autonomous being, categorical truth, and intertwining commonalities

a human, -as any material- being has the capacity toward infinitely unique perspectives; none however, can accurately assume any concrete identifying measures therein. the true face of the absolute being -our one, true god the Alpha and Omega of existence- cannot be seen in our so-called "material" dimension of Life. only the dead is done, deceased and witnessed. only through the sophistry of Death does one reconcile fear-of-death, instead choosing to honor the higher, dynamic power which encompasses All.

condintionz everywhere is unique in time-space
only the dead is still
knowledge is death;
there are -however- several distinguishing commonalities which -upon the journey- one observes habitual characteristics which identify the existence of some unified humanity. not everywhere do people make fire or eat meat or practice patriarchy or capitalism or industrial agricultural and other -non-human- species appear to demonstrate many, highly intelligent creative/compasiionate qualities. humans everywhere though, exhibit a proclivity to euphoria inducing, visionary intoxicants, music/dancing, and the lore of cosmic/ecological, abstract mythology.
what is a human-being? and humanity?

what is our current cosmology , what might encourage our struggle for total freedom?
is their an anarchist interest in appealing to a broad based movement for Total Freedom?
what is your greatest common denominator?
how can we organize together to bring down the motherfucker?
what more-better can we do?

k , i ralize mu commentary's absurd but i'm jus sayin', like, why not throw down with teh spooky abstractracttions?
come on

if time and space can be recognized as abstract measures of wavelength-duration or resonance-capacity,
and life and death are understood as abstract events within a composite-process;
then the body, -which is -itself- an abstract-part of a larger body, playing-host-ad-infinitum to cosmic sequencia (or chaos)-
is effectively inconsequential of-itself, (who are you?anyway...)
while one's loving laughter endures-eternal as the dancing butterfly's agitational propaganda.

fear as the death of love, hatred as fear-stagnant.
a courageous congeniality is the godsend of life-everlasting,
the saving-grace of our struggle.
there is no fear in a relationship of mutual respect.
and God respets nothin.

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