Banks Smashed in Portland March in Solidarity with Leah & Other GJ Resisters

  • Posted on: 12 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Last night on 10/11, a march convened in the streets of SE Portland, just a day after a third PNW comrade has been imprisoned by Federal scum for resisting their Grand Jury subpoenas.

The Judge, the Feds, and the State know all too well that Matt, KteeO, and Leah will continue to resist their coercion. These ignorant state officials somehow live in a fantasy land where radical solidarity doesn't exist...

Four banks along the path of our march were smashed, including rocks through multiple windows at an Umpqua Bank, a large metal chair through a Wells Fargo window, and rocks through a Chase and finally a U.S. Bank.

Banks both invest in and profit from the Prison Industry that is being used to suppress our activities against the state by imprisoning our comrades.</td><td><img title="it's all one thing but stuff is also stuff... and things" src=""></td></tr></ta...

A Walgreens window was also hit. Our local media devour false police rumors, such as what seems to be fabricated reports that bottles were thrown at pedestrians. It was quit the contrary, with pedestrians and bar-goers cheering us on and joining in on chants, with some even joining the march as we encouraged them to do so! Despite some marchers not understanding the purpose of blockades, no one was arrested when the thick-headed cops finally broke it up, though a few marchers were briefly detained and released, apparently.

SMASH ALL PRISONS & BANKS, TOPPLE THE STATE! Solidarity to all in prison and especially those queers, because we queers DESTROY with the fierceness!




well done.

it would be trivial to get a large enough group of hooligans together to do this no matter what small town you live in. you may not have 50-75 but you do not need that many.

get anon and take a stroll. rush hour would be a great time to do something like this.

police are tied up with a million other things at those times and response time is slower than usual due to that and vehicular traffic. the only real consideration is if your mob of hooligans is big enough to probably scare away any citizen superheros or one lone squad car that may possibly respond first or just happen to be in the area and see smash.

police are soliciting bystandard video and reviewing cctv. the guilty of PDX should be quietly and securely ridding themselves of shoes, backpacks, and any grossly identifiable clothing worn this night.

Arson works better.

Where is the "conspiracy of the cells of fire" when you need them?

The damage we do cold never be big enough. We need to scale upward to bigger and badder things if we want to make deeper impacts of war on the system. This window smashing job doesn't go far enough. People executing the Black Bloc need to step it up a notch. Burn a fucking cop car next time. SERIOUSLY!



...or chilean/greek anarchist!

Why not blow up a bridge? Hit me up, I can totally get you cheap explosives.
- Yours Sincerely, definitely not a cop

Where are you when we need you? CCF is a name. The praxis lives on.

Communication is key in actions like this. No, we don't like talking to the news media, but when there are falsities reported as fact such as bottles being thrown at civvies, we must set the record straight. To do otherwise is to lay by while a narrative to justify repression is woven. See: the recent Mission smash up and the events of this past weekend.

An informal group might write a concise email to the news media disputing the reports of bottles thrown against civvies and explaining the link between the witch hunt, the silent ones, and this mob action.

I wonder if you bold folks know what a boost this is in extreme times.
You are the best, thank you.
John Zerzan

I only come to @news to hobnob with the likes of the hova of anarchy himself, JZ, pig fucker Bob Black, and salmon fucker Derrick Jensen. Huzzzzah!

Bob may have snitched, nevertheless, his critique of civilization still stands alone as a relevant and eloquent essay. Just saying, despite his abhorrent personal choices.

Thank you. At least someone knows high quality when they see it.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and postage stamp collector)

You're welcome Bob. Ummm, just one query, in a post-capitalist society, one which functions sustainably and has deconstructed the former social work ethic so that all labour has become a creative community expression; within this futuristic society, the one that anarchists desire, how does one deal with a violent lunatic wielding a rifle? Or should I say, would such a society have its own informal security group, which is equivalent to any righteous association, driven by testesterone and its physiological knee-jerk element? But in the anarchist society one would inform this righteous association of a malcontent, which is a type of snitching, but in an anarchist society it would be called maintaining social wellbeing, no?

