BASTARD Conference 2016

  • Posted on: 20 March 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From BASTARD Conference

We are running a little late but, as you can probably imagine, finding a place to hold an anarchist theory conference isn't as easy as it used to be. In our case it is as much about aging as it is about the horrorshow of land pricing but either way we now have a venue. The Omni Commons will be hosting the 2016 Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory, And Research, & Development conference.

We are inviting you all to submit workshop proposals on anarchist theory. This can include proposals on economics, ethics, your manifesto, someone else's manifesto, strategy, anarcho-communism, syndicalism, art, green anarchism, anti-civilization theory, anarchist conflict resolution, anarchist defense, anarchist science fiction, anarchist identities, anarchist primitivism, rap battles, parecon, hipster theory, Bataille, polyamory, afropessimism, society, wet butts, egoism, individualism, all the feels, ATR, and so much more.

The way to submit your proposal is by email to our conference email address or by parchment to the Anarchist Study Group at The Long Haul.

The event will be held 10am-6pm April 24th. We look forward to seeing you all there.



After the Rev.

It was a zine at some point a long time ago. One of the authors fell off, but the other is still at it.

Glad to see this will be at the Omni. A better venue than UCB if you ask me!

Any theme this year, other than "theory"?

Yeah--bookfairs! AKA, not strugglismo!

Dude, you comment every day about the same shit, the same whiny complaints - why not just give yourself a handle on this website? Maybe then you can make real arguments instead of annoying little snipes. Trolling requires 1. actually being funny and 2. actually getting the people you are trolling to engage you. You are accomplishing neither.

1. funny to whom? like, if i get a lol from it, maybe some few others will, as well?
2.must the target audience's degree of engagement be proven by the mere institution of a commentary? (in asymmetrical social-war, might not the response to a campaign be less quantifiable than in that of direct combat)

thinking about doing a talk about non-Hegelian BDSM (beyond master/slave) via shapeshifter black metal po-mo hip hop AKA nihilist oral tradition. any takers?

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