Black and Green Podcast: Episodes #12-14 & some readings

  • Posted on: 30 September 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Black and Green Review Podcast

Black and Green Podcast episodes #12-14, along with two separate podcast readings of The Suffocating Void and Feral Revisions both written by Kevin Tucker.

*** B&G Podcast readings: The Suffocating Void by Kevin Tucker
[September 27th, 2018]
Another audio-zine, this of Kevin Tucker’s ‘The Suffocating Void’ from Black and Green Review no 1 and also in Gathered Remains.

Read by Ryan Morgan.

*** B&G Podcast readings: Feral Revisions by Kevin Tucker
[September 27th, 2018]

B&G Podcast presents a supplementary reading:

Kevin Tucker’s ‘Feral Revisions: Stumbling Along the Path of Undoing Domestication’ from Black and Green Review no 5, winter 2018.

*** B&G Podcast 14: Cults and Personalities
B&G Podcast 14: Cults and Personalities
Sept. 24, 2018

A brief response on a 1991 school book on explorers. Focusing on cults and how civilization demands people be broken via domestication. Starting with the NXIVM cult. Reading from ‘Society Without Strangers’ and talk of neoteny. How primal anarchy shapes us, how domestication breaks us, how civilization requires us to be broken, and how cults and gurus can come in to prey on the remnants. Yoga gurus and sexual predation. Other human failures. And the reaping of toxic masculinity among Operation Werewolf and other parasites.

*** B&G Podcast 13: Using Tools, Becoming Tools
[September 14th, 2018]
Special edition: Using Tools, Becoming Tools. Technology and civilization, or why I can't stop hating Elon Musk and all the delusion that empowered him. Techno-colonialism. The beauty of stone tools, the horror of technology, and the victims of civilization.

*** B&G Podcast 12: States of War, Wars of States

Black and Green Podcast 12: 9-6-2018.

Podcast housecleaning, giving call in messages a shot. Supporting Black & Green. A bit about Of Gods and Country. Pinker, Chagnon, sociobiologists and their retelling of violence as a revisionist form of human history to bury our actual nature. Warfare and conquest. Seeing domestication in minutiae vs bigger picture. Guayaki brand yerba mate and their site cleansing, follow up to episode 8, renewed attacks. Limits of boycotts and attacking industry. Depression palate cleanser. Reading from Of Gods on the Ache. 



Plug KT's rants to the grid and we'll be OK. KT Energy Inc will save us. Yay. Has KT got the hots for Mr Musk as me thinks he doth protest too much?

and how 'energy relationships' changed. Humans were able to consume greater calories (energy) and in less time. Humans could kill and eat or just kill off other animals (energy) with fire. Humans could clear land and plant seeds. Controlled use of fire disrupted energy relations and over time we are where we are. Musk needs energy to go to Mars ha ha ha. The theft of enegy goes way back but KT doesn't like to go there. But fire is a tool? so that's OK.

let loose all over the world as humans we able to live in colder climates and eat flesh where there were few plants. Humans have a relationship with combustion that goes back thousands of years, maybe now, we are realising controlled use of fire was not a good move!

You forgot, it was organized fire which kicked off civilization, whereas spontaneous fire kept everyone content as hunter/gatberers.

Honestly AbdelRhahimians your domestication origin fetish is getting silly and it was already bad with Zerzan. Ultimately your problem is evolution, entropy and physical reality as a whole. Just become anti-natalists and effilists already. If on the other hand one-in a Nietzschean sense-affirms the world including all of its horrors then it's just a matter of being arbitrary with what you like and don't like in physical reality. Civilization is obviously a an x in regards to an anarchic postulate, but quit with the original sin structured analysis already. It's about turning the problem into a postulate at the end of the day not finding a final original sin structured solution.

Entropy is coming, it's just a matter of how you approach it.

so come on KT, klet's have your take on controlled use of fire and why you never mention it? You're quick to call out civilisation for its expansive use of energy, it was always thus once humans got fire under control. Imagine how many people and how long it would take to clear scrub; once fire was on tap, it was done pretty quickly and more often.

nothing on bbc loneliness study?

I'm not able to read for long due to sore eyes so having these to listen to is good news. Please do more of them if time permits. Thanks.

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