for life, on felony-level shit or else to work alone and tell nobody. The other defense is, of course, to handle snitches and undercovers the way all other organizations that operate outside the law-of-the-day do so.

If you get threats, that means for absolute certain you want nothing to do with the offending group, even if they are NOT cops. The exception is if you have already done some very heavy actions and a person leaving the group would be a security risk to all others. If you are threatened, one response would be to play along-just long enough to get out of the room or out of the house.

If someone approaches you about getting involved in a group that would be doing felonies, and you have known that person less than 5 years, tell them to form their own cell with ONLY people they have known that long. If the offer is to do something you were already planning and ever discussed with anyone else or researched, you should presume the offer not only comes from a cop but is related to a breakdown in your own security, and make the appropriate changes in your own plans.

Years ago, I was duking it out with DC Superior Court over refusing to provide urine samples for drug testing. I was facing a legally defective charge of "felony inciting to riot" after 400 protesters stormed a department store for selling fur. Knowing they could not get a conviction, they tried to get me for refusing drug tests. During this, I was approached at a party by some asshole offering me an "opportunity" to make some money in a dope deal. I told him to get lost, and I am absolutely certain that was a cop sent by prosecutors in that case. Yeah-they do this

Good advice.

I also wanted to point out that this entrapment strategy was most likely nationwide and meant for May Day. It may be that the only plot they were able to further ended up being this one in Cleveland. The past is the past but the participation of knowledgeable anarchists/radicals in certain areas could have helped greatly in situations like this. I doubt, anyone with any knowledge of this situation wouldn't have told these kids to be careful cause shit doesn't seem right. Random dude nobody knows buys a house, buys drugs, gives jobs while pushing illegal action? Come on.

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