Big Brother, eh?

  • Posted on: 30 May 2015
  • By: stimulator
A look at Canada's new spy law

To watch this video visit

This week we break Bill C-51, down Klanada’s sinister new law, that would give the Canucks increased spying powers over its population.

On the break, long standing hip-hop act Onyx, returns with “Fuck The Law.” We wrap things up with an interview with Antoine, a computer security ninja, about how we can protect ourselves from surveillance.



Video on defense against internet surveillance on a website (Submedia) that's heavy with invasive scripts and doesn't even load on Tor with javascript disabled... Why don't you Submedia people move to Webm and a lighter-scripted site? Still dodging constructive criticism?

I love me some Stimulator, but yeah 100% on this, no SSL either. It's absolutely ridiculous, even if they used a self-signed cert it would be better than nothing.

You do realize they invented that shit for deep-cover espionage, right? As in, a death squad would roll up and kill this person so they needed reliable encryption. You however, are simply watching Frank's stupid show with endless jokes about masturbation. Maybe get over yourself?

So now the "tin foil hat" straw men applies to just about anyone criticizing the poor online security culture of well-known anarchist media outlets that promote stuff like insurrection, riots, fighting the pigs and blocking pipelines. Good to know!

"Don't like Facebook and those scripts? Get out of my anarchism, right-wing nut! You're triggering me..."

Do you need to be looking over your shoulder as you WATCH A WEB SHOW? If so, you either live in north korea or have too lofty an opinion of your own importance to the intelligence services, regardless of whether some of your other online activities would be worth taking precautions for. OMG the show DISCUSSES INSURRECTION, now I'm on THE LIST and the unmarked van has been dispatched to my house!

Oh, you used his real name. You're "edgy."

Or I know him. I'm actually name-dropping to seem cooler to you kids ;)

Seriously though … how many of us actually have a serious level of risk attached to simply watching subversive web videos? I know there's places in the world where that's the case but it must be like 0.001% of the audience for this show.

I'm not saying don't use encryption for any sketchy coms but it just seems like so many people nerd out about web security/privacy/encryption issues when their actual risk-taking is almost zero. Are you an online drug dealer or cyber fraud ninja? Are you coordinating heavy insurrectionary activities with other militants over the internet? No? I didn't think so.

1. Why aren't you doing those things? Meaning, no risk = no subversion.

2. Why are you advocating the isolation of people who do those things? If the only use of encryption was credit card fraud, child porn, and terrorism, then anybody who uses it would be easily singled out and encryption itself made a crime. Since my ten year old daughter knows that this isn't the case, where the fuck have you been?

3. Why are you assuming to know what people are up to who clearly spend alot of time making sure you don't know what they are up to? Your comment echoes the propaghanda of the Five Eyes intelligence services, which have always stood by the position that any communication they can't survey is criminal. It is thus totally stupid, from an anarchist viewpoint, to say that only criminals should avoid surveillance, and then only when they are commiting crimes.

4. Fuck facebook. You are all snitches. The fact that you are stupid or afraid or whatever doesn't make it ok. you don't need to publicise every social interaction, and assist in the creation of a map of human experience which is available only to my enemies. Your lack of respect in this matter is helping government worldwide to prevent revolutions, assassinate rebels, and smother real relationships with stupid pictures of your fucking cats. Worse, you are complicit in advertising.

5. There is no binary relationship between ISIS/childporn and your mom's photo bin. Honest conversation does not occur in public, only politics and nonsense.

6. You suck. Do it better.

1. You missed the point and got defensive. I'm not laying a guilt-trip, I'm saying UNTIL you take risk, why all the precaution?
2. I'm advocating realistic risk assessment and saying you don't need to be behind military grade encryption while you blog ineffectually about nobody-gives-a-shit.
3. I'm assuming that watching a web show is the topic of the thread.
4. I also hate Facebook.
5. …huh? Are you high?
6. Reading comprehension. Do it better.

Do the others at your precinct know you post here?

Seriously … I'm just a 2-bit street thug who did a bit of organizing work back when I lived in the city. I've been surveilled, watched my friends get the boots laid or arrested, pre-emptively and during actions. Been involved with a couple of social spaces over the years and taken a few extra-legal risks. Nothing THAT heavy, compared to some parts of the world but I feel like I can assess risk with my feet on the ground. I was targeted by an undercover infiltrator for a year who tried to entrap me and dodged them.

Then I read the discourse around cyber-security and while the Snowden revelations confirmed everybody's fears, there's acknowledging that we live in a surveillance society and then you have to take the next step and figure out how to operate strategically…. OR you can succumb to paranoia and be terrified of watching a webshow because THEY'LL KNOW. *gasp*

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