Banner in Solidarity with Boris

"In France and the world, down with prisons. Strength, Boris."

via Anarquía, English translation by Anarchist News

The message of this banner is a show of solidarity with our comrade Boris, who has been in a coma for more than a month as a result of the fire that was provoked in the cell that has kept him locked-in for a year now in a French prison.

The action that lead to our comrade's arrest is within the framework of attacking the structures that capitalism calls "Progress" but in reality their purpose is to refine social control. To choose the objective of burning two mobile phone relay antennas is an attack against current domination, it has nothing to do with fascist conspiracy theories that the disinformation media wants to show us in order to confuse us.

We raise our fists and send words of encouragement for Boris and for everyone who falls into the claws of the institutions of torture.

The banner was placed in the vicinity of the French embassy in Montevideo.

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