Bay Area: 24 ATMs sabotaged in solidarity with comrades in St. Louis and those facing repression in the Midwest

  • Posted on: 1 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Early June 1st, we carried out a campaign of diffuse sabotage in solidarity with our friends and comrades in the Midwest.

Specifically, we attacked ATMs and surveillance cameras in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. In all, 24 ATMs were sabotaged in addition to other surveillance cameras. We attacked ATMs because they are the perfect little embodiments of everything we hate about this society: capital, surveillance, control, mechanization, economics.

We employed a variety of tactics to sabotage the machines. We used hammers to smash their display screens and keyboards. Spray paint was used to obscure their hidden cameras. Expanding spray foam was sprayed into the card readers and cash dispensers.

We extend solidarity to all the comrades who have come under the guns of the state in recent weeks. This includes the anti-fascist combatants from Indiana, those facing felonies charges because of their ferocity at the NATO summit, those entrapped by FBI informants at the same summit, and the five individuals entrapped by an FBI informant in Cleveland. Comrades, one of the two dozen machines we destroyed is dedicated to each of you. </td><td><img title="hammers, paint, and foam!" src=""></td></t...

More than this, we must express our eternal admiration and passion for our co-conspirators in St. Louis. It should be noted that the particularly heinous repression they received at the hands of SLPD last week was in response to a solidarity demonstration with those arrested at the NATO summit. In recent months, these wild ones have consistently demonstrated that the task of solidarity is to attack our common enemies and spread each other's struggles to our own contexts. They have demonstrated this through aggressive attacks against the police and capitalist institutions in their city. Thus, we have been very excited to hear of the attacks against police stations in Olympia and Atlanta, both carried out in solidarity with these comrades. It is not out of obligation that we act in solidarity with the rebels in St. Louis, but out of love for them and for our shared project.






24 is a pretty good number, but it is the Bay Area so I guess that figures. Good stuff for anywhere I'd say.

Pretty much is a system-wide attack, indeed.

BofA lists 50 24hr ATMS "within 1 mile of SF" alone:

24 is hardly system-wide unless it's some very small credit union or something.

Wtf, Major Dick, you're expecting a lot from your troops!

24 ATMS out of even 100 is something big. Especially if these were carefully picked at strategic locations... like points of high traffic.

Considering high traffic areas are more conspicuous when doing the action, I think you are mistaken Corporal Conclusion.

<3 from a southeastern (A)

This is genius, it's a clear example of anarchist affinity groups working together outside of a bloc. You know who everyone is, or at least that there is a way to contact them, communique writer, some other @'s probably want in. Keep expanding the base of friends there like you're probably doing after this night of actions, maybe include some funny stuff or happy "in-your-face-actions" like Black Mask/UATWMFuckers, but definitely the attack is key.

If you haven't already (as I haven't checked) send the communique to corporate media as well, you'll probably be surprised what they pick up for some shock and intrigue (I've seen them make a big fuss about how they got sent something illegal in stories in the past). Someone not connected, but doing support work for the arrested should send them copies of this action in their correspondence, so it'll boost their spirits (no such thing as a spirit).

You are probably thinking about expanding (or you probably have) this type of thing to other areas in the west coast, a kind of coordinated night of solidarity vandalism, this could be achieved. It'll probably already come to pass, as anarchists are notorious for upping the ante when stuff like this happens for a sec. Portland might do the same thing soon autonomously, or Seattle. That's cool. But you could link up with traveling and talking with people you know in a town. No hierarchies, just friends, you know who you are already. You already know what I'm talking about. It's not hyper-militant, but maybe like something Durriti called "Revolutionary Gymnastics".

If you don't think it's too sketch, invite some people who don't want to break things to do banner drops and other less-sketchy (but still awesome) stuff. Make sure these people aren't cops or total shitty pacifists who will rat you out if they get caught for a banner or wheatpaste the same night a bunch of shit goes down. But you know who is and isn't.

German Autonomen did a lot of stuff like this. When Shell was being boycotted in the 80's for their role in the Apartheid in South Africa anarchists in Europe cut the hoses and broke the windows of the gas stations en masse. Nights of direct actions are a key to build a fighting, trusting group of friends who can learn the ins and outs of consent.

Parkour is a cool thing, if you couple that with derives and spraypaint and vandalism mix that growing force. There has been a lot of comments about War and I want to say it's probably Never a good idea to loose your heart in the attack, never be so cut off the the positive side of the Milleu that you view the State as a worthy adversary in your militaristic war that you place a heart on the State that it doesn't have. Not that you're doing that people involved and communique writer, you're doing not-that as far as I can tell, good job, not that you need my approval more just showing I understand. I really liked that you spread out around the bay like little attack mushroom clusters. Deluze would be proud.

I should probably say here communique writer, I say all of this in jest and to a figment of my imagination, not to a member of an "illegal group". I am not endorsing any action that breaks the law. This is not meant as any kind of guide to commit future actions, just some shit I'm thinking about and want to provoke a conversation around. Please don't arrest me. Kthx

Ha - I enjoyed this comment for it's stream of consciousness fuck shit up-ness. But as to your closing point - it's not illegal to promote illegality. At least not yet. While we have the space, we should be promoting the fuck out of any and all illegal forms of resistance available to us without apology. Thought crimes are coming soon - let's make as many people as possible into criminals before then.

"it's not illegal to promote illegality."
That's a bit of an exaggeration. More correctly worded, that would be "It's not *necessarily* illegal to promote illegality." There are instances where it is illegal to do so in the US, currently defined by the "imminent lawless action" standard. Basically, just saying "we should overthrow capitalism using illegal means" is not illegal, since it isn't imminent. However, saying "Go smash some windows!" to a protest over a megaphone can get you convicted. Anything in between is up to interpretation by the court.

