Bloomington, Indiana – Block Party for Long-term Anarchist Prisoners

  • Posted on: 10 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>A festive march took the streets of Bloomington, Indiana on Sunday afternoon, June 10th. This event was for the June 11th day of solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, as well as longterm anarchist prisoners in the U.S. and internationally. The parade (complete with a drum line and banners) marched through downtown, making a stop at the Jail to make a ton of noise and try and communicate solidarity with those trapped inside.

The group proceeded to take over all three lanes of traffic on one side of the main square downtown. Couches were pulled into the street, caution tape was strung across all lanes of traffic and barbeque grills were lit. A water balloon fight ensued, and a cop-car-shaped piñata was hoisted. The space was held for about 15 minutes without incident when the pigs, who had passively tailed the march for its duration, got out of their cars and began to encroach upon the revelers.</td><td><img title="Towards an end of all encroachment! Now!" src=""></td></tr...

When the party crashers threatened to wreck our shit, the group moved to take over the adjacent lawn of the old courthouse building for a party that lasted into the early evening. Some highlights of the party included several live bands and dj'd music, more piñatas (one shaped like a jail with pictures of Marie and Eric in the windows, to be broken free), fireworks, BBQ and picnic foods, parlour games, and temporarily erected graffiti walls. A banner was dropped off a building across the street reading “FREE MARIE MASON, FREE ERIC MCDAVID, EARTH FIRST!").

Solidarity statements periodically read over the P.A. were loud enough to be heard through all of downtown. These statements expressed solidarity with Eric and Marie, gave information and history about June 11th, discussed locally relevant cases such as the Tinley Park 5, and read excerpts from <em>Down</em>, a new book about long-term prison rebels in Indiana state prisons. A statement was also read expressing solidarity with prisoners of the Greek state who are being held and charged as terrorists, just as Eric and Marie are. We also acted in solidarity with comrades in Turkey from Yeryüzüne Özgürlük Derneği (Freedom to Earth Association), British prison rebel John Bowden, as well as Andrzej Mazurek, the last remaining imprisoned comrade from the Greek riots of December 2008, who will appear before the court tomorrow to appeal an 11-year sentence, as well as many other comrades who are imprisoned across the U.S. and the globe.

Here in Bloomington, ensuring lasting support for Marie feels especially important– Marie was a member of the radical environmental and anarchist communities here for many years, and her absence is palpable here as in many other places. I-69, a superhighway project she fought against, is currently in the first stages of construction, after a 20+ year battle against it's existence. Marie's continuing struggle inside prison informs and strengthens the struggles we carry on outside, and vice versa- we stand adverse to the daily and systemic violence of capitalism, which creates both the environmental devastation that Marie fought against and the prison walls that hold her captive. The state has taken her away from us for now, but they will never erase her from our hearts and minds.

We can't wait for tomorrow!


society can be so alienating sometimes - it feels really good to hear about global solidarity

It is the times that society is NOT alienating that we have to worry about, friend.

kewt. tomorrow is going to be awesome all over!

Awesome! Gigantic love and solidarity from Kalifornia to the A-team in Bloomington and to Marie, Eric, and all anarchist prisoners. Peace to the peaceful!


>Peace to the peaceful!


Yes, hilarious. Sounds straight out of 1984.


really, y'all need a lesson on reading. when someone writes"peace to the peaceful" they're not speaking as the state. rather obvious isn't it? the phrase is not meant as an advocacy of peace at all costs or "thank god they remained peaceful in bloomington." yeah, the state uses violence. no shit. they call their violence law and that of the individual crime (stirner). so the phrase, logically, cannot refer to the state as the state is defined by the use of coercive violence. me, personally, i'd like to live in a community marked primarily by peacefulness and cooperation. so i am peaceful toward people who are peaceful toward me or peaceful in general. that does not and cannot include police, judges, soldiers, politicians, corporations, etc. the implication of peace to the peaceful is violence to the violent, especially the masters of violence, the state.

Umm, NEVER EVER include Stirner within your boring comment about trivial domestic social neurotic paradigm! Violence is our only defence!

yeah, uh, ever read herring?

Stirner gave me the most amazing blowjob.

if it's peace for the peacful and violence to the violent then bring the fight to the people who cause it all the congressmen, the senitors, and worst of all the Corperate lacky funding their pockets at the costs of our civil liberties no time like the present to start a change

Haha, that's good, funny. Anarchists don't pay my rent, in fact, they are too superior to even speak to a peasant like me. Isn't it sad that corporate lackys and senators are often more kind? And useful!

Do not the statey pyee u, oef and dey don't treat u like they're bich. Oh ya, an while ur atit mayb quit effing proven fascists?

i love crimethinc. they are so amazing. heart

This = sick.

Until we are all free!

Interesting note: pinatas shaped like prisons were actually invented as an integral part of the formation of the iron collumn, populated by convicts, in spain's civil war. Siiiiike.

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