Black Seed 6 Call for papers

  • Posted on: 4 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

The sixth issue of Black Seed Journal will continue an effort to challenge and expand the meanings of both Green and Anarchy. As editors and contributors, we not only wish to reject notions of the state and capitalism, but seek perspectives that are earth-focused, unexpected or inhuman.
One of the concepts we would question is the anthropomorphism of the natural world as “Mother Earth,” and environmentalism as a paternalistic urge to protect the earth― to prevent humanity from “raping the earth.”
The vision of nature as gentle nurturer is predicated on the same conception of the earth that the Conquistadors held when they came to the New World, to rip into the Virgin Mary’s flesh and freely take from her. Seeing the earth as merely fertile and passive denies the true power of the Mother. Like a toddler who defiantly casts his blocks on the floor, we at once valorize and mourn the mess we have made, when actually we are small, fragile things amid the vastness of cosmic forces.
However, there are other visions of the Mother— visions that acknowledge that the ability to create life is inseparable from the ability to inflict pain and death. Kali, Medea, Ixchel, Tiamat, Spider Woman, and countless other Mother Goddesses throughout the indigenous world show us visions far more nuanced, brutal and rich. The Mother is beauty, but also terror. She is love, as well as annihilation. She gives and takes, not as her brood requires, but as her mysteries dictate.
The binary of the Fearsome Sky God and Sweet Mother Earth is a historical fallacy. If we seek to speak of the earth, let it not be in language perverted and twisted by narrow-minded gender ideals, but in language that rejoices in the cruel glory of the natural world.
The theme for Issue 6 is the wrathful Mother, violent maternity, or the blood-drenched Queen. It will have a print run of at least 5,000 but possibly 10,000 as well as be published online (eventually). We are open to all written forms. Please email with inquiries or submissions. You can snail mail us c/o Little Black Cart PO Box 3920 Berkeley CA 94703.



Error establishing a database connection. How taste my wrath, nihilist primmie scum!?

Good work fellow Portlander!

Black Seed must abandon the equivocations that invite the fascist creep and reclaim sweet Mother Earth as the integral struggle for freedom and equality. Sectarian polemics are the result of extensive learning processes, but are less important than engaging in solidarity to struggle against fascism in all its forms and various disguises.

Black Seed 6 is yet another ruse established by Aragorn! to take another disingenuous bad faith swipe at JZ and his definitive takes on civilization and technology that are beyond reproach let alone any kind of critique. Aragorn! should stop this foolish charade immediately and call in to the next episode of Anarchy Radio and beg JZ for his forgiveness.

Looks like BAGR and Black Seed will both be heading for issue #6 this year.

(btw. intials for Black Seed = B.S. Just sayin)

I don't often agree with you with your maleness primitivism focusing so much on 'man the hunter' but it would be interesting if Aragorn! was to phone JZ, just from the micro interpersonal exchanges as I'm unsure if this spat is media hype where both of them get to have their ego stroked by comments made online? Each can check their validation via comments?

The blackest seeds I ever got was by mixing 2 parts fresh grave dirt into a 40oz bottle of Olde English 800 under a full moon while practicing egoist tai chi and saying a prayer to Jesus Malverde.

My wife scoots closer and grips my hand. She is saying something. I can’t make out the words. I can barely recognize her face. My hearing has stopped. Now I’m shaking. Something has gone wrong, very wrong.

Talk about black seeds!

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Nobody cares that you drink. It's not bad, impressive, or interesting.

This is FALSE! I summoned the spirit of revolutionary egoist communist Charles BUKOWSKI and he told me that he DOES care what I drink and that I am interesting AND impressive. To learn these necromantic SECRETS and MORE, sign up for my Patreon! We are building an illegalist egoist grassroots people's REVOLUTIONARY leftist militant MOVEMENT! Don't miss out!

This was me. Can't let these nuggets of GENIUS go unbranded!

Sloppy work Dr. Bonestroll. Hang your head in hoodoo shame ...

Clearly my conjure to make you think I made a mistake WORKED! This allowed me to get TWO posts for the price of ONE! Now three! Much obliged comrade!

O/t af

9 dhatura seed
Slow work with the beautiful princess

"The theme for Issue 6 is the wrathful Mother, violent maternity, or the blood-drenched Queen."

