Beyond Anti-fascism, But Not Without It, update

  • Posted on: 24 January 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Anarchist Studies

Thank you to those who have responded to the Beyond Anti-fascism, But Not Without It statement/call put out by the Perspectives on Anarchist Theory journal collective. Clearly there are many people pursuing this conversation in a variety of networks. Stay tuned for pieces coming from Perspectives on the Institute for Anarchist Studies website and in our 2018 Beyond the Crisis print issue.  


“The subtle and deadly change of heart that might occur in you would be involved with the realization that a civilization is not destroyed by wicked people; it is not necessary that people be wicked but only that they be spineless.”
― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time


If you would like to write on the subject of Beyond Anti-fascism, But Not Without It (a nod to Anarchist Panther Ashanti Alston), or know of good things that have been published on this theme, drop us a line, at:

Also, longtime anarchist, former political prisoner, theorist, and organizer Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin has been going through a lot lately, including financial difficulties, transportation issues, and medical expenses. Casey Goonan is calling on folks to do fundraising for him. Casey writes: “Lorenzo’s life’s work opened a path forward for anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and anti-patriarchy organizing in geographies where the non-profit and academic industrial complexes have thoroughly co-opted the progressive-to-radical Left. He needs to survive. White supremacy must be abolished—both external and internal to progressive and radical movements in the global North. This internal racism needs to be placed at the center of our analysis and movement building politics, and smashed. This is happening in disparate pockets, but it needs to happen on a mass scale, and Lorenzo’s writings show us the way!


First, his book, the Progressive Plantation, and second his Anarchism and the Black Revolution. These two texts are invaluable, and have been re-circulating once again as the new Black protest movement has ebbed and flowed over the past five years, and since antifascist organizing has entered new levels of visibility in the ‘mainstream.’ To quote a recent post of Lorenzo’s:

“I have been thinking about my life now more than ever, the older I get. I don’t know about you, but after ‘life’ in prison, then organizing for 50 years with various movements, fighting the KKK in Tennessee, Georgia, and other places, existing in poverty for most of my life, and just generally working to help someone else instead of just myself, there is not much more that I fear, but a lot that I wish I could still do.”

Please consider contributing to building this campaign. It can be decentralized organizing (preferably). We can do things in our own autonomous capacities. We just need to keep Lorenzo alive! His intellectual and political leadership is invaluable. If you can help, please send a donation to via ”




The views expressed herein solely belong to the author(s) and are not necessarily representative of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the Institute for Anarchist Studies, or members of its Board of Directors.


note: IAS changed their post to remove merricat, and requested that anews update this post.




Thought experiment: what does an antiauthoritarian version of the various right-wing militias look like? Of course it would be antifascist but not limited to those issues. By the same logic, ethnic nationalism seems to be an unnecessarily narrow and rigid basis for a militant formation, although certainly an understandable decision in certain contexts in the past.

What would it look like? If it wasn't antifa and it didn't end up recreating the Black Panthers, Young Lords, etc?

Merricat/Merrikat is no better than a troll. She basically just adds every anarchist in fb and is constantly criticizing them if everything they post doesn’t contain a caveat calling for total focus of all efforts by all radicals on black trans woman liberation, whatever that means in practice. I had to block her ass cause I got sick of seeing the same extreme idpol shit I’m every group/page or mutual friend we had. They also have the personality type of finding social media lackeys aka white people with incredible burdens of guilt so I won’t be surprised if this comment gets screenshot by one of them as proof of how “white anarchists must be gulag’d by APOC and their good white lapdog allies” who only believe in autonomy until the moment an identity politician comes around and uses guilt to give them marching orders. Lul

Also, anything published on Medium is bound to be nothing but someone’s ranting. Usually all the articles there boil down to “how x is x-ist” narratives which one can only read and nod in approval so much with until they become nauseatingly tedious in their sameness.

Medium mostly publishes op-eds, your last paragraph is you complaining about the existence of a type of writing ...

really awful third worldist identitarian (counter)essentialism. the earnestness of the anti-individualist judgmental condemnations reminds me of the best and most appropriate response: ridicule. so here goes.

you cannot truly understand another’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. that way you have their shoes, and you’re far away from them...

does anyone else see the irony of the anti-blackness/afro-pessimism yakity-yak being incredibly hard to understand, especially considering that it's meant to illuminate the feelings or lives of black people...? but the joke is on us cuz no one can really understand it all...and it's not cuz people are stupid.. and some radical people seem to roll with it who can't write well, making it even harder to sift through.

it's like it's just another academic jizz-semen amongst sea of others. why do people give it so much credence to the point of it being the new edge lord anti-racist ideology? it's like groundhog day, something new and cutting edge every couple of years for people rto freak about. i mean i can understand reading it and taking from it, but it still seems to just build a chess board where the moves are already planned in advanced.

