Beer and Rage - Episode 1

  • Posted on: 9 February 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Beer and Rage has launched its first episode! Join us as we delve into the world of cheap beers while discussing anarchism. In this inaugural episode, we'll be discussing the general concept of anarchy and reviewing some high gravity lagers.



it’s a good thing that this is an audio project. that way you all don’t need to bother about the difference between it’s and its (or you’re and your, or there, their, and they’re)

They used 'its' correctly.

not initially; it was edited after their blunder was pointed out

WOW! You are the winner of this amazing "grammar cookie"! With over three types of organic wheat and sugar pressed for a supersweet after-taste, this GRAMMAR COOKIE is sure to satiate your hunger day or night!

Some of us are battling our autocorrect and it's presumptions, ok?!

If you think a Beer Podcast is the worst that happens in @ist scenes I envy you you a little bit .

Ah, so this is who comments on anews

Fuck alcohol and all the other drugs capitalism wants us to poison ourselves with. Yes I’ve heard all the arguments about Puritanism and cutting loose and moderation or whatever. I’ve also seen booze/drugs consistently involved in most of the self-inflicted shit I’ve seen @s suffer over almost two decades now, some of it with serious consequences for people’s lives and communities/movements. no one wants to draw lines because freedom or w/e, and because it’s just the ‘bad apples’ who can’t hold their liquor are the problem. It’s been a factor in driving me away from the type of milieux I used to frequent as a young rebel for sure. It’s not just that it’s dominated by urchins and students ie people who are young, BUT people who are young AND quite often drunk or high and really not getting that far past what is typically expected of American 20-somethings, despite what they think, like trying to actually elevate themselves beyond their consumeristic conditioning so that they don’t wind up getting sucked back into some kind of mainline portlandia bs after a few years like most. I know it’s not all about consumer politics but fuck.. Maybe I should just go down to the square and find some oogles and start a podcast about how street drugs pair with anarchy. It’s really going to bum you out.

this is the same site that had an article denouncing yoga. Yeah, breathing is for losers. Who needs to learn about techniques for being calm or taking care of themselves in the midst of global violence? Let’s party down bro ! No tomorrow!! This is a reason I have a big problem with the a-word (see totw), it’s means too much individualistic irresponsiblity to too many people who don’t recognize how fucking capitalist that is.

I’m sure this podcast isn’t to promote heavy drinking, it’s just like more obnoxiously obvious to me every year. How do so called rebels or whatever expect to get anywhere over time while treating the whole concept of healthy lifestyles like it’s a dumb joke for bougie hippie yuppies? I see the disrespect for bodily health directly connected to the lack of health of communities as such.

I'm going to broaden the critique of alcohol and describe it as a psychological numbing agent with a dumbing down side-effect in some cases. On the positive an excellent disinfectant, cleaning solvent and combustible for heating, cooking and lighting.

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