Going overboard on the Elani shit?

Or the og earth mother wave, so what.

Black Seeds matter !

just the Aragorn! monopoly? He has several other net sites too! A positive has to be he had no television and doesn't listen to live radio. If only more people did the same. I do wonder what interest television and radio hold for anarchists as it is total drivel. Could be a TOTW: 'Why do some anarchists still watch/listen to mainstream broadcasting?'

Felt little confidence in being able to write a text worthy of the Black Seed, but then I came across Abe's text in the last issue and realized that even misinformed idiocy plagued with theology could pass. Or I guess I should be part of their LGBTQ secret club to be published.... dunno.

Oooh gurl. Spill us some "LGBTQ secret club" dramas.

Got several compromising pics of dick coke snoring in West Coast gay saunas between Atassa "writers" and the Aragorn sect, if you'd like. There's one pic featuring Bellamy in a quite complex, uncomfortable "elective position" *ahem*...

Oooooh gurl! Dick coke is best coke. Upload them shits to imgur. My body is ready.

While I agree that the new-age mother earth thing is rather shit indeed, I'm uncertain if this is any better.

Blood drenched what now?

I mean sure, Kali and stuff, but I sort of thought the whole nature is a relative was more about reverence rather than choosing sides in star wars mythology.

And how exactly is this "wrathful Mother, violent maternity, or the blood-drenched Queen" less of an anthropomorphism?

my problem isnt that its anthopomorphic as that its another modern fallacy, this idea that nature is brutal and cruel. in a sane and balanced society it really isn't, most of the time, because they aren't out there building cities in floodplains and shit. it's humans and modern (capitalist) life that are drenched in random cruelty and violence. it's pretty much the "noble savage" idea again, from a slightly different angle.

a lion was kicked by an antelope, and starved to death because of a resultant broken jaw.
i believe that's the kind of brutal and cruel they're talking about.

but perhaps your skepticism is more fun for you.

I like the Flying Spaghetti Monster and beating off into a can of baked beans. Beans and cream, a protein dream.

Inhuman contributions from humans. I am compelled, beyond belief, please convince me.

I have had COUNTLESS dealings with inhumans while traveling through the upside down. One thing I learned with NECROMANCY is that dead people LOVE to fuck with the living. But don't worry! Like the GREAT illegalist egoist communist individualist, Durruti said, "We make war and revolution at the same time!"

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The real individualists with genuine shamanic powers which they acquired by embedding themselves within an indiginous culture work their magic in mysterious ways, mostly by subliminal inference and hypnotic suggestion which makes brainwashing by comparison a crude and involuntary imposition. There are no comics or rituals for the navigators and psychonauts within the creative abyss,.,

Gimmicks not comics, auto correct typo.

Still rocking emile's noble savage fallacy, eh Le Fool? *cough* fuckin jackass *cough*

Emile never proposed the 19th Century Romantic concept of The Noble Savage in the context of it possessing ideal Utopianist qualities, which is essentially what the fallacy is. And even then, my direction is more in the realm of psychological dimensional parameters whereas emile focussed more on semantics and the influence on perceptions of reality they have, and ultimately their significance in the future direction of anarchist praxis.

Let me try to explain the context of the possession of ideal utopianist qualities.

“The authors [of Rabia y Acción, predecessor of Ediciones Aborigen] also expressed support of Kaczynski’s contention that the struggle against the “techno-industrial system” is the only one that matters. They also republished an essay from 2003 entitled, “Stirner, the Unique, the Egoist, and the Savage,” where the author states the following: “The real man, not the civilized one, the savage has been sacrificed for the greater glory of domination on the civilizing pyre, along with the rest of the wild animals and the planet itself.”

clearly, there is an assumption that ‘systems-in-themselves’ really do exist, and that they are not just convenient ways of representing a more complex world dynamic.

Nietzsche would disagree, and so would modern physics. every so-called ‘local system’ [think of a hurricane] is the secondary manifestation of epigenetic, relational influence [as in a continuing flow]; i.e. it is an ‘appearance’ or ‘apparition’ rather than a ‘physically independent thing-in-itself’. ‘It’ is a relational feature in a transforming relational continuum, ... a persisting local, visible, tangible dynamic, like the whirlpool in the flowing stream that VISIBLY persists though it is secondary to the continuing flow which is continually gathering and regathering it, so long as the steady flow doesn’t dry up.

