Barcelona: Responsibility claim for wave of sabotage against ATMs and grafitti

  • Posted on: 15 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Info</a>

<p>If they asked us in what way we would like the world to work, we would affirm that we would like that we implement mutual aid, collaboration, collectivisation and self-management, but we think that at the moment a progressive change is impossible and will not happen alone. We must create a situation that creates a change. While people mutter, “this is difficult to believe”, in the streets we see that the police, paid by the tax-payers, and already militarised, tortures and kills our comrades. We have decided since some time to amplify our range of tactics to the use of direct action using sabotage, expropriation and the use of force if we need it for self-defence. We do not consider it as the only possible path but believe this radically increases the possibilities of change. We are currently seeing the growth of affinity groups in our city that show there is light at the end of the tunnel, along with attempts to revive various Federations and talks on the best methods for organizing ourself.</p></td><td><img title="wedge or phalanx? pincer or swarm?" src=""></td></tr></...

<p>When in the morning we see a bank manager with his head in his hands complaining because someone has painted graffiti across his shop windows and smashed the ATM screens, when in some corner we see how at first light they start to sweep the remains of a fire, when we see how with miraculous speed they erase thousands of messages of protest from the walls of the whole region or when we contemplate with a smile a car in flames knowing that, for one night, one of the fingers of oppression that does not let us sleep, will also have nightmares. Little by little, the explosion of actions and of persons that start to take this path as not only a possibility but a necessity, spreads like wildfire.</p>
<p>We see in this type of action a form of communication and expression, especially as organisation is very difficult inside the current climate of oppression forcing us to undertake a different type of action until better times arrive. We think, little by little, these actions will start to be unleashed at a larger scale of expression in this fight. While critics are inevitable, we hope that the background and message behind the actions can be understood.</p>
<p>We no longer have fear.</p>
<p>With this communiqué, we want to inform about the following sabotages:</p>
<p>More than a hundred ATMs in the neighbourhoods of Barcelona and the peripheries. During the months of June, July and August, through the destruction of screens and the burning of objects inside them.</p>
<p>Writings on the walls of political parties HQs, and high-class hotels.</p>
<p>We send a message of support to all the comrades in the fight:<br />
Black Wolves<br />
Nihilist Anarchists of Barcelona<br />
The Nobodies</p>
<p><strong>With a clenched fist</strong></span><br />
<em>The Black Militia (<a href=" target="_blank">La Milicia Negra</span></a></span>)</em></p>


Black Militia? wtf is this for real or just some posturing?

I thought BCN was mostly full of really peaceful anarcho-punks and circus idiots. But I know the times they are changing, sometimes.

1 day of attack isn't sufficient to drive them out. Attacks have to be daily. That is the true definition of war. We're not there yet.

true... Devil is in the details. I'm still convinced that several little punches at the right spots are better than one money shot.

Barcelona is at the cutting edge of awesome insurrectionist group names. Black Wolves? The Nobodies? Can I be in these gangs?

You can be in those gangs. There is an initiation for foreigners though with. You have to attack 7 symbols of oppression with in 7 days, 1 each day and no you cannot attack all 7 with in one day. You have to attack them with in 1 day at a time to show you are worthy. Silly Americans don't have what it takes to prove them selves. Run along. Run along.

It's true. You have to attack them in broad daylight with your dick hanging out and a mask on your face and if you fail to break a window and just run away after putting some etcher fluid on it you get a total fail where you get towel whipped all the way up El Camino de Santiago. Should you succeed however you get upgraded to 12th level anarchist European division and get a free pass to all of Europe's crumbling squats and opportunities to form your own pseudo-terrorist cell with any badass comic book name you can come up with.

You could be a member of the Conspiracy Cells of the Black Wolf Nobodies Nihilist Faction of Fire in no time!

These are still some of my all time favs:

My vote goes out to 'Summer Entropy Commandos' and 'Anomie's Contract / Erebus' Ambassadors'

Honorable mention goes to 'Arsonists with dirty consciousness'

So this is how they get those high-quality free trans-Europe Eurorail passes!

Are there secret handshakes too?

You are definitely already a nobody.

Aren't we all?

Humble Americans have to attack 7 targets initiation not limited to igniting their targets of destruction.
Arrogant Americans have to attack 7 targets with fire. Window busting doesn't count.

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