Beer & Rage: Anarchy is NOT Order! Anarchy is NOT Chaos!

  • Posted on: 30 October 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

In this two-part series, we discuss the common misconceptions around anarchy/anarchism. While the public may misconceive anarchism as wanting chaos, many of those who call themselves anarchist would posit that anarchism is order. We would argue that anarchy/anarchism exists outside of this dichotomy, and that order/chaos are merely forms of rulership, not the absence of rulers.



Yes its true that order and chaos are forms of rulership - even religion! - which is why anarchism seeks to minimize both in favor the the free association of free beings with the idea of maximizing freedom for as many as possible. Lately through cold-beer and strong-crypto.

Well yes, the binary is rulership, outside glorious nihilo-anarchs roam freely.

I don't understand why leftist anarchists insist on order when chaos is far more liberating, ungovernable, and allows for anarchist individualism. Probably because leftist anarchists still want to create a system- a more equal, just, utopian system in which control is maintained by the anarcho-politicians who attempt to construct an anarchism that represents everybody. Destroy (capitalist) society, only to replace it with another (anarchist) society. Society as a contender for destruction gets left out.

Chaos may "allow for anarchist individualism" ...but who cares if a bunch of ideas are allowed when actual living people depend on some sort of order to exist, which chaos denies to them. But I guess if the ideas are allowed!

The arguments that anarchy IS order and that anarchy ISN’T chaos imply a hilariously delusional sense of how much power and control anarchists have over even their individual lives.

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