Instead of local systems in a void space as in the noun-and-verb grammar we use in constructing our notional ‘semantic realities’ [Saddam’s regime is an ‘independent system’ which is the local jumpstart causal authoring source of nasty effects], every ‘local system’ is a feature within the relational suprasystem it is included in.

The so-called ‘techno-industrial system’ that ITS is trying to destroy is another ‘semantic reality’ like ‘Saddam’s regime’; i.e. it is a pattern of activity within a relational suprasystem. Attack on it that seek to eliminate it are the equivalent of boxing matches with shadows and/or tilting at windmills since such ‘patterned activities’ derive from belief in political-religious ‘semantic realities’. For example, ‘sovereigntism’ is a secularized theological concept that stands or falls on the basis of people ‘believing it in the ‘independent existence of sovereign states’. There are no such things in the physical reality of our actual experience, but distinctive patterns of activity do arise in the relational social dynamic that derive from such ‘beliefs’; e.g. the ‘national economy’ which is a whorl in the global economic flow and in no way a ‘system-in-itself’. Our experience-based intuition recognizes this, but we continually construct ‘semantic realities’ which build on such concepts [pragmatic idealizations].

The ‘techno-industrial system’ is a pattern of activity arising within the relational suprasystem dynamic [the transforming relational continuum] in the same sense as ‘the Saddam Hussein regime’. Like the hurricane, we can Christen it and give it God-like status with a name; i.e. make a ‘Declaration of Independence’ that sets it up as a subject which can inflect verbs and thus give it the power of constructing semantic realities in which it shows up as a ‘thing-in-itself’ with the jumpstart powers of authorship of cause-and-effect behaviour [if one believes in subject-verb-predicate constructs like ‘Katrina is destroying New Orleans].

What happened when this belief in the ‘reality’ of ‘local systems’ was the basis for launching attacks against ‘the Saddam Hussein regime’? Because there are no such things in physical reality as ‘local systems’, whether ‘the Saddam Hussein regime’ or ‘the Techno-Industrial system’, interventions nominally aimed at their destruction are the source of ‘externalities’ not known, not-anticipated and not included in the ‘calculated actions designed to cripple and neutralize the targeted ‘systems’. The logical proposition ‘this drug will mobilize chemical forces that will eliminate your headache’ is, like all logical propositions, inherently subjective and incomplete, and while it can be experimentally demonstrated/proven ‘true’, ... a long list of ‘side-effects’ associates with its deployment which are not mentioned in the simplistic ‘logical proposition’ which justified the attacks against the ‘apparent’ trouble-making system.

The physical reality of our actual experience is not the equivalent of the logic-based ‘semantic reality’ which represents complex relational dynamics in simplified terms which RE-PRESENT patterns of activity within the relational suprasystem as ‘systems in themselves’ by name-label-tagging them and using the tags to inflect verbs and build subject-verb-predicate constructs such as ‘Katrina is causing great damage to New Orleans’ or ‘Saddam’s regime is causing serious disruptions to our global social dynamic’. To actually ‘believe’ that Saddam’s regime is a system-in-itself that is sourcing disruptions, so that the elimination of the regime will put an end to the sourcing of disruptions is to let language and its ‘semantic realities’ ‘bewitch one’s understanding’.

This is the problem with ITS’ worldview and with Zerzan’s and Kaczynski’s worldview. They fail to acknowledge that there are no ‘systems-in-themselves’ in the physical reality of our actual experience. The ‘techno-industrial system’ is a pattern of activity like ‘the Saddam regime’ or ‘the American regime’. These activity patterns, rather than being ‘systems-in-themselves’ are like convection cells, relational features within the transforming relational continuum.

In attempting to eliminate ‘the Saddam regime’, the ‘US regime’ [joined by ‘the coalition of the willing’] unleashed a lot of relational complexity based ‘externalities’ which were neither considered nor incorporated in the simplistic logical reasoning employed by ‘the US regime’, aggravating the problems that the attacks were supposed to resolve. That is, the people of the middle east were ‘pushing back’ against the suffocating and humiliating oppression imposed by Euro-American colonialism and one of the patterns of activity in the turbulence was ‘the Saddam regime’. Trying to eliminate an activity pattern in the flow, is like trying to eliminate a convection cell by driving a wooden stake through the central ‘eye’ or ‘heart’ of the cell when the cell is simply the ‘genetic expression’ of an epigenetic sourcing influence [the flow/field] that is actualizing, orchestrating and shaping this genetic expression [pattern of activity].

