Black Seed Five - a request for papers

  • Posted on: 9 April 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Black Seed

The last issue of Black Seed came out a year and a half ago. Collectives come and collectives go. The need for a vigorous, engaged, and different kind of Green Anarchism remains. Issue five has, as its theme, this idea of a new start. A new beginning.

How do we start fresh? Do we begin with a statement of first principles? Do we look at the exciting specifics of the #NODAPL movement as a possible re-framing of what green anarchist activity aspires to? Who should we learn from? What are they saying (and who is translating)? We have many foundational texts to work from, but which are relevant today?

If this conversation interests you, participate! Black Seed is a long-run (5-10,000 copies), "print only" (only online after the next issue is released), newspaper-style, green anarchist publication that travels all over North America. It echoes the format and style of green anarchist and eco-defense publications from past eras. It uses newsprint as a defense against the impermanence of texts and ideas on the Internet and as a lightest-possible-touch ecological footprint. You can read our past issues on We intend for issue five to reach you during the summer of 2017 and you can reach us at Black Seed email.



I would get involved (or re-activated) in anti-GMO work, most immediately in the protests against the mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto. There are demonstrations planned for Apr. 28 in Bonn, Germany. Perhaps some solidarity action in North America?

The Coalition Against Bayer Dangers is doing work on this issue:

You can read a good background article from their site here:

We have to transition from Millions Against Monsanto to Billions Against Bayer. Might as well get started.

Genetically modified alfalfa is also a huge threat to organic and non-GM agriculture. That's another immediate campaign that needs some juice.

I don't really keep up with Black Seed, but did they ever publish an explanation of what they meant when they said their position was "non-materialist?" I was always curious to see.

Since the first Earth First! meeting in Berkeley, CA in 1980, I have been emphasizing that "bringing in the spiritual mojo" is vital for effectiveness. It is the basis of our collective power! Thanks for listening, and feel free to check out:

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