Yeah, that's kinda what I was curious about. I don't want my words to be taken and used to promote imminent lawless action, more as a collection of things people have done. That said fuck the state.

Actually your advice here technically falls under 'aiding and abetting terrorism'--see also Tarek Mehanna. See also his lengthy stay in solitary + 17 yr conviction in high security. Everything is illegal if the law makers want it to be illegal. No @s should be hoping to hide behind state laws any longer.

That's why I think a lot of anarchists are going bat shit crazy right now fucking things up everywhere. We know eventually that there will be mass round up of anarchists (yes, there have been many round-ups, but I'm refering to on a huge scale here), so while we can, we're promoting insurrection, and prisoner support. So one day when we're in jail we're either have:
1. a lot of cool people to hang out with in jail, and more accomplices to fight guards and nazis
2. leave behind a culture of prisoner support so that our ass gets support too.

1) youre a jack ass.

2) while in solidarity with this action and all in jail mentioned above...keep your cool. Theyre not going to start widespread persecution. We arent that important at the moment. Liberal politicians are not going to waste their civil liberties cred on us. The last month in all likelihood was the mass supression. Maybe E.L.F. or something a bit more idealistic that attacks private property, but you and me...

Nah brah, sorry. Theyll watch, thats it.

You're right of course, the State will make the laws fit their purpose. It really doesn't matter whether what you're doing is legal or not, it's whether or not they consider it threatening, at which point they'll make you illegal with whatever means are at their disposal. But there is still some space that can be exploited - especially in regards to the holy grail that is free speech, especially by liberals willing to clog the courts with challenges to perceived violations of that right. Those feelings can be exploited for our ends.

On the subject, most recently a friend of mine was charged with felony "mob action" for allegedly shouting "black bloc to the rear" on May 20th, at the NATO protests in Chicago. The context is different, but still an example to draw from.


yeah OK, but what do I fucking do if I'm on my own and nobody in the milieu seems to be willing to trust me because I look like a cop or somepin'?

I guess that I have no choice than to do insane clandestine solitary actions... well, hopefully, see ya in jail!

This is some Tier 1 shit.

I guess I could mention that... some unknown persons lol... took down some CCTV cameras in the bay as well, couple weeks ago. They were thinking of using tires filled with gas like they do in England, or a long stick with a rope like they do in Greece, but instead they just used a pipe wrench and unbolted the light poles they were on, and let the wind take care of the rest. I didn't think that would work, but it actually did on every one. Was pretty fucking funny. Wasn't done in solidarity with anyone though, was mostly just because they were in spots they used to hang out and drink at but cops always got pissed at them for "trespassing" and that type of bullshit.

They also cut chain-link fences and dug a hole under a wall. They're calling it "urban remodeling."

Clandestine attack, not open revolt! Or something like that.

I'll sleep wonderfully tonight. Thank you.

what, no cop shops in the bay?

i know, right. why didn't they kill a hundred sleeping cops in their beds at home instead of breaking a few atms. what poseurs. not like me and you bro.

it's ok guys, i just hugged them in their sleep!


Seems like in the Bay they just wait until there are 100 or so of them heavily prepared and then they trash those as a mob.

shoulda RAAN'd

Maybe they weren't commies.

Maybe they weren't idiots.

RAAN like a motherfucker.

I do gotta say, solidarity does lift morale, and makes me feel a little more rowdy.
Tonight's Saturday night, and I'm feeling ignorant.

Hell yea, consider my mood uplifted as well. This is a brilliant idea.

Nothing I found in the news about the above, but I did find this version:

"Over the past few months, thieves have dumped glue on the enter, clear and cancel keys of San Francisco machines. The criminals then wait for customers to put in their card and enter the pin. After customers notice that the enter and cancel keys aren’t working, they often go inside for assistance. That’s when crooks step in and use the touch screen to make a withdrawal."

Amazing how a few keys not working can make the whole thing fail. I guess that's what they call a "single point of failure"?

St. Louis loves you, too, Bay Area! <3 Thank you for doing this and thinking of us while you did. What a wonderful inspiration you are.

Love from Philly

Is it really needed to get every ATM? I dont know, the guy who wrote this advises the pentagon and his expertise is listened to and admired by insurgencies world wide.


Repetition is More Important Than Scale:

The ability to repeat disruptions targeted on specific groups generates changes in behavior
(economic, social, and psychological) akin to an excessive tax.

This is in contrast to large, one-off,attacks that cause massive disruption and then quickly dissipate as the
targeted system returns to equilibrium. Simple, low cost, easy, and repeatable (in that nobody is caught)
attacks are both sustainable and generate the greatest potential returns.

This doesn’t mean that these attacks don’t have a significant impact.
Network effects from disruption almost always guarantee and outsized
return — the great is the enemy of the good enough."

From "Fourth Generation Warfare & Standing Orders for Open Source Insurgencies"

john robb, the author if this (among other things) is a complete douche. he regularly contracts with government agencies to advise them on modern counterinsurgency, and supports a kind of localized sustainable capitalism as the 'solution' to industrial sabotage and ecological crisis. taking anything he says or writes at face value is a mistake.

is that the dude from Aufheben?

yes! attack!

more widespread, collaborative action please.

So is Anews 100 percent fiction now?

You mean how this fictional communique portends to describe the past when in fact it is attempting to project into the future?

What... you prefer 90% fiction or something?

<3 bay <3

Solidarity, fight, resist, love.....some anarchist from stl.

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