Evidently, this middle-east ‘pushing back’ against the suffocating and humiliating oppression imposed by Euro-American colonialism, which has been sourcing patterns of activity such as ‘the Saddam regime’, rather than being weakened, has been strengthened and is now manifesting in such activities as ‘ISIS’ as a rallying sign. The administrative and military wings of Euro-American colonialism see ISIS as an independent physical entity that needs to be crushed physically, just as they saw Saddam’s regime as an independent physical entity that needed to be crushed physically. When will they ever learn? Saddam’s regime and ISIS are ‘convection’ cells in a sea of pushback induced by the suffocation and humiliation imposed on middle east peoples by Euro-American colonialism. “It takes a global community to raise an ISIS child”.

The individualist-egoists of ITS imagine that they are reinventing, in and as themselves, pre-civilizational hunter-gatherer type savages;

“ITS/RS has favored an individualist egoist critique of mass action informed by insight from their own anthropological investigations of hunter-gatherer life in the Mexican context. I will argue that they have arrived at a “post-political” approach to their extreme terrorist actions, seeking to revert to an indigenous savagery found in Mexico’s long history of civilization and resistance.”

the notion that the individual-egoist actions of ITS are anything like ‘’indigenous savagery’ is ridiculous. the behaviours of people who believe themselves to be strands in an interdependent web-of-life is nothing like the behaviours of ITS;

“Throughout their writings, however, the individuals of ITS/RS are insistent that they represent no one but themselves both ethically and ideologically.”

ITS are thus the epitome of logical abstraction that confuses relational activity patterns (features in the relational flow) for ‘independently-existing (individual egotist) things-in-themselves’ that set the stage for belief in ‘independently-existing ‘systems in themselves’ such as the ‘techno-industrial system’.

they may believe that they are being “informed by insight from their own anthropological investigations of hunter-gatherer life in the Mexican context”, but as is the common case with such inquiry, individual egotists go into it seeking validation for their own ego-self prejudice of man as an ‘independently-existing machine’ operating in a habitat that is notionally independent of the inhabitant; i.e. ‘hunter-gatherer’ not as the preliterate savage understanding himself as a strand in the web-of-life, but a literate hunter-gatherer believing in the semantic reality in which he represents himself as an ‘independent local system (machine)’ with his own jumpstart powers of authorship.

Whether one be literate or not has no bearing on semantics, since semantics are concerned with linguistics and their influence on cognitive interpretations and thus sociological implications. This is the concise interpretation of emile's theory.,.

Please don't print anything else by Rhyd, I can only take so much of regurgitating other peoples' ideads but also with magic

The Mother is beauty, but also terror. She is love, as well as annihilation.

Well, I didn't think post-anarchists liked to use binaries to describe things, but I stand corrected. Black Seed seems to be a collection of confused fools pumping out essays supposedly in the style of green anarchy. I just listened to the Technology III podcast with Ramon Elani. Does this guy even understand technology and any critique that green anarchists provide at all? He said, "Technology is just what people do." What?!?! How can this statement be taken seriously from a Black Seed editor when on the Black Seed site they have this copied from the original Green Anarchy magazine:

Technology is distinct from simple tools in many regards. A simple tool is a temporary usage of an element within our immediate surroundings used for a specific task. Tools do not involve complex systems which alienate the user from the act. Implicit in technology is this separation, creating an unhealthy and mediated experience which leads to various forms of authority.

I know you guys don't care so much about being coherent, but at least put in some thought on what comes out of your mouths.

The definition of simple tools is that they don't have moving steel parts. Simple tools like axes, hammers sickles, bow saws, hand augers, chisels and many musical instruments, etc, The wheel and axle and mindless just qualify. Luxurious lifestyles can be achieved with these simple tools. Just saying,.,

Windlass not mindless.

Distributing of this magazine in Europe sucks. Can't really find it anywhere!

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