You've just got to trust me when I said that Hogshire was in fact what you call a violent lunatic wielding a rifle. There were no impartial witnesses, remember that. And my subsequent conduct proves my honesty. So in answer to your question, in an anarchist society honest people like me would be the police.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and calypso singer)

So in an anarchist society honest people like you (and me) would be the police. Well I have been in numerous encounters with crazy people and dealt with the situation on my own, as you say, as my own referee, this being the autonomous method. So maybe you lacked physical strength to overpower Hogshire? I can understand certain scenarios, sometimes what appears to be snitching is actually an act which prevents collateral damage.

--Person who thinks --Bob Black (isn't a pig ffffucker but a terrible calypso singer)

Yes, exactly! Under the right circumstances, which only honest people like me (and you) will be able to determine, snitching is the right thing to do. And today as well as in an anarchist society.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and red blooded American)

I actually am beginning to admire Bob Black because his act has revealed the worst and ugliest aspects of anarchist dogma and hypocrisy!

Yes, revealing the worst and ugliest aspects of anarchist dogma and hypocrisy is my greatest accomplishment. Among many! Thank you for recognizing that.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and foreign policy wonk)

not the other person, but who ever is obsessed with this bob black shit from 1992 or whenever needs to get over it, no one even talks about that guy anymore except you. meanwhile everyone is talking about how great it is to not talk to the police, while anarchists around the u.s. have been policing each other atrociously for years now. mostly under the code of identity politics and a 'common front' with leftists who 'believe in some of the same stuff'. why aren't more people trolling about that?

How could you forget Kevin KEATTTTINNGGGGG!?

I agree. Unfortunately I'm out of the loop to the extent that I didn't know this action was happening a block away from where I live, but it made for a hell of a nice walk to the bus stop this morning. Despair had begun to take hold, this at least provides hope. Let us not settle for hope though, let us settle for nothing short of class war. Thank you, keep up the good work. Hope to take part in the next action!

Why does this shit always end in things like "SMASH ALL PRISONS & BANKS, TOPPLE THE STATE!"? No prisons were smashed; hell, they were even targeted. You can't just say "banks invest in prisons and therefore attack the banks". Banks invest in everything, that's what they do, they're banks. To smash a window at a small bank in SE Portland and claim that it's having any effect on the prison system whatsoever is ludicrous. All you're doing is getting your rocks off by playing the militant anarchist for you and your friends. Boring. If in fact you actually care about seeing the fall of the prison system, perhaps you could find something more interesting to do with your time? Oh, but wait, that wouldn't give you that rush of "I'm doing something tangible for the betterment of the world" feeling that all militant anarchist/liberals get when they engage in activities meant only to please themselves.
On they other hand,if that's all it really is, if you just want to smash bank windows, then fucking do it. Do it for yourself and don't pretend like it's anything other than that. Smash banks, attack prisons? Just smash the fucking bank window and move on with your life.

... So the hyperbolic anarchist propaganda bothers you?

If in fact you actually care about seeing the fall of the prison system, perhaps you could find something more interesting to do with your time?

Like what??? Please, please, I really do want to fosomething to make the world better, but what do you suggest? I can't figure out what would work. I'm serious.

wuh oh, someone dissed the anarchist church of revolution thru quantitative window smashing tallies and communiques asphyxiating in their own self-righteousness. deathblow for you!

Just to point out I didn't post that. That being said, I'm not dismising this action but doing something more proactive to bring attention to these peoples plight might be more...good? Jesus, do something cliched. Occupy PSU for fucks sake, drag vapid white college kids into it, anything.

Yuppies gonna yup, there's no stopping that.

drag vapid white college kids into it, like newspaper boxes into the street.

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