I don't find these essays hard to understand or "edge lord". Perhaps the problem is you?

wasnt really talking about the essays per se (which, yea, arent hard to understand) but more the academic and hipness of afro pessimism. when i try to read someone like frank wilderson or saidiya hartman, it is often incomprehensible to me and i imagine for most people it is (though Lose Your Mother by Hartman is an exception and is quite good). it's useful theory, but it's still comes off as another all-encompassing theory of the world, which tend to erase or obscure the constant fissures that reality throws at it. fissures i find more interesting. but im also not well versed in it...because i don't understand most of the jargon.

totalizing discourse gonna totalize? I just can't hang with the notion of resistance that gets used in all of these things.

It's strange how you go from "Yes, I understand it" to "it's often incomprehensible" to "I'm not well versed in the jargon" all while insisting that the writers and theories are the problem ...

Uhhh hmmm sorry guess it’s unclear but I meant I understand these articles but I rarely understand the works that the article takes it ideas from. Lose Your Mother is more a memoir than dense theory so yes it’s more understandable but that’s about it in terms of comprehension of Afropessimism other than what I can sorta get and I imagine that’s most people but I could be wrong. I have tried yes to read the two mentioned authors books (and given up, guess you might say that’s my fault?) and prolly understand more than some others sure. Either way, its a broad and totalizing discourse that’s currently sexy in some circles and I’m wary of it, and the articles above are a good example.

You're wary, that's fine. So am I, extremely wary of the individuals who cloak their own power grabs in IdPol but the reason this stuff is "sexy" is because it's relevant. The hype didn't come from nowhere, it's just a side effect.

"In the end, it comes down to you giving us the gun, literally, or we will someday find ourselves taking it. “But what am I supposed to do!? I am a ‘poor’ white person [with internet access] and the ability to read!?” If you can’t give us the gun, it is your obligation to support self-defense of the Black, Brown, and other non-White colonies we live in— a fraction of examples including: crowdfunding and carpooling for gun training, free guns, ammo, armor, knives, breakfasts and dinners, education (like translating obscurist academic pieces into vernacular, or classes for Brown and Black folks on socialism), and most importantly, safer space where we will be able to do it all on our own — for free, because we all know more whites have spare private properties (whether land or self-defense measures) than not. Why hoard?"

Hey, got to admire that hustle! Any dumbass white-guilt liberal that falls for it deserves to be parted from their "spare property".

Which would be "good praxis"

Effective, I wouldn't call it good because my prioritize don't include expropriation from other broke-ass people in a rag tag resistance movement. Preying on the weak is beneath me.

was sarcasm

Mhmm! Don't worry, you're not subtle. But hustle is way better "praxis" than your keyboard snark because it actually accomplishes something, yes?

The white allies surrendering their property are the ones with "good praxis", but whatever

sounds more like a racialized Marxism than anything Id want to call anarchism.

You know what you should call it? Doormats getting treated as such. Forget the isms because this isn't about that. It's about ferocity or lack thereof IMO.

Especially the hustle that indigenosity and race identity is a genetic attribute. And Idpol propaganda turns a blind eye to determinism and gender discrimination if its from underprivileged minorities, that blatant hypocrisy is part of the reason Trump got into power.

that’s exactly what happened to oakland’s “the holdout”; white guilt made is possible for black identity politicians to take over the space and rename it “qilombo” after anarchists created the infrastructure (that’s called resource extraction). much the their chagrin, even the loyalist cadre of white anti-racists were eventually purged. the identity politicians effectively split the anarchists, so by the time of the final purge there was nobody left to defend the remnant white allies. it was a brilliant strategy.

This is simple stuff. Forget IdPol for a second, if you leave your wallet in the street and somebody takes it, that's because you're dumb. If somebody uses IdPol crap to hustle and intimidate you, that's because you're dumb AND easily intimidated. Getting played is getting played, no sense crying about it.

actually, I’m laughing about it. those ridiculous Holdout doormats derserved everything that happened to them!

I stand corrected and I agree. It's been mentioned here before as more of a grievance against those damned IdPoliticians.

Now there’s a radical shithole if there is one. Have they gone under yet?

damn where's my spare land?

Racist, Misogynist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Ableist, Imperialist Monsters! I am reporting you to the Speech Code Police and the Privilege Police at ONCE! 5 years in the Re-Education Camp for ALL of you!

Much obliged, comrade!!! I'm ONE STEP ahead of you! I'm summoned the SPIRIT of great EGOIST COMMUNIST ILLEGALIST, Che Guevara, to pass NECROMANTIC JUDGEMENT on these monsters' anti-communist SOULS! The Re-Education Camps in the Upside Down will CHURN their fascist BILE from all their ORIFICES! Oh Yes, the Hammer AND Sickle will Drop!

To learn TRUE EGOIST COMMUNIST ILLEGALIST NECROMANTIC magicks like these AND MORE, become my Patreon Patron Today!

that Pol Pot has been gone for some time now. And Jim Jones/People's Temple.
But there's STILL North Korea!

Looks like IAS removed the merricat excerpts from their website now.

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