Banner Drop in Solidarity with Rojava by Anarchists in Indonesia

Solidarity for Rojava/Kurdistan

We’re trying to understand the situation of any combatants who have long fought for their lands and against invasion from all sides. In the past months, the attacks of the fascist Turkish occupation forces onto the liberated areas of North-Eastern Syria have rapidly increased. Ranging from Afrin, and the resistance areas of Sehba, to the front of Manbij and Ayn Issa, to Til Temir, and up to Derik in the North-East, the Turkish occupying army intensified their attacks against the civilian population and their revolutionary defense forces.

Almost daily, Turkish artillery fire hits what have become home to hundreds of thousands of displaced people from the occupied territories of the Canton of Afrin. Not a day goes by without reports of further kidnappings and murders; extortion, looting, robbery, and rape are not exceptions. With a bloody struggle and under the slogan “Smash Turkish fascism,” we also support Rojava liberation and the efforts made to smash Turkish fascism!

Several individuals acts in solidarity with a banner that says: “Evict Turkish fascism! Long live Rojava liberation! International solidarity for Rojava/Kurdistan”

We call for more solidarity to any Rojava liberation combatants!!!

Indonesia, January 02